This year in our Early Learning Centre the students have begun lessons with Specialist Teachers including Visual Arts, Music, Library, Health and Physical Education lessons. This is very exciting for our youngest students as they discover the benefits of a Pulteney education. As our ELC staff have access to our School’s extensive resources, technology, grounds and facilities, our ELC students build on their inquiring minds in a happy, stimulating and caring environment. The Music program includes singing, creative movement, use of percussion instruments and listening for appreciation. The Visual Arts program exposes students to the joy of creation as they use a range of materials to express themselves through the artistic process. The ELC students visit the library each week and discover the joy of a wide variety of literature and investigate authors and illustrators. Our Physical Education Program aims to encourage children to gain confidence in their gross motor and coordination skills including ball skills and game experiences. Health lessons ensure children receive important messages regarding social skills, core values and keeping safe and healthy. The children also participate in various school incursions throughout the year and regularly spend time over in the Parklands linking the curriculum with outdoor learning. These opportunities to appreciate and be involved in a range of learning areas allows students to learn about the world around them and build on their fundamental skills through fun, play-based experiences.

Natalie Natsias

Head of Kurrajong