We are pleased to share our newly established vision, mission and values for our co-curricular sports program.

Our student leaders in sport have been central to the process of establishing these statements and values as we believe they are the heart of our program.  We believe our teams belong to our students and that they must act in an empowered manner and take ownership of their experience.  We believe our students must be self-determining in how they engage with sport and physical activity.

There has also been significant guidance and opinion provided by those who are expert and have a wealth of experience in sport and school sport particularly.  These have included the Sports Coordinators, coaches, our deliberations from the ‘Coaching Sports Summit’ and looking at best practice in other schools and sports organisations.

Further student opinion regarding their experiences in sport is currently being gathered via survey and the results will be communicated to you as part of a wide-ranging update on co-curricular sport towards the end of Term 3.

‘We Are Pulteney’ / ‘Better Never Stops’

Huw Bowen

Head of Sport