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Pulteney Review Week 6 Term 4 2019

From the Principal

It is with mixed feelings that I write my last Pulteney Review article.  I am going to miss Pulteney and its wonderful community, but I am looking forward to the opportunities and adventures that await at Guildford Grammar School in Perth.

In 2014, at a function to welcome me, I expressed what a distinct honour it was to be appointed the Principal of Pulteney Grammar School.  Pulteney is a school proud of both its rich traditions, dating back to 1847, as well its dynamic and forward-thinking present and future.  Our learning community is diverse, creative and grounded in compelling values that support compassion, collegiality and empowerment.

Early in my six-year tenure, it became abundantly clear that the School’s strength of community and its commitment to an optimistic, shared experience would support me in my leadership.  Our School’s warmth is assuring, its positivity infectious. 

I have continued to be inspired by the young boys and girls, women and men, who engage in their learning at Pulteney.  The staff, parents and community groups who support them have also been a great source of inspiration, loyalty and love. 

I thank each person who has contributed to the success of our School and I consider myself most fortunate to have had the privilege of leading Pulteney. 

Safe Crossing of South Terrace

I and a number of other staff on duty on South Terrace have been witnessing an increasing number of parents with small children crossing the road immediately under the School’s overpass.  We have witnessed parents and very young children being stranded in the middle of South Terrace, with cars driving either side of them. 

Earlier this year, a Year 12 student who suffered injuries after being hit by a vehicle on King William Road, shared a heartfelt plea with all of our students at Assembly.  Her message – slow down, be safe and alert as a pedestrian and always use the lights, bridge or crossing.

It is worth noting that, in 1953, the School had access to a set of flashing amber lights but due to increased traffic over time, it was deemed so unsafe that in 1971 Pulteney applied to the Adelaide City Council to build an overpass.  This was a significant undertaking and the Parents Association were instrumental in raising funds.  The overpass opened on 27 September in 1976 at a cost of $51,286.  What a wonderful investment in the safety of our children!

It is an expectation that all students, staff and community members use the overpass as it is the safest route across South Terrace, especially at the busy times of drop off and pick up.  I ask for everyone’s help in role modelling this important safety message to our students.

Staff News

Ali O’Connell (Performing Arts Assistant and Handbells Tutor) is to be congratulated on her recent appointment as the Australasian Representative Conductor to the 2020 International Handbells Symposium to be held in Hong Kong. This is a special appointment and is affirmation of Ali’s exceptional skills and experience in handbells as well as her long standing international reputation as a handbells performance adjudicator.

Felicity O’Brien (Research Project & Inclusive Learning Teacher) has informed me of her resignation from Pulteney Grammar School at the conclusion of this academic year.  We thank Felicity for her significant expertise, her support and care of so many students, and for her collegiality over nearly 8 years at Pulteney.  Next year, Felicity will be working with international students at Eynesbury and we wish her every success in this future endeavour.  We will have an opportunity to farewell Felicity at the conclusion of this term.

Lisa Thompson (School Counsellor) will be leaving Pulteney at the conclusion of this year to pursue new and exciting opportunities in both education and private practice.  We thank Lisa for her significant contributions to the Wellbeing Team since January last year and wish her every success in her future endeavours.

Irena Atherton (one ninety Teacher) has informed me of her resignation at the conclusion of this academic year after 9 years at Pulteney.  We thank Irena for her contributions to the School, particularly in the area of Psychology teaching and her support of students and her peers.  Irena was very clear that this is not retirement, but a wonderful opportunity for further study and some travel.  We wish her every happiness in this and we will have an opportunity to farewell Irena at the conclusion of this term.

I am pleased to share with you that Mharianne Strong (Middle School Teacher and MS House Head) and her partner David are expecting their first baby in May next year.  We wish them every happiness!

I am also pleased to share with you that Brooklynne McKenna (Prep Teacher and Assistant Head of Prep) and her partner Daniel are expecting their first baby.  Brooklynne is planning to continue working up until the end of Term 1, 2020.  We wish them every joy!


Anne Dunstan


From the Chaplain
Year 2 & 3’s share the meaning of the Christmas Season

While the Christmas pageant marks the beginning of the Christmas season for the secular world, the Season of Advent marks the beginning of the Christmas season for Christians.

In our chapel services, students have had the opportunity to share what they enjoy about the Christmas season. Receiving presents, decorating the Christmas Tree, seeing Christmas lights, spending time with family, eating lots of yummy food and leaving treats for Santa were just some of the things that students said they enjoyed at Christmas time.

While we recognise the importance of all these important traditions and events, students also learned about the meaning of Advent, which is the foundation on which we can build all of our Christmas traditions.

The season of Advent lasts for four Sundays leading up to Christmas.

The colour of Advent is Purple. This colour reminds us to be prayerful and reflective.

The word “Advent” is from the Latin word meaning “coming.”

Advent is a time of waiting, of expectation and thinking about the birth of Jesus.

While it is challenging to keep this in mind during holiday celebrations, shopping, lights and decorations, and joyful carols, Advent is intended to be a season of prayer and reflection.

Advent is a season that also invites us to think of ways in which we experience hope, love, joy and peace in our lives and where we can bring hope, joy, peace and love into our world.

At our Kurrajong & Prep Chapel services the Year Two and Three classes wrote and read Advent prayers that expressed their desire for hope, love, joy and peace in our world.

May these beautiful prayers inspire you to be open to experiencing the hope, joy, love and peace of Christmas and may it in turn lead you and your families to bring love, joy, peace and hope to others as it is through these acts that we once again give birth to the true meaning of Christmas.

Year 2


Magical God
I am grateful that we get special gifts like yummy meals and presents. Please can you give good luck and many wishes to the army and soldiers because they might get hurt in the war and are separated from their families at Christmas. Amen
Jason Cheng

Thank you, Strong God for my life. Please help homeless people and animals because people keep chopping down trees and homeless people might die because they don't have any food. Amen
Leo Ying-Papps

Healing God
Thank you for giving me and my family a house. Please can you take special care of the sick people that can’t celebrate Christmas with their families. Amen
Isabella Li

Kind God
Please help families that have broken apart from someone who has died and help them have a happy Christmas. Thank you, Loving God for giving me great Christmas’s. Amen
Nick Thompson

Loving God, please help the people who cannot see their family at Christmas. Also help the sick people who are not well at Christmas. Thank you for Santa Clause. Amen

Dear Lord
Thank you for Santa and Christmas. Please bring joy to the old people on Christmas Day so they won't be sad. Amen
Abby Johnson

Year 3

Dear Lord,
Please bring hope to people in need.  Having hope is the first step to making positive changes in your life. We pray that this school has hope in each other. Give hope to all the people here today. We want everything to turn out well with everybody. We want to wait patiently for things that You know are happening. Hope for ourselves that we will be better next time. Amen

Dear God,
Please bring peace to the world so there is less war and violence. Help us to communicate instead of fighting. Make the poor have peace by others helping them to not struggle for the things they need. We hope that being quiet and calm with help ourselves and others find peace. Amen


Heavenly Father,
We pray for everyone who makes us happy. Let our friends give us joy at Christmas as we have good times together.  Let us find joy in what we have and know we are lucky because there are others don’t have as much as we do. We want everyone to be happy. Amen
Digby Modra 

Lord Jesus,
Please bring love to the world so there is more kindness.  Help us to love each other and forgive people who have done the wrong thing.  We feel love when we are with our friends and family.  We love our best friends. We wish love for the people who need love throughout our year and this Christmas.
Martha Reuss

We pray this in your name,


Christmas Blessings

Reverend Tracey Gracey

Languages News!

The pace in the Languages Faculty has not slowed since the annual cultural events of Term 1 including Minmin Huang celebrating her wedding day! To complement the daily classroom learning there have been a myriad of excursions, cultural activities, visits from our sister school in Japan and this year it was the German students’ turn to travel abroad for a jam-packed learning experience in Germany!

Japanese Assistant teacher Term 3 

Ayana Yamamoto joined the Pulteney Japanese classes in term 3 from Shoin University in Kobe Japan. She really enjoyed contributing to the Senior Japanese classes and doing Gyoza cooking with the Middle School students and traditional scroll making and calligraphy with the Yr 10 class. The Year 12 class enjoyed the time spent chatting in Japanese and gaining first hand knowledge of their In-depth Study.

Himeji School visit 

At the start of Term 3, several families from Years 10 and 11 hosted students from Himeji High School. Activities included excursions to the Adelaide Museum, Rundle Mall, and Cleland Wildlife Park. The students also took part in a cultural lesson for Humanities and an Austrailan Art lesson where they learnt more about Aboriginal culture.

Japanese Film Festival

In Week 4, students from the Year 9 classes will attended the Japanese Film Festival. This  involved participating in a fun quiz session and then watching the new movie ‘今日も嫌がらせ弁当’.

Exchange Students

We are delighted that Maximillian Soester and William O’Dea will head to Alzenau in November after receiving exchange scholarships from the The Josef Landherr and Hermann Thumm Foundation to attend school over Summer.  Hugo Howell-Meurs has also been awarded a two month exchange with the SA-Bavarian Student Exchange Program for German immersion, and we look forward to the arrival of his exchange partner next term.

Meanwhile, we have been lucky to host 5 German exchange students during Terms 2, 3 and 4, all of whom contribute valuably in our languages classes.

Hosted by the Neuhaus Family, Annabelle Wettmann, is currently making the most of all that’s on offer while here from Aachen.  A keen equestrian rider, Annabelle is fortunate to train and compete during her three month stay, but has also jumped straight into our broad Year 10/11 curriculum. 

Goethe Prize

The South Australian German Teachers’ Association (SAGTA) awarded Charlotte Moseley the Goethe Prize for top German Student in South Australia for 2018!

Dumpling Lunch (FL & ZW)

At the start of Term 3, delicious fried dumplings were cooked to welcome new international students and a short-term-stay student from China and to say good luck to Year 12 international students with their final semester at Pulteney. 

Mooncake Making Activity

In Week 8 Term 3, our Year 7 Chinese students made some mooncakes with help from Chinese students and parents to celebrate Mid-autumn Festival. All students enjoyed the session because all the mooncakes were gone! 

Lantern Making Activity (MMH)

The Moon Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, takes place each year on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, which fell on Friday September 13th this year. To celebrate, the Kurrajong students made paper lanterns during their Mandarin class. Lanterns have been associated with the festival since the Tang dynasty, and symbolise family reunion and good fortune. Like many traditional festivals in China, Mid-Autumn Festival has an associated legend. Our Kurrajong students enjoyed listening to the story of Chang er and Hou yi, but felt sad as Chang er was flying to the moon.

Culinary Delights! 

Our exchange students, Benedict and Karoline (above) cooking up a storm for the senior language students - including Year 10, who loved their Kaiserschmarrn (Austrian pancakes)!

German Day Out at the University of Adelaide 

While 11 senior students ventured to Germany in September, 13 others enjoyed a midweek language immersion with 250 other SA students at the biennial 2019 German Day Out. Held at the University of Adelaide, our students valued hearing the breadth of overseas study and tertiary exchange opportunities on offer from four current uni students who have advantageously tied their (advanced or beginner) language studies with degrees such as Economics, Engineering, Psychology and Law. Following the guest speakers, Frau Chapple hosted the traditional quiz and our students enjoyed a full program of German film, food and language workshops.

Mugen House 

Recently, the Year 9 students were taken to Mugen House, a local Japanese restaurant for lunch. They were able to try some delicacies such as tempura, sushi and yakitori.  Additionally, students had the opportunity to drink green tea.

Year 12 

We are very proud of our Year 12 Language Students who have all proven themselves to be resilient, empathetic and globally focused learners.

The Pulteney Languages Team

Kirsty Hickman
Learning Area Leader Languages

Elizabeth Simpson Smith
German Teacher

Fang Liu
Chinese Teacher

Justin Putland
Japanese Teacher

Linda Davis
Japanese Teacher

Minmin Huang
Mandarin Teacher (R-6) 

Olivia Chapple
German Teacher

Robbin Wang
Chinese Teacher





Upcoming events

Save the date for the following Pulteney events!




Friday 22 November 11.30am

The Pulteney Foundation Golf Day

Wednesday 27 November

Pulteney Celebrates

Saturday 30 November

Pulteney Boat Club Quiz Night


Monday 2 December 7.00pm

Pulteney Carol Service



Christmas Giving Tree

This year Kurrajong families will be asked to donate items for class Christmas hampers. Anglicare is hoping that our schools and churches will be able to provide 500 hampers for the homeless and families on the poverty line. Last year they provided over 1200 hampers so if we could assist them in a small way it would be fantastic.

There are four types of hampers; General, Halal, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free. Each class will be asked to complete one type of hamper. A list will be provided to your class teachers in Week 1 of Term 4.

A Christmas Giving Tree will also be set up in Kurrajong for Pulteney families who would like to buy a Christmas present for a child whose family can’t afford to buy gifts. Please take a tag from the giving tree, purchase your gift and then place your gift with the tag under the tree. It does not need to be wrapped.

The Prep School will support the Christmas Hamper Drive by using the funds that will be raised at the Upcycled Christmas Nature Market in week 8. Class reps will be given gift vouchers and will purchase these hampers items and gifts for children before week 8. We have allocated $2000 for this fundraising event, and if the Nature Market raises more than this, the extra funds will be donated to Mary Magdalene's.   

Middle and Senior School families will be asked to donate extra treat items. Those receiving hampers can then choose their favourite treats to add to their hamper.

The list of treats are:

Christmas puddings
Long-life cream
Jelly crystals
Baby food
Lollies [including Christmas lollies]
Packets of chips – crisps – pretzels
Backing mix's [cupcakes, cakes, slices]
Savoury biscuits
Chocolate [boxes of chocolate & chocolate stockings]
Cookies [sweet biscuits, shortbread, biscuits in a tin]
Sauces – BBQ, tomato, mayonnaise
Zooper Doopers
Mince pies
Creamed rice
Dried fruit/nuts
Wrapping paper/gift cards 

All these items can be brought to the Chapel foyer during Term 4.

During the Christmas season, Mary Magdalene's is also wanting volunteers to check and pack hampers. If you would like to assist with this request, please contact me.

Tracey Gracey