From the Head of Prep School

Leadership in the Prep School

During the second semester of 2018 we will continue to develop a culture of leadership within the Prep School. The emphasis will be on promoting the skills and attitudes required for all students to recognise their leadership potential.

I wish to congratulate the Semester 1 Student Representative Council members and the Year 5 Assistant House Leaders for their roles in the Prep School during the first semester of the year. They approached their leadership roles very responsibly and are to be commended for this. The following leaders for Semester 2 will be presented with their badges on 16 August and I look forward to working closely with them.

House Leaders: Semester 2 - Year 5

Bleby Howard Year 5 Deputy House Leaders
Leila Mislov
Matthew Tinkler

Moore Sunter  Year 5 Deputy House Leaders
Lilah Dunn
Luisa Baker

Kennion Miller Year 5 Deputy House Leaders
Sophie Howard
Mark Xu

Cawthorne Nicholls Year 5 Deputy House Leaders
Samara Zang
William Arbon

Student Representative Councillors: Semester 2

Madison Griffiths
Jake Stephenson.

Lucas Mislov
Adela Soukoulis  

Georgina Skibinski
Samuel Smid

Josh Magazin
Emma Totman

Michaela Lazarevic
Matthew Zhong

Tatiana Chetty
Johnny Segredos

Eva Cecere-Palazzo
Lincoln Davey

Amelia Kristoris
Madeleine Harbord

Olivia Raestas
Kitt Brownrigg

Jordana Russo
Cameron Hughes

I would also like to congratulate the following students who will be presented with a badge at the Leadership Assembly for their involvement in the 2018 Tournament of Minds Competition.

Prep Team 1

Cameron Hughes
Lincoln Nikitins
Oscar Mitchell
Timothy Newman
Addison Ritossa
Lilah Dunn
Alicia Bollinger

Prep Team 2
Jasinta Brownbill
David Perry
Riya Mallampati
Riley Brion
Lincoln Davey
Samuel Williams
Adam Brownbill 



The Anglican Schools Network Group’s 2018 Student Leadership Conference

On Wednesday, the 8th of August a group of Pulteney students ranging from Year 6 to Year 11 participated in the Anglican Schools Network Group’s 2018 Student Leadership Conference. Below is an account composed by attending students Eleanor Champion (Year 11), Harry Oates (Year 8) and David Perry (Year 6):

Throughout the day, students were placed into allocated groups with students from other schools and given activities to complete. Students were encouraged to brainstorm collectively about different aspects of leadership such as what visions they had for their school, what forms of communication work effectively, how leaders can use initiative, and how to build an inclusive leadership team. The conference was mainly structured about how leaders should seek means to change and what sort of ideas are good to change.

The day also included some guest speakers, two of which were Eloise Hall and Isobel Marshall, the co-founders and co-directors of Adelaide company Taboo. This is a company which aims to sell sanitary products to women in Australia and use all of its profits towards ensuring all women across the world have access to sanitary care. The co-founders of Taboo discussed how the skills they gained from their school leadership positions helped them come up with the idea for Taboo and start up the company. This presentation was incredibly interesting and talked about the ups and downs of running a business and the leadership they had to show.

Towards the end of the day, all of the Pulteney students who attended were able to come together and discuss issues that were occurring in our own school, choose one and come up with an ‘elevator pitch’ on how we could solve the issue. Each school then presented their elevator pitches (“Mini Shark Tank” the conference organiser referred to it as). It was very interesting to hear what issues other schools had and how they aimed to solve them. We discussed what we could pitch as a group for 15 minutes, and ended up deciding on ‘Uniform Quality’ and explored gender-neutral uniform options.

An additional benefit to the conference were the skills we all developed in regards to socialising and ‘net-working’. As David mentioned: “At the beginning, I only knew a few people within our school itself, and knew one boy from St Peter’s College... At the start, I was a bit unsure, but the teachers gave us a challenge to see if we could meet three new people before the end of recess, and also working outside of your school in groups, so by the end of the day I felt really comfortable with the people there and I felt like I really enjoyed it”.

Ultimately, the day was very enjoyable and we all learned a lot, and it was also an excellent opportunity for students across Pulteney’s sub-schools to come together and collaborate their ideas.

Denise O’Loughlin

Head of Prep School