From the Principal

President of the United States John F. Kennedy, once quipped that ‘like it or not we live in interesting times.’ The expression seems apt.

I wish to begin by thanking and commending the School community for how we as Pulteney Grammar School, a community of some 200 staff, 1,000 students, and thousands of families and Old Scholars for how we have approached the uncertainty of the current public health emergency. It is testimony to our spirit that we have galvanised at a time of adversity. I wrote earlier in the week of Neville Shute’s depiction of humanity’s ‘quiet dignity’ in his novel On The Beach, and I continue to marvel at our stoicism and purpose at this time.

The School has sought to provide regular and comprehensive information for students and families, as circumstances evolve. Earlier in the week I personally spoke with students in Years 3-12 to afford them the opportunity to ask questions regarding the School’s response; I was humbled by both their candour and maturity of questioning. The School continues to develop its capacity to provide a virtual learning environment known as ‘Pulteney@Home’ in the event of a school site closure; while endeavouring to support those families who have made the decision for their children not to attend at this time. As I have observed throughout the year, the School respects the right of parents to make decisions which they believe are in the best interests of their children. Further information regarding Pulteney@Home will be communicated in due course.

Together with this edition of the Pulteney Review please find all the documents provided thus far regarding the Covid-19 outbreak and the dated messages from the Principal that offer the School’s ongoing and developing response.

May I offer my sincere gratitude to the parents and members of our community who have contacted the School in the past fortnight regarding our communication throughout the Public Health Emergency; your articulated support for the School is overwhelming.

As always, should you wish or need to contact the School regarding Covid-19, please do so through the following address:

The second part of President Kennedy’s quip read as follows: ‘…They are times of danger and uncertainty; but they are also more open to the creative energy of men [and women] than any other time in history.’

Cameron Bacholer