Is your child or teen having difficulty with sleep?

I recently presented to the year 11’s at Pulteney about Sleep and the Teenage Brain and together we had a brainstorming session to create a list of tips and ideas to improve sleep patterns.

Here is the list we compiled

  • Ensure a quiet, comfortable, dark environment
  • Have a consistent sleep and wake time routine
  • Meditation/deep breathing before bed
  • Journaling before bed
  • Routine
  • Avoid naps at any time of the day
  • Exercise during the day, however avoid 2 hours before bed
  • Avoid caffeine, especially energy drinks
  • Avoid using your bed for study/eating/relaxing, keep it solely a sleep zone
  • Encourage ‘winding down’ at least 30 minutes before bed, away from screens/devices
  • Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual such as a bath, hot drink, read a book
  • Drink a glass of warm milk
  • Avoid drinking too much fluid or eating 2 hours prior to bed

If your child or teen is having difficulty sleeping, feel free to contact the Wellbeing Services Team (wellbeingservices@pulteney.sa.edu.au) to make an appointment for your child/teen to discuss in more detail and be supported to develop an individualised plan to address the key concerns.

Lisa Thompson

School Counsellor