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World Scholar's Cup Global Round Melbourne

We had the pleasure of taking 9 students to the World Scholar's Cup Global Round in Melbourne from the 17 to 21 August. There were 27 countries represented and 1600 students, 1000 juniors and 600 seniors. This event was a truly wonderful experience for our students as they were not only involved in academic challenges, but were also able to meet so many students from around the world for a truly global experience. The results of the competition are as follows:

Lily Koch (all out of 1000)

5th Writing Champion

27th Champion Scholar

57th Debate Champion

Lily won the Pulteney Grammar Top Scholar for Juniors

Finn Boylen (out of 1000)

30th Debate Champion

93rd Champion Scholar

Gold for History; Social Studies

Silver for Science; Special Interest

Tahlia Cahill (out of 1000)

32nd Writing Champion

Team awards:

Lily Koch, Finn Boylen and Tahlia Cahill (all out of 333)

8th for Team Debate

8th Writing Team

35th Champion Team Countdown

90th Team Bowl Junior Medal

Abby Douglas

237th Debate Champion (out of 1000)

117th Writing Champion (out of 1000)

Gold for Literature

Silver for Art; Social Studies

Itay Yarom (out of 1000)

449th Writing Champion

Gold Science; Social Studies

Silver Art and Special Interest

Lachlan Perry (out of 1000)

146th Writing Champion

Gold: Special interest

Silver: History

Team awards: Abby Douglas, Itay Yarom, Lachlan Perry (out of 333)

54th Writing Team

86th Champion Team Countdown

55th Team Bowl

Riley Kopstein

Riley won the Pulteney Grammar Top Scholar for Seniors

Gold: Special Interest

Silver: Art; Literature; Science

Thomas Lewis

Gold: Science

Silver: Social Studies

Zachary Haarsma

282nd Writing Champion (out of 600)

We are thrilled with our students’ efforts and are very fortunate that we had the opportunity to meet people from around the world.

Sue Mavropoulos and Karen Kurczak

Gifted &Talented Coordinators