Update SACE - Covid 19

Throughout the outbreak of Covid-19, Pulteney Grammar School continue to work with the advice of SA Health and the Federal Department of Health and Human Services, in order to best support the outcomes of all our students. Given the current national situation, and in the event of a potential outbreak of Covid-19 in South Australia, the School may deem it necessary to close for a period of time. In light of the implications that this would have in meeting the expectations of Stage 1 and Stage 2 SACE subjects, we wish to advise parents and students of the following important information.

The SACE Board are currently working within their Special Provisions team to ensure that plans are clearly established to support schools, teachers and students who are faced with School closures for any period of time. Similarly, SACE staff at Pulteney Grammar School are committed to ensuring that your child’s education and outcomes are not compromised as a result of any potential school closure.

Teachers at Pulteney Grammar School will continue to be supported, through advice from the SACE Board, as well as subject experts and the SACE Coordinator, Kirsty Raymond, in determining the best course of action in the absence of direct teaching and assessment opportunities. Staff have been advised to actively document all current learning, as well as develop subject-based strategies for any potential remote learning and assessment during and after any school closure.

The SACE Board’s ‘Special Provisions in Curriculum and Assessment Policy’ is designed to provide all students with an opportunity for success in completing their SACE certificates. In the event of school closures and consequent disruption to direct teaching time, Pulteney Grammar School is empowered by this document to ensure continuity and consistency of assessments for all students. Furthermore, students will be supported to meet the requirements of their individual SACE subjects, while still maintaining rigorous and consistent standards of achievement. Teachers are developing strategies and plans that provide our students with opportunities to demonstrate what they know, understand and can do in relation to the learning and assessment requirements of SACE subjects. This may involve any or all the following provisions:

  • Adjustment of tasks within the school-based assessment type. Task design, style, assessment criteria, drafting processes and word length expectations can be adjusted to support students.
  • Schools, in exceptional circumstances are able to reduce the number of tasks within an assessment type without compromising the integrity of the subject and assessment as a whole. However, please note that an assessment type with only one task cannot be removed from the assessment and learning program.
  • Tasks may be rescheduled, or due dates extended.
  • Extra time may be allocated for submission of tasks.
  • The mode of submission for tasks may be altered in order to support remote student learning.
  • Formative evidence, in the absence of summative tasks, may be used to justify grades in accordance with subject-based performance standards.

 In relation to subjects with practical elements we aim to consistently:

  • Document formative learning,
  • Design opportunities for students to respond to practical activities remotely,
  • Create different opportunities and methodologies for students to demonstrate evidence of learning each specific feature of the assessment design criterion and,
  • Once again, provide opportunities for extra time submission in order to allow all students to meet the needs of individual subjects.

It should be noted that Pulteney Grammar School is committed to maintaining the knowledge and skills within each SACE subject to ensure that students are prepared for all aspects of the course including external examinations and assessments. To facilitate this, we aim to implement strategies of continued learning, including, electronic forms of class delivery, online support for students, additional teaching offerings (if necessary) upon return to regular onsite teaching, engaging student learning buddies and potential reduction of co-curricular expectations. In the event of school closures during the end-of-year examination period, the school will take the advice of the SACE Board in relation to Special Provisions and the best course of action for our students. We will advise parents and students of any and all decisions in relation to this should the need arise.

With the support and ongoing advice of the SACE Board, we will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds and ensure that we have strategies in place to best support our students towards successful outcomes. The SACE Board is regularly monitoring the situation and is supporting us in determining the best course of action and strategies for the management of student’s continuity of learning and assessment. We are committed to ensure that no students should be disadvantaged by these circumstances.

In order to support these potential disruptions, we do encourage all students to be fully committed to formative work, keep records of any practical based work they are doing outside of class that may be submitted as evidence, consistently share work with teachers. They should also ensure that they consistently back up their devices, using one drive or the cloud and for you to ensure that your child has suitable access to the internet from home at all times. Please also encourage your children to update devices and ensure they are in good working condition. Unfortunately, the SACE Board do not support breakdown or lack of access to technology or devices as a viable reason for the implementation of Special Provisions, and in accordance with the Pulteney Grammar School BYOD policy, it is the individual’s responsibility to manage this.

Should you have any questions about the implications of these strategies please contact Kirsty Raymond, SACE Coordinator.

Kirsty Raymond

SACE Coordinator