From the Principal


It is with mixed feelings that I write my last Pulteney Review article.  I am going to miss Pulteney and its wonderful community, but I am looking forward to the opportunities and adventures that await at Guildford Grammar School in Perth.

In 2014, at a function to welcome me, I expressed what a distinct honour it was to be appointed the Principal of Pulteney Grammar School.  Pulteney is a school proud of both its rich traditions, dating back to 1847, as well its dynamic and forward-thinking present and future.  Our learning community is diverse, creative and grounded in compelling values that support compassion, collegiality and empowerment.

Early in my six-year tenure, it became abundantly clear that the School’s strength of community and its commitment to an optimistic, shared experience would support me in my leadership.  Our School’s warmth is assuring, its positivity infectious. 

I have continued to be inspired by the young boys and girls, women and men, who engage in their learning at Pulteney.  The staff, parents and community groups who support them have also been a great source of inspiration, loyalty and love. 

I thank each person who has contributed to the success of our School and I consider myself most fortunate to have had the privilege of leading Pulteney. 

Safe Crossing of South Terrace

I and a number of other staff on duty on South Terrace have been witnessing an increasing number of parents with small children crossing the road immediately under the School’s overpass.  We have witnessed parents and very young children being stranded in the middle of South Terrace, with cars driving either side of them. 

Earlier this year, a Year 12 student who suffered injuries after being hit by a vehicle on King William Road, shared a heartfelt plea with all of our students at Assembly.  Her message – slow down, be safe and alert as a pedestrian and always use the lights, bridge or crossing.

It is worth noting that, in 1953, the School had access to a set of flashing amber lights but due to increased traffic over time, it was deemed so unsafe that in 1971 Pulteney applied to the Adelaide City Council to build an overpass.  This was a significant undertaking and the Parents Association were instrumental in raising funds.  The overpass opened on 27 September in 1976 at a cost of $51,286.  What a wonderful investment in the safety of our children!

It is an expectation that all students, staff and community members use the overpass as it is the safest route across South Terrace, especially at the busy times of drop off and pick up.  I ask for everyone’s help in role modelling this important safety message to our students.

Staff News

Ali O’Connell (Performing Arts Assistant and Handbells Tutor) is to be congratulated on her recent appointment as the Australasian Representative Conductor to the 2020 International Handbells Symposium to be held in Hong Kong. This is a special appointment and is affirmation of Ali’s exceptional skills and experience in handbells as well as her long standing international reputation as a handbells performance adjudicator.

Felicity O’Brien (Research Project & Inclusive Learning Teacher) has informed me of her resignation from Pulteney Grammar School at the conclusion of this academic year.  We thank Felicity for her significant expertise, her support and care of so many students, and for her collegiality over nearly 8 years at Pulteney.  Next year, Felicity will be working with international students at Eynesbury and we wish her every success in this future endeavour.  We will have an opportunity to farewell Felicity at the conclusion of this term.

Lisa Thompson (School Counsellor) will be leaving Pulteney at the conclusion of this year to pursue new and exciting opportunities in both education and private practice.  We thank Lisa for her significant contributions to the Wellbeing Team since January last year and wish her every success in her future endeavours.

Irena Atherton (one ninety Teacher) has informed me of her resignation at the conclusion of this academic year after 9 years at Pulteney.  We thank Irena for her contributions to the School, particularly in the area of Psychology teaching and her support of students and her peers.  Irena was very clear that this is not retirement, but a wonderful opportunity for further study and some travel.  We wish her every happiness in this and we will have an opportunity to farewell Irena at the conclusion of this term.

I am pleased to share with you that Mharianne Strong (Middle School Teacher and MS House Head) and her partner David are expecting their first baby in May next year.  We wish them every happiness!

I am also pleased to share with you that Brooklynne McKenna (Prep Teacher and Assistant Head of Prep) and her partner Daniel are expecting their first baby.  Brooklynne is planning to continue working up until the end of Term 1, 2020.  We wish them every joy!


Anne Dunstan