Annual Senior Sports Dinner on Thursday 13 September - Sold Out

This is an occasion to celebrate the achievements of those students who play in our senior teams many of whom are still in Year 9.  We have many Middle School students who have won senior team awards.  The details are:

Date: Thursday 13 September

Venue: The Sage Hotel

Time: 6.30pm

Dress: smart casual

This event has now sold out

The evening will be student led and will be a mix of awards and short presentations from our captains. 

Our senior teams are:

  • Tennis: Drive Boys, Senior A & B Boys, Premier Reserve Girls and Div. 1 – 4 Girls
  • Cricket: 1st XI, 10A Boys, Senior Girls
  • Softball: Senior A
  • Basketball: Senior a & B Girls, 1st – 3rd V Basketball Boys
  • Volleyball: Open and Junior League Boys and Girls teams
  • Football: 1st XVIII Boys and Girls
  • Netball: Senior A – D teams
  • Rowing: Inter and Senior crews
  • Soccer: 1st and 2nd XI Boys and Girls
  • Hockey: 1st and 2nd XI
  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Cross Country
  • Equestrian
Collegiate Cup

The last four Intercol and Collegiate Cup events have been decided by a total of 3 points.  After losing both in 2017 by one point, drawing the Summer 2018 event we again lost by one point in the Winter event last week.  Heartbreaking, but we are close.

The Pulteney presence at Scotch on Saturday was magnificent and certainly outnumbered the home support.  Our thanks to all our wonderful players and their coaches, the Pulteney community who came out to support them and the Scotch teams and their staff who demonstrated their respect for Pulteney by always giving us their best game.  A wonderful week of healthy sporting competition.

The breakdown of points is as follows:

Totals: Pulteney 5½ points Scotch 6½ points

  • Middle Girls Soccer Pulteney win
  • Middle Boys Soccer Pulteney win
  • Senior A Girls Soccer Pulteney win
  • 1st XI Boys Soccer Pulteney win
  • Senior Girls Football Scotch win
  • Middle Girls Football Scotch win
  • Middle Mixed Hockey draw
  • Senior Mixed Hockey Scotch win
  • Middle Boys Basketball Pulteney win
  • 1st V Boys Basketball Scotch win
  • Senior A Netball Scotch win
  • Middle Girls Netball Scotch win

Huw Bowen

Head of Sport