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Pulteney Review Week 6 Term 1

From the Principal
To go boldly…

At Reverend Tracey Gracey’s Commissioning on Tuesday of last week, the whole school and the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide joined to give thanks for the many gifts that our new Chaplain brings to Pulteney.  Such an event has not occurred in any Adelaide Anglican School before; of course, at Pulteney, we are entirely comfortable blazing a trail!  We sang a new hymn, Go Make a Difference, that prompted my thinking as an educator, parent and global citizen about the differences that I wish to see in our world.  It is too easy for us to focus just on the here and now (although, sometimes, we do need to do this).  If we want our children to have big, hairy, audacious dreams, then we need to be daring adventurers ourselves.

Adventurers of our School’s recent past, it was a pleasure to welcome back past Board Chair Dr Jill Maxwell, past Principal Mr Graham Lange and Old Scholar, and one of our first female student leaders at the School, Anne Cumpston, to the recent celebration that marked 20 years of coeducation at Pulteney.  An event attended by past and current Staff and Board members, Old Scholars and past parents, it was moving to hear the compelling vision and resolve that drove Pulteney’s transformation.  This group of people had big, audacious goals and they set on a course of action that would impact positively on thousands of people (and will continue to do so for thousands more!).  Anne Cumpston’s address was simply inspirational – she is the embodiment of all that we would hope for in every Pulteney student – a strong, engaging, motivated, fulfilled and daring servant leader, making a difference in the wider world.

Last week I was invited to cook breakfast for the residents of the St Vincent de Paul Society SA Women’s Crisis Centre.  The centre is a 20-room facility that is staffed 24 hours, every day of the year. It is a unique model in crisis intervention; it ensures women have support, safety and peace of mind for sound decision making within a calm, child friendly environment.  Centre manager Penny Ogden’s passion is tangible.  Her commitment and sheer determination come through when she speaks about not only the practicalities of the support provided to women and children seeking shelter in extreme circumstances, but about social justice in general.  She is an advocate, first and foremost.  And she has big dreams.

This week, all of our staff joined together to share their exciting projects that address specific areas of need or passion to improve the school experience.  Staff have begun with clarifying their “why” – identifying their purpose – and are now prototyping strategies that challenge “the way we’ve always done things around here”.  Projects span a wide range of areas, including the ways in which we manage email as a staff and within our community; how we can provide better support of individual student needs; how we can embed entrepreneurial thinking in curriculum, just to name a few.  The energy in the room while teams were sharing was excellent.  I believe very strongly that this energy comes from our growing culture that embraces agility, challenges the status quo and the fixed mindset, and prompts individuals and groups to find simple and effective solutions for the greatest positive impact.  We look forward to sharing their progress with you.

These four recent experiences are palpable examples of the ways in which each of us connected to Pulteney can “go boldly” to innovate, serve and make a difference through challenging ourselves and each other with big dreams. If we want this for our students, then we need to model it ourselves.

Anne Dunstan


one ninety
2019 Year 12 Leadership Summit

On 25 January Deputy Principal, Greg Atterton, Head of one-ninety, Nicholas Brice and I convened our annual Year 12 Leadership Summit, in the Sage Hotel. This event is designed to set the tone for the leaders and their responsibilities for the 2019 school year. Speakers included our Principal, Anne Dunstan, Greg Atterton, Head of Student Wellbeing, Steven McCulloch and Nicholas Brice; all who provided broad and diverse perspectives on school leadership.

Following her outstanding Valedictory keynote speech to the class of 2018, Caitlyn Georgeson (School Captain, 2011) was invited back to address and workshop school leadership for the incumbents.

Following is a brief summary of Caitlyn’s succinct and sage advice to the group:

  1. 1.       Self-reflection

Check-in with yourself. You need to know who you are if you are to help others.

  1. 2.       Be kind

Be kind to yourself and to others. The behavior you model is your legacy to the school.

  1. 3.       Make school fun

Make Pulteney a fun place to be. Year 12 will have its challenges, so check in with your peers and see if they are okay.

  1. 4.       That courage thing

Be brave — differentiate between what is easy and what is right. And act upon it!

  1. 5.       Pulteney is a great school

You are fortunate to be well educated; make the most of your opportunities.

  1. 6.       Power to make change

You have a lot of power at your fingertips and the ability to make change in the future.

Thank you, Caitlyn, your address was well received by the students and we wish you well in your bright future.

Malcolm Dolman

Director of Enrolments

Middle School
Outstanding Achievements

It is always a delight to share student success stories. We don’t always hear about them and not everyone wants them mentioned, but below are a few recent ones.

Harry Oates in Year 9 has been selected in the South Australian Junior League (Under 15’s) Championship Team, the Adelaide Marlins. Harry will be competing in the State Charter Championships at West Lakes from the 12 April until the 14 April.

Brendan Loh in Year 7, many will already be aware is an outstanding tennis player. Early this year Brendan played in three tennis tournaments in Perth. In the first Brendan reached the Quarter Finals but lost to the number one seed. In the second tournament Brendan came 5th. In the third Brendan won the grand final in a thrilling three set match involving two tie-breaker sets. Brendan eventually won with a score of 6-4, 6-7 and 7-6. An outstanding effort!

Another outstanding effort was had by Year 8 Zane Phua. He competed in the 2019 Long Course State Championships. Zane swam 11 individual events and his 80 points score put him at 11th position out of 221 males who are 18 and under. Zane won 1 Gold, 4 Silvers and 3 bronzes in this Championships. He made it to the final of all the events. He also achieved a personal target of beating 1 minute when he finished his 100-metre freestyle at 59.63 secs.

Our congratulations go to Zane, Brendan and Harry for their wonderful achievements.

The World’s Greatest Shave

Fraser Brion (Year 9) is undertaking the ‘World’s Greatest Shave’ on March 22 at lunchtime in the Quad. He is aiming to raise $700 to support vital research that will help more people survive blood cancers. He is seeking a gold coin donation from fellow students on the day.

Fraser is also seeking the help of a a hairdresser that is willing and able to do the shaving.  Please refer to the poster attached if you can help.

Girls Uniform

As parents may well be aware, in 2018 Denise O’Loughlin, Head of the Prep School, set up a committee of students from across the Prep, Middle School and one ninety to explore additional pants options for the girl’s uniform. Pulteney has had a winter pants option for girls in Middle and Senior Schools but this was available upon request rather than a standard stocked item. The committee was formed as the result of conversations with several Prep students about aspects of the uniform and in particular the fact that they felt the summer dress and winter tunic restricted their ability to play.

As a result of the work of the student committee in partnership with staff in the School Shop, it was decided that the Prep School will trial the introduction of blue summer shorts for girls in 2019. 

By demand the introduction of the blue shorts has extended to the Middle School. Middle School girls are most welcome to purchase and wear the blue shorts as modelled by Madeleine Harbord and Sarah Ninio.

Year 8 School Immunisation Program 2019

Immunisations will be held Friday 22 March in Wyatt Hall.

Year 8 students will have theirfirst of a two dose course of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV/ Gardasil) and they will also receive one dose of the booster of Diphtheria, Tetanus and Whooping Cough /dTpa (Boostrix).

It is advisable on the morning of the immunisation that students have breakfast and students are asked to wear their PE uniform for the entire day.

If your child is absent they will receive a letter from Health & Immunisation Management Services advising of clinic locations to receive the vaccine they missed.

Please note: Vaccinations will only be given if a valid consent form is returned prior to the school visit.

Paul Ryan

Head of Middle School

Prep School
Prep School Leaders

During 2019 we will continue to develop a culture of leadership within the Prep School. To achieve this, we will promote the skills and attitudes required for each and every student to recognise and express their leadership potential. This will begin with class and specialist teachers giving all students the opportunity to be leaders in small group activities. Then, throughout the year, further team building and leadership exercises will be explored through Physical Education and Health activities, the School Sporting program, and the Prep School Outdoor Education and Rock and Water programs.

The School Captains, Prefects and Year 12 students also play an important part in the Prep School Leadership Program each year. The senior students visit classes when the Prep School Leadership Program is introduced. They speak to the children about their individual pathway to leadership. This includes recognising that this pathway is not always easy, and they would not always automatically win the roles they applied for. They discuss the qualities they believe are required of a successful leader and, importantly, the need for resilience when not selected for a role. The presentations from the senior students provide very meaningful learning opportunities for their younger peers.

The Prep School Leadership Assembly which was held on 25th February provided a further example of the way in which the senior students mentor and teach the Prep School students. At the beginning of the Assembly each of the four senior school leaders gave insightful speeches, outlining their understanding of leadership. Each speech was appropriate for the age group, unique in its content and certainly appealed to the children. There was much discussion about the speeches in both the classroom and play yard following the Assembly, as the children from Years 3 - 6 were keen to discuss the aspects of the speeches that appealed to them.

The aim of the Prep School Leadership program is to help the children understand that leadership involves a collaborative approach whereby leaders exercise their role in the interests of others.  As we assist the children to develop these skills we also want them to appreciate the link between leadership and service as we build on the children’s capacity to make a meaningful contribution to their community and society.

Congratulations to the following students, who will assume leadership roles and become valued members of the Prep School Leadership team.

Prep School Semester 1 Leaders


Bleby-Howard Year 5

William Shaw
Elli Stathopoulos

Bleby-Howard Year 6

Henry Lee
Charlotte Jarmer

Moore-Sunter Year 5

Esther Reuss
William McClurg

Moore-Sunter Year 6

Thomas Schulze
Rachael Seeliger

Kennion-Miller Year 5

Ned White
Scarlett Lamb

Kennion-Miller Year 6

Addison Ritossa
Aidan Fitzpatrick

Cawthorn-Nicholls Year 5

Zack Apostolakis
Emma Totman

Cawthorn-Nicholls Year 6

Oscar Sabine
Milly Entwistle

SRC Chairpersons

Lachlan Ranaldo
Samuel Williams
Luisa Baker

SRC Class Representatives

Alicia Dodd
Max Kazimierczak

Dora Rossi-Fedele
Harry Baker 

Bronte O’Callaghan
Holly Altamura

Annabel Grivell
George Tsamandanis

Angus Perry
Elli Stathopoulos

Angas Moyse
Constance McNamara
Matilda Sims

Annabel Caveney
Kai Dalby

Jack Oates
Leila Mislov

Kristian Gould
Lucas La Spina

Art Leaders

Caitlyn Yung
Samara Zhang
Elli Damaskos
Eva Cecere-Palazzo
Ruby O’Loughlin
Georgia Kristoris
Missy Tan

Musie Leaders

Noah Shemwell
Eric Liang
Joshua Song
Lilah Dunn
Lincoln Davey
Lily Daniels

ICT Leaders

Thomas Livesey
Charlie Grivell
Diesel Kereru
Tim Newman
Jossimo Hernandez
Mark Xu

Youth Environment Forum

Tom Champion
Harry Lehman

Sport Captains

Samuel Pryce
Elli Damaskos
Kristian Gould

Alex Foster
Leila Mislov

Community Service

Tus Dimas
Wilfred Pearce
Hannah Corby
Sophie Howard
Fred Modra
Johnny Segredos
William Arbon
Samuel Pryce

Denise O’Loughlin

Head of Prep School



The first stage of our Nature Play area in the Kurrajong courtyard is now complete and the students have explored the area with eagerness and excitement. Staff worked with the students to determine risks and benefits of the new space to identify the learning opportunities and to ensure the children understood the potential risks and consequences. The Student Action Team will continue to have input for resolutions and guidelines through continual discussions, along with documentation of risks and resources by staff. Safety is a priority with the changes to the environment and guidelines to follow have been communicated with the children. The Nature Play space is open in the morning before school begins; however, parents will need to supervise as there are no staff members on duty at this time. After school the area is closed to ensure staff have the opportunity to tidy and care for the environment. Discussing these guidelines with your child at home will be helpful to ensure a consistent message is being received:

  • Walking only in courtyard
  • Leave plants to grow
  • Potion area- only plants put in the area to be used
  • Sand stays in sandpit and quarry sand stays in quarry
  • Digging only in sandpit and quarry- not in garden beds
  • Quarry tools are for quarry only
  • Wheelbarrows are parked empty at end of the day

While safety is important with outdoor discovery, we also encourage the children to learn to manage their play by problem-solving and risk-taking as they connect with nature. Nature Play SA General Manager Jason Tyndall suggests that avoiding risks can limit a child’s development as in general children are not pushing boundaries and consequently, we are seeing a rise in sensory integration issues and a decline in rich play experiences. If we consider childhoods of the past, children were allowed to roam and use their imagination to create by building cubby houses, climbing trees and playing in puddles. These experiences helped children to create a sense of freedom, flexibility and independence to self-regulate and gain important life skills. The challenge now is to find ways to deliver more freedom to enable the children opportunities to learn and develop to their potential. Our nature-based outdoor learning environment will provide opportunities for risk and failures to be viewed as positive learning experiences and for the children to take responsibility for their actions.

What can you do to encourage children into nature?

Below are some ideas to support play in the outdoors.
Introduce diverse physical play opportunities: climb trees, balance on logs or climb rope structures.
Create opportunities for imaginative play: explore creeks, introduce natural elements such as sticks, seed pods and leaves.
Spend time outside together: have a picnic, do some gardening.
Give them a chance to build: provide materials for cubby building such as sticks, rope etc.
Give children permission to be messy: introduce dirt, water, pots, pans, flowers etc.
Inspire minds to be curious: search for bugs under logs, rocks and on leaves, plant seedlings and watch them grow.
Reduce your screen time and spend more time outdoors. 


Mansfield, A. (2018/2019). Child's play- should we prescribe freedom? University of South Australia Enterprise Magazine, (2), pp.29-33.

Natalie Natsias

Acting Head of Kurrajong

The Wellbeing Services Team

The wellbeing services team comprises of Chris Clements, Annecke Redelinghuys (Tuesday/Friday), Lisa Thompson (Wednesday/Thursday) and I.

In 2019 we also welcome Rev. Tracey Gracey. Tracey has been in ordained ministry for 13 years. During this time; she has worked in children’s and family ministry, youth ministry, parish ministry, school and hospital chaplaincy, undertaken a spiritual director’s course and held Diocesan leadership roles mainly in the area of church growth and fresh expressions of church.

Her main role at Pulteney will be to work with classes and to provide relevant and engaging Chapel services from ELC to Year 12. Chapel services will be an opportunity for our students to not only learn about the Christian faith and the life of Jesus but to apply the Christian values and call to serve in our current world today.

The wellbeing services team provides a key aspect of student welllbeing @ Pulteney and along with Rev Tracey Gracey, the Health centre, Student Wellbeing Committee and Student Wellbeing team, is exploring opportunities, structures and procedures to continue to develop support for our students.

We are here to help. As the Student Wellbeing Team of Pulteney, we are passionate about our students and their wellbeing and we offer a variety of services to support to them as well as their Parents.

Collaboratively, the team identifies themes of concern amongst students and tailor-make solutions to support them effectively. The team is highly professional and equipped to deal with a range of challenges.

We would like to encourage students and families to make use of the supportive service that the Student Wellbeing Team offers and to recognise that we highly value confidentiality and that we are committed to supporting our community. 

Team email:

Year 10 Wellbeing evening – Thursday 28th February

Last week saw the inaugural launch of a Year 10 Parent Wellbeing Evening titled Inside the Mind of a Teenager. This evening was specifically designed to provide parents of Year 10 students with information on the teenage brain and how to best assist young people in these formative senior years of schooling. Guest speakers included Annecke Redelinghuys (Pulteney Grammar School Counsellor), members from Elevate Education and Dr Tessa Opie (In Your Skin).

On behalf of Nick Brice and the wellbeing services team, I wanted to thank the parents who attended the evening. It was wonderful to listen to positive, research-based approaches to support young people and give families an opportunity to hear directly from partners in our wellbeing program.

Steve McCulloch

Head of Wellbeing

Upcoming Immunisations for Year 10 and Year 11 students

All Year 10 students will be offered:

2 doses of the meningococcal B vaccine, Bexsero®
1 dose of the meningococcal ACWY vaccine, Nimenrix®

Year 11 students will be offered:

2 doses of the meningococcal B vaccine, Bexsero® at 2 separate visits. 

22/3/2019 Dose 1

  • Year 10 Meningococcal B
  • Year 11 Meningococcal B

30/5/2019 Dose 2

  • Year 10 Meningococcal B and Meningococcal ACWY
  • Year 11 Meningococcal B

It is advisable on the morning of the immunisation that students have breakfast.

Each student is given a paper immunisation record.  Please remember to keep records in a safe place as they may be required for future employment, travel or university course enrolment.

Sharon Bowering

School Nurse




Venture Club
Venture Club Tree Climbing

On Sunday 24 February, a number of keen students and parents ventured out to the parklands to visit  the Tree Climb - Adelaide’s first inner city aerial adventure park. Located on the corner of Greenhill and Unley roads, the Tree Climb offers 7 elevated tree-top courses of varying difficulty, including zip lines, that allowed the students to swing, leap and fly through the trees. In addition to the physical course, integrated throughout the obstacles is an education trail, that allowed all those participating to gain a deeper understanding about the unique history of the Adelaide parklands and the surrounding environment. Overall, the day was a great success, with everyone leaving having had a fantastic time. It was a excellent opportunity for students of many years levels to bond together over the challenges that were encountered, particularly students new to the school, as well as an opportunity to get out outdoors and do so some exercise. The Tree Climb, being located so close to the school, is a great resource that both the Venture Club and other co- curricular clubs will hopefully use in the future to challenge students beyond the classroom.

Future Venture Club Events

April 14-19         Bushwalking in Northern Flinders (All family members welcome)
September 14-15            Pulteney Challenge Orienteering in Kuitpo Forest (Yr 7-12)
October 20         Gin Tasting (Parents)

Contact Richard Drogemuller for more information

Performing Arts

The 2019 Pulteney production of Wicked – The Musical is on track and I must say how thrilled I am with the standard of work the cast is doing. I know this will be an epic production and I can’t wait for production week, with performances on Thursday 23, Friday 24 and Saturday 25th May at the Norwood Concert Hall. Tickets will be released soon so keep and eye on this space!

Guest Artists – Stage Band 1 Greg Carger

On Monday 25th February, we were lucky enough to secure some time with an extraordinary musician and band leader, Mr Greg Carger. Greg has been a professional musician for over thirty years across Australia and all round the world. His expertise with stage bands and their repertoire is amazing and the work he did with the band last week was tremendous. Greg spent the rehearsal looking at our three pieces for the fast-approaching Generations in Jazz 2019 National Stage Band and Jazz Vocal Competition held every year at Mt Gambier under the leadership of James Morrison, who is one of the leading jazz musicians on the planet.

This year we will be taking the Stage Band 1, Stage Band 2, Jazz on the Terrace (who placed second last year) and the Small Jazz Vocal group. SB2 is directed by Sam Hicks, our trumpet teacher and the jazz vocal groups are co-directed by our two vocal teachers Katia Labozzetta and Ross Burford. Going to Generations is a huge highlight. We have been participating each year since 2016 and it is now firmly entrenched in our musical calander. If you are considering attending, please book your tickets to the Saturday night concert and accommodation URGENLTY. See the GIJ web site for details. For the parents of the students going to GIJ this year, a letter will be sent home soon with all the details you need to know.

Cabaret 2019

This years fantastic Cabaret will be on Friday 5th April 7pm for 7.30pm in Wyatt Hall. The line up of this years entertainment includes Stage Band 1 and 2, Jazz on the Terrace, several senior vocal soloists, Small Jazz Vocal and the Small Jazz Group as well as a features set from the music staff at Pulteney. Tickets will be released soon so watch this space. Tickets are limited so please don’t wait too long. The entry price includes a wonderful platter from Bottega Rotolo with beverages available from the bar. There is also a huge raffle and auction so please bring you credit card or cash!!!

ANZAC Commemorative Tour 2019

Sixteen students are madly preparing to go on the 2019 ANZAC Commemorative Tour of the Western Front in April school holidays. The touring party consists of music instrumentalists and singers who are preparing many pieces to be performed at many gigs in Europe. We have several commemorative performances including the La Flamme ceremony in Paris, Menin Gate in Belgium, the Frommelles ANZAC day service as well as several other gigs in Paris, Fomelles and London. We dapart Adelaide no Tuesday 16th April and head for Paris where we stay for four days. We then go up to Belgium (Bruges, Ypres) for a few days, then down to the Western Front battlefields and finally to London where we will be playing at the 2019 Pulteney Old Scholars Dinner.

It is going to be a packed two weeks with so many wonderful highlights. We have been learning much music as a choir and as a small jazz ensemble.  One of the special parts of the tour will be  visiting and laying a cross of remembrance at the graves of 16 fallen Old Scholars. POSA President Mark Bourchier has coordinated this aspect of the tour and we are all looking forward to remembering our fallen Old Scholars and paying our deepest respects.

Jonathon Rice

Learning Area Leader Performing Arts

Upcoming events

Save the date for the following Pulteney events!




Friday 29 March

Navy Blue Formal



Friday 5 April


Sunday 7 April

Pulteney Street Party



Thursday 23 May

PGS Production of Wicked

Friday 24 May

PGS Production of Wicked

Saturday 25 May

PGS Production of Wicked

Friday 31 May 6.30pm

Chic & Champagne



Sunday 18 August 12.00pm

Wild Wild West Long Lunch



Friday 22 November 11.30am

The Pulteney Foundation Golf Day




Parent Rep Functions

All Parent Rep function information can be found here.


Details for the following events are in the attachments below

Year 2 Dads Night Out - Friday 15 March

Year 2 Mums Night Out -  Friday 15 March

Year 11 Pulteney Blue Parents Dinner - Friday 29 March

Year 12 Pulteney Blue Parents Dinner - Friday 29 March