Middle School

Middle School House Prefect Induction Assembly and Middle School Camp

At our first Middle School assembly of the year we inducted the 2019 Middle School House Prefects. Our Principal, Mrs Dunstan, our Deputy Principal, Mr Atterton, and the Middle School Heads of House joined us for this assembly, as did many of the parents of our student leaders. 

The assembly was run by two of our House Prefects, Harry Oates and Addi Schwartz and it began with Joaquin Velasco playing Fantasia Movement 2 by G.P Telemann on the violin and he was outstanding!

Prior to the House Prefect Induction ceremony, I briefly spoke about leadership. I emphasised that leadership is a responsibility of every individual and that leadership is not a title but a behaviour; a behaviour that demonstrates respect, care and kindness towards others.  I mentioned my belief that good leaders are generous people; people who consider others’ needs before theirs.

Our House Prefects were then presented with their badges by their Head of House and congratulated by our Principal, Mrs Dunstan. They then recited the leader’s oath.

The entire Middle School enthusiastically congratulated our new House Prefects and we look forward to their leadership throughout the year. 

The Middle School House Prefects for 2019 are:

Bleby Howard:              Gracie Smith, Harry Oates and Larissa Henshall

Cawthorne Nicholls:      Sarah De Jong, Lily Koch and Finn Boylen

Kennion Miller:             Tahlia Cahill, Madison Schubert and Henry Moseley

Moore Sunter:              Addi Schwartz, Olivia Baker and Hudson Merchant

Paul Ryan

Head of Middle School

Middle School - Year 7 Camp

Last Wednesday I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Year 7 camp on Kangaroo Island for three days. All our students look forward to this camp, and it has become one of the most eagerly anticipated camps in our Experential Learning program. Based at Antechamber Bay and Rocky River, the camp provided the opportunity to journey across the island to experience the natural beauty and amazing coastlines of Kangaroo Island.

Camps are a wonderful way for our students continue to develop their social and emotional skills, as well as learn some new life skills. With the assistance and guidance of Outdoor Education Group (OEG), the teachers are able to support the students, and ensure that they engage in a variety of exciting and purposeful activities.

Students not only grew individually but were able to establish bonds and relationships with their peers within their House. It was a pleasure to see students collaborate and rotate through various roles such as leaders, chefs, and cleaners.

Several highlights included canoeing along the Chapman River, bush-walking through Flinders Chase National Park and exploring the coastlines of Kangaroo Island. A significant highlight for our students was the caving activity tour at Kelly Hill Caves. Students undertook an hour’s guided tour through the caves, which required teamwork, support and encouragement to assist each other through. I was lucky enough to experience this alongside Mr James Burrows’ group and saw, first-hand, students rallying around one another to support all group members through.

It was a fantastic and successful camp and I look forward to the other Middle School camps to come later this year.

Simon Sharley

Middle School Head of House Cawthorne-Nicholls