Royal Australian Chemical Institute Australian National Titration Competition.

Chemical Analysis State Champions

Pulteney Science is proud to announce some recent successes in the field of chemical analysis. Two teams of Year 11 Chemistry students have recently been declared the SA State Champion and Runner-Up Team in the SA section of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute Australian National Titration Competition.

State Champion Team

Maddy Castro

Charlotte Lyford

Bec Monk

Runner-Up To State Champion Team

Olivia Cameron

Paige Cowles

Peppe Grasso

At the end of Stage 2 (State Final Stage) of this knockout competition, these 2 teams have performed their analyses more accurately than all the other 118 SA teams (from 23 South Australian schools). The SA State Final involving the best 30 out of the 118 teams was held in the chemistry laboratories of the City East Campus of UniSA earlier this term.

The task is not yet completed however. These 2 teams together with the other 10 best performed SA teams will compete in the National Grand Final of this competition this coming Saturday. It will be held concurrently in each Australian capital city, the SA section once again being conducted at UniSA. It is expected that over 100 teams nationally will compete in the Grand Final.

Each stage of this competition gets progressively more difficult and demanding. The Grand Final analysis is no different. A standard method is provided which student teams are informed works extremely well. Teams are allowed however to introduce their own variations to this method to either attempt to make the method more time efficient or to attempt to make the method capable of greater accuracy. Over the last few weeks Pulteney’s teams have spent considerable time considering and trialling alternative methods. At the time of writing this report, the detail of the method to be used has not been finally decided. The pressure is on. Which method will be used?

Good luck to Pulteney Teams in the Grand Final!


David Schultz

Australian National Titration Competition Pulteney Coordinator