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Pulteney Review Week 4 Term 4 2019

From the Principal
Exciting Capital Development

As Pulteney’s Principal, I am most proud of the enduring commitment our School has to cultivating and nurturing authentic relationships.  Our Year 12 students were very clear in their recent Valedictory celebrations that they value, above all else, the people they have met and those who have supported them throughout their education journey.  Great people make a great education.  While we would all agree that a building is nowhere near as important as our human capital, I am also proud of the wonderful developments in our learning environments across our urban site.  These spaces promote belonging, are vibrant and innovative and support the wonderful relationships that exist at Pulteney.

Last week, I was delighted to announce the commencement of the next phase of our School’s Master Plan: the internal refurbishment of the Nicholls Building.  This development will provide the Performing Arts at Pulteney, an outstanding teaching and learning hub for students of all ages to discover, perform, express themselves and grow.

The building to be vacated by the Performing Arts, the Cambrell Building, will become available for refurbishment itself to allow the commencement of the planned second stage of the Centre for Senior Learning, which will support our Year 10 students to join the Year 11 and 12 students and complete the one ninety sub school.  

I thank the Deputy Principal, Mr Greg Atterton, the Head of Performance and Instrumental Music, Mr Jonathan Rice, the Property and Facilities Manager, Mr Chris Cartwright and the Business Director, Mr Garry Whitelock for their vision and planning to bring this project to life. 

Construction will commence on 4 November, with completion set for March 2020.  

Student Successes

We congratulate Year 12 student, Jake Reedman, who was presented with his medal for Senior Debater of the Year at the Debating SA Awards held last week.  At this event Jake delivered a powerful and engaging speech to young debaters from across the State, in the presence of the Governor of South Australia.  I also extend my thanks to Ms Jamie Pantsaras for attending the event to support Jake.

Pulteney’s three Tournament of Minds teams competed in the International Finals in Hobart recently and, in an unprecedented set of results, all three teams received Honours – the only South Australian school to place at the event.  I thank Mrs Sue Mavropoulos (Coordinator of Gifted and Talented) for her unstinting support of all of the students involved and also to Ms Karen Kurczak (Head of Inclusive Learning) and Ms Karen Penn (Inclusive Learning Teacher).  You can read Sue’s reflection on the event in this edition of Pulteney Review.

We congratulate Cameron Cook, Year 12, on his selection to the Young Socceroos team.  Cameron is currently travelling to Chinese Taipei to compete in the 2020 Asian Football Confederation U-19 Championship.  We look forward to watching his career progression in the coming years.

Congratulations are in order to the Pulteney Grammar Lego League Team who have been named State Finalists in the Lego League Competition held on the weekend.  The students will compete in the Australian final in Melbourne in three weeks’ time.  I also congratulate and thank Ms Georgie Buenfeld and Mr Thomas Ranieri for their support of the students’ preparations.  You can read more about this wonderful outcome in this edition of Pulteney Review.

Chapel Piano Fundraising

The Friends of Performing Arts (formerly the Friends of Music) have been thrilled with the response they have received to their fundraising efforts for a new piano in the School Chapel.  As one of the first donors, buying Middle C key, I am delighted to know FOPA are close to achieving their goal.  The response at the recent Prep Grandparents Day, Quad Café and Preptacular has been fantastic! 

If you are yet to purchase a key, I encourage you to do so.  Details can be found in this edition of Pulteney Review.

Staff News

I am pleased to announce the finalisation of the appointment of Mr Jonathon Rice to the role of Head of Performance and Instrumental Music at Pulteney Grammar School.  As many would know, Jonathon is a passionate leader in performing arts education.  We congratulate him on this appointment and look forward to his leadership in music, drama and dance in the coming years.

It gives me great pleasure to share with you the news that Mrs Sarah Nicholas (Kurrajong Teacher) and her husband Daniel are expecting their second child in 2020.  We wish them every happiness for the future.

Pulteney Celebrates

Pulteney Grammar School’s annual ceremony to celebrate the academic year will be held on Wednesday 27 November 2019 at the Adelaide Convention Centre, commencing at 7.00pm.  Please be aware that this is one week earlier than in previous years (Week 7 rather than Week 8 of Term 4).

Attendance is required for all students in Year 9, 10, 11 and 12, and all prize winners in Kurrajong, Prep and Middle School.  Prize winners will be informed in the week beginning 4 November.  Students must be dressed in formal School Winter Uniform. 

Should you have any queries about any aspect of the evening, please contact Cate Boucher, Community Relations Office, on 8113 5636.

I look forward to sharing with you what will be a wonderful celebration of our School year. 

Anne Dunstan


How to help my child cope with big life changes

It is inevitable that things in life change and it can often be very challenging for children to manage. When children experience structure and stability, they feel safe, but when changes such as divorce, change in school, arrival of a new sibling or moving house occurs, it can very scary. As children face new changes, they have the opportunity to learn new skills and strategies to manage the changes around them and it helps to build resilience, but they need extra support in order to navigate through it. They need support in terms of how to manage their new feelings, in understanding and adjusting to the changes and in the acquisition of new skills.

Parents can support their child in this process in many ways. Here are seven suggestions

Give your child time to prepare

Naturally, it is not always possible to give your child time to prepare for unexpected events such as death of a pet or family. However, when preparation is an option, give your child advance notice of an upcoming change so that they can process and accept the changes and familiarise themselves with the unfamiliar.

Listen to Their Concerns

It is natural for a parent to focus on the positive aspects of a big life change, but it is important to take time to listen to your child’s concerns and questions that they might have and to address the emotions that they are experiencing. By doing this, you validate and acknowledge their feelings. Children often just need understanding and empathy. In other words, they need to be “met where they are at”. It is sometimes appropriate to focus on the positives and to try to distract them and shield them from their emotions, but when parents are too quick to apply this approach, it might make your child feel as their feelings and opinions are not important.

Read books about big life changes

There are many children’s books that can help children cope with major life changes. Here are a few examples.


A new baby in the family:


These books help children understand that they are not alone in experiencing this type of change. The books also provide encouraging words, helpful advice, and the knowledge that everything will work out for the best in the end.

Keep routines the same

Consistency and stability is very important during times of change and by sticking to routine and usual schedules such as bedtimes, mealtimes, family rituals, toys etc., helps a child to manage the major change with much more ease. Additional changes might enhance their feeling of insecurity and vulnerability. In addition to keeping the routines the same, getting plenty of rest and continuing to eat a nutritious diet helps your child feel happier and calmer. 

Provide connection and play

It is important to maintain the bond and connection with your child. They should have certainty that their relationship with you has not been compromised, irrespective of the changes around them. They need to know that  you will be there – no matter what happens. It can make a significant difference if parents can set ten minutes per day aside to give their child undivided attention and affection and play with them during this time.

Give them choices and ask for help

Very often, when children experience big life change, they feel that they have no control. If parents put things in place to make them feel valuable, responsible and helpful, they might feel that they are part of the decision-making process and that their contributions are important. It gives them some sense of agency when their inputs are valued.

Talk about other changes

It is important to discuss (or even draw) your child’s life path so far and a focus of conversation can be the changes that they have already experienced. They may have already experienced starting school, getting a new pet, joining a sports team, making friends etc. By talking to them about why these changes happened, how it affected their lives in a positive or negative way, what we have learned from these experiences and how we got through it, can prepare a child to be stronger and more resilient in future. A picture of “before and after”, illustrating the changes can also be helpful. This can put the new challenges into perspective so that they do not look as scary and overwhelming as they did at the start.

Change is inevitable and generally uncomfortable to go through. The good news is that children are generally tough. They can handle difficult situations successfully and they will eventually adjust to new situations as long as parents guide and support them along the way with love, compassion and understanding.

Reference: Cullins, A. 2019. How to help my child cope with big life changes. Big Life Journal. Retrieved November 2019 from:

Annecke Redelinghuys
School Counsellor



New Performing Arts Facility
New Performing Arts Facility for Pulteney

Pulteney Grammar School is delighted to announce the impending commencement of the next phase of its Master Plan: the internal refurbishment of the Nicholls Building!

The Performing Arts are thriving at Pulteney and this new facility will support the School’s ongoing commitment to providing outstanding teaching, learning and co-curricular opportunities for students of all ages to discover, perform, express themselves and grow.

The completion of the new Middle School in 2018 has allowed Years 7 – 9 students to be housed in a dynamic, purpose built, state of the art learning environment. The positive feedback from students, staff and the wider community has been overwhelming, with the building attracting recognition for its design and functionality at not only state, but national level.

With Middle School moving out of the Nicholls Building 18 months ago, Nicholls is empty and primed for a radical internal refurbishment, which will provide Pulteney’s Performing Arts Learning Area with an unprecedented environment for music, drama, learning and personal development.

Staff have been instrumental during the design consultation phase in creating an exciting and lively space, ensuring the best facilities for our students across the ages, and respecting the legacy of this important building at the heart of Pulteney’s site.

The Ground Floor will accommodate the Music Faculty, with purpose-built practice and theory rooms, separate string, vocals and percussion rooms, six practice studios and separate meeting rooms and reception area.

The Deputy Principal, Mr Greg Atterton, is also looking forward to having his office located in this area, bringing him even closer to the hive of student, staff and community activity that surrounds the Nicholls building and the Quadrangle.

The Drama Faculty will occupy the first floor, with two large drama spaces and plenty of storage. Once completed, the building will provide the Performing Arts staff a central hub from which to teach, learn and collaborate.

Rooms have been designed to maximise the quality and learning outcomes within each space, with dedicated acoustically balanced and sound proofed music rooms.

Construction will commence on 4 November, with completion set for March 2020.

The building to be vacated by the Performing Arts, the Cambrell Building, will become available for refurbishment itself to allow the commencement of the planned second stage of the Centre for Senior Learning, which will support our Year 10 students to join the Year 11 and 12 students and complete the one ninety sub school. 

Pulteney has developed an exceptional reputation in the performing arts and we are looking forward to having a contemporary, purpose-built facility that will give students at Pulteney an even better opportunity to fulfil his or her creative potential through music, drama, choir, dance and everything in between.


Tournament of Minds International Final
Tournament of Minds International Final in Tasmania 2019

This year 3 Pulteney Grammar School teams represented South Australia at the Tournament of Minds International Finals in Tasmania at the University of Tasmania on the 26 October. Our teams consisted of Jasinta Brownbill, Jedda Dadds, Riya Mallampati, Zara Chiera, Samuel Williams, Charlie Grivell and Diesel Kereru (Primary Language Literature); Madison Schubert, Addi Schwartz, Finn Boylen, Lily Koch, Emma Neuhaus, Cameron Hughes and Oscar Mitchell (Secondary Social Science); Daniel Hassan, Hugh Mahoney, Fraser Brion, Lachlan Perry, Thomas Smid, Ross Koutsounis and Riley Brion (Secondary STEM).

Throughout the day, the teams were given three hours to solve a challenge related to their discipline. In this time, the teams needed to solve the problem, make costumes and props, write a narrative and prepare a ten-minute performance to present to a team of judges.

The teams also needed to respond to a spontaneous problem during the three-hour challenge. For the spontaneous challenge, the teams were presented with a problem in which they had four minutes to discuss their response, build on their ideas and then present a creative and divergent response in a one-minute time frame.

We congratulate our 3 teams as they were all awarded Honours; we were the only teams in South Australia to place. We are extremely proud of their efforts and are so pleased that they had this amazing opportunity to be involved in an international event. Having the opportunity to meet students from other states, territories and other countries made it a truly memorable event to be involved in.

I would like to thank the teams for their hard work over the many months and the parents for their support. I would also like to thank Karen Penn who facilitated the Language Literature team and Karen Kurczak for accompanying us and for providing invaluable support and guidance.

Sue Mavropoulos
Tournament of Minds Coordinator and Facilitator
Gifted and Talented Coordinator and Teacher


SA Space School

Congratulations to Bethany Burgess (BH10), who was selected to attend the SA Space School during the recent holiday break, we wish her luck as she pursues her selection for the National Space School. Here is summary of her experience.

"I am back from my space adventure and my goodness was it an experience. The first day we went to Adelaide University and attended a number of lectures. We heard about the history of Australia in the space industry, gravitational waves and the lasers used to try and track and measure them, engineering and the degrees at the university and finally one on neutrinos and how they are tracking and measuring where they came from with a cubic experiment in Antarctica. I also got to listen to astronaut Daniel Tani’s talk about his life and four months in space which was really extraordinary.

The second day we went to the DSTO (Defence Science Technology Organisation). We saw a rocket engine test which involved a lot of noise and fire, the process they go through before testing anything and how they record the data, learnt about the cube satellites in space and the different types of orbits. We got to play with night vision technology, missile tracking simulators and it was explained to us the processes behind the making of weapons and technology.  We also went to the planetarium which was amazing and eye opening and to end the day, we had a lecture on medicine in space and the effects that space travel has on people.

The third day was at the Hamilton Space School where we built our own rockets and launched them; mine was called ‘Karren 360’ with 2 R’s because she was special. Although I built mine following the instructions and then helped others to build theirs, Karren decided she didn’t want to be different and went spinning into the ground. What a disappointment, I know! While we were building our rockets Channel 7 News came to film and interview a few of us and the segment was aired on the news.

This was an amazing experience and I can’t believe I was selected to go on it. I am going to apply for the National Space Camp that is only available to those who attended this one".

National Youth Science Forum 2020

Congratulations to James Lance (MS11) who has been selected to attend the National Youth Science Forum in January 2020. The NYSF Year 12 Program is a 12-day residential program designed to give students a broader understanding of the diverse study and career options available in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and to encourage continued studies in these fields.  At the NYSF Year 12 Program, participants will visit science and technology related laboratories and facilities, go on site tours, listen to lectures, take part in workshops, go to social events, and participate in group activities that improve communication and presentation skills. We look forward to hearing of his adventures in the new year.

Sharon Pearce

Learning Area Leader - Science

Prep School Grandparents’ Day

Challenge News
Pulteney Challenge 2019

This year’s challenge was held in Kuitpo forest, on the weekend of 14 and 15 September. It was a warm and sunny weekend, and the students had a great amount of fun finding checkpoints amongst the native and pine forests. A total of 25 students attended, and there was support from various parents, old scholars, and teachers.

The winners were:

Middle School

Gold: Fraser Brion and Daniel Robinson

Silver: Anna Dalby, Madeleine Harbord, Lily McDougal, Sam Creaser and Jordan Donald

one ninety

Gold:Matt Beahan, Connor Fyfe, Isaac Pearce and Oliver Wilson

Silver: Callum Menadue, Patrick Milewski and Zach Nicholls

Bronze: The Year 10’s who worked as a group.

Excursion to the Army Museum of South Australia
Excursion to Army Museum of South Australia

On the morning of Monday 14 October, the very first day back at school for Term 4, 89 of our fresh and eager Year 7s embarked on an excursion to the Army Museum of South Australia.

The purpose of the excursion was to complement our study of the World War One novel ‘Private Peaceful’ by Michael Morpurgo, author of another well-known novel ‘War Horse’.

Students were split into four groups, each engaging in a different enriching activity and then rotating. These groups were led by a collection of exceptional guides, who educated our students on the many wars that have been fought.   Mr Greg Rosser explored the equipment and food of soldiers during WWI & WWII. Many lucky students had the privileged of trying on uniforms and carrying a real rifle, which they were amazed at how heavy it was.

Next had the students directed by Nr Nick Williams and sent on a scavenger hunt through the collection of tanks, machine guns, cannons and other vehicles searching for facts and information. This then led them into the main museum in which the wonderfully animated Graham ‘Gilly’ Gilsmore quizzed the students about Gallipoli, educating them on the way soldiers survived their conditions by way of improvising.

Lastly, Mr Peter Haran, a Vietnam Veteran who served on the battlefield and also as a dog handler, engaged the students with his tales of war and survival, also giving some the opportunity to handle weapons and try on uniforms.

It was clear that the students enjoyed the day and have been active in linking this knowledge to our novel study and the experiences of its main characters.   

 “It really helped us have a greater understanding and appreciation of World War One and the soldiers that fought in it.” (Zara Chiera).  

We thank all parents, students and staff for their support of this excursion and encourage parents to sit down and speak with your students about what they learnt on the day. Also, if you get the opportunity, we highly recommend you read the wonderfully moving novel ‘Private Peaceful’ with them.

The Year 7 English Faculty.

Prep School Grandparents Day

A magical morning was had by all on 1 November when over 300 grandparents and special friends spent the morning with the Prep School students. Upon arrival our visitors were escorted to Wyatt Hall where they were entertained by students singing and playing a variety of musical instruments.

Our guests enjoyed a short concert that involved performances from the Prep School choirs and students who had represented the School in the 2019 IPSHA Poetry competition. Representatives from each year level also read some very moving tributes to their grandparents or special friends. I extend my congratulations to all who read and performed.

After enjoying a morning tea in the Prep School play yard, the Grandparents visited the classrooms. This gave all students the opportunity to share with their guests the individual tributes they had written before sharing other activities they had completed in their classroom over the course of the year.

The wonderfully relaxed and happy atmosphere that prevailed throughout the morning reflected the fact that this was a particularly special event in the Prep School calendar.

On behalf of the Prep staff and students I would like to sincerely thank Mrs Lyn Heard,  Mrs Jackie Totman and all of the parent helpersfor their work in organising the beautiful morning tea.

Denise O’Loughlin

Head of Prep

Remembrance Day 2019

Pulteney’s commemoration of the end of World War I will take place on Monday 11 November. The gathering of past and currently serving Old Scholars together with the whole school, presents one of the most significant days in Pulteney’s calendar. We will commence with the School’s traditional observance of Remembrance Day, and I am delighted to welcome parents and grandparents, to join us for this very important day. Morning tea will be served in the Quadrangle after the service.

We encourage the wearing of decorations and medals, be they yours or next of kin, on the day. Your partner, friends and family are, of course, most welcome to attend the ceremony.

Time: 10.15am (assembly/ceremony starts at 10.30)

RSVP: Cate Boucher by Friday 1 November or 8113 5636

Kind regards
Mark Bourchier
Director of Community Relations

The Pulteney Foundation Golf Day

Please join us at The Pulteney Foundation Golf Day.

Perfect for an end of year gathering with colleagues or friends.

Friday November 22 | Mt Osmond Golf Club
11.30am registration - 12.30pm tee off
Mount Osmond Golf Club
Fee is $125 and includes
Green fees 18 holes
Light Lunch before tee off
Post Round Dinner & Presentation
Drinks delivered on Course
Bookings at
We hope to see you there.

Upcoming events

Save the date for the following Pulteney events!




Monday 11 November

Remembrance Day

Tuesday 19 November

The Parents & Friends Colour Run 

Friday 22 November 11.30am

The Pulteney Foundation Golf Day

Wednesday 27 November

Pulteney Celebrates

Saturday 30 November

Pulteney Boat Club Quiz Night


Monday 2 December 7.00pm

Pulteney Carol Service



Christmas Giving Tree

This year Kurrajong families will be asked to donate items for class Christmas hampers. Anglicare is hoping that our schools and churches will be able to provide 500 hampers for the homeless and families on the poverty line. Last year they provided over 1200 hampers so if we could assist them in a small way it would be fantastic.

There are four types of hampers; General, Halal, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free. Each class will be asked to complete one type of hamper. A list will be provided to your class teachers in Week 1 of Term 4.

A Christmas Giving Tree will also be set up in Kurrajong for Pulteney families who would like to buy a Christmas present for a child whose family can’t afford to buy gifts. Please take a tag from the giving tree, purchase your gift and then place your gift with the tag under the tree. It does not need to be wrapped.

The Prep School will support the Christmas Hamper Drive by using the funds that will be raised at the Upcycled Christmas Nature Market in week 8. Class reps will be given gift vouchers and will purchase these hampers items and gifts for children before week 8. We have allocated $2000 for this fundraising event, and if the Nature Market raises more than this, the extra funds will be donated to Mary Magdalene's.   

Middle and Senior School families will be asked to donate extra treat items. Those receiving hampers can then choose their favourite treats to add to their hamper.

The list of treats are:

Christmas puddings
Long-life cream
Jelly crystals
Baby food
Lollies [including Christmas lollies]
Packets of chips – crisps – pretzels
Backing mix's [cupcakes, cakes, slices]
Savoury biscuits
Chocolate [boxes of chocolate & chocolate stockings]
Cookies [sweet biscuits, shortbread, biscuits in a tin]
Sauces – BBQ, tomato, mayonnaise
Zooper Doopers
Mince pies
Creamed rice
Dried fruit/nuts
Wrapping paper/gift cards 

All these items can be brought to the Chapel foyer during Term 4.

During the Christmas season, Mary Magdalene's is also wanting volunteers to check and pack hampers. If you would like to assist with this request, please contact me.

Tracey Gracey



I highly recommend this wonderful art exhibition for all students, parents and members of our school community.

Briony Franklin



The name (pronounced tar-nan-dee) comes from the language of the Kaurna people, the traditional owners of the Adelaide Plains. It means to come forth or appear – like the sun and the first emergence of light.

Tarnanthi is a platform for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists from across the country to share important stories. It encourages new beginnings by providing artists with opportunities to create significant new work and to extend their practice.

It illuminates the diversity and depth of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art by presenting an annual exhibition, art fair, artist talks, performances and events. Tarnanthi is led by Artistic Director Nici Cumpston, AGSA’s Curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art.

With the heart of the Festival at the Art Gallery of South Australia, partner exhibitions are featured at diverse venues - from regional galleries to city hospitals, town halls to university campuses and museums to artist studio spaces.

Tarnanthi is presented in partnership with BHP and with the support of the Government of South Australia.

First Lego Competition
First LEGO League Team Success

On Saturday 2 November the Pulteney Pro Programmers competed in the regional First LEGO League competition at Pedare Christian College. First LEGO League is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based initiative which involves students working in a small group to complete various challenges around a theme. This year the theme was City Shaper.

There are three core components to the competition. Firstly, students are required to design a robot and then program the device to complete a series of tasks on a game board. The second part of the competition involves an inquiry project. Students are expected to independently research a real-world issue and propose a suitable solution. This year our students decided to take on the issue of stress levels in the city designing a relaxation pod to calm the nerves of city workers. The final part of the competition is an interview in which the students must demonstrate how they have applied the core values of First LEGO League including teamwork, “Coopertition” and “Gracious Professionalism”.

We are very pleased to announce that the team won the presentation award with the judges particularly commenting on their well-organized research and excellent communication skills. Based on their overall performance in all three sections, the team was also lucky enough to achieve selection for the national finals to be held at Swinburne University on Sunday 24 November.

The following students are to be congratulated for their outstanding efforts;

Charles Delin

Thomas Mitchell

Connor Dennis

Owen White

Mark Xu

Lincoln Davey

Emma Totman

Imogen Thompson

Joshua Holmes

Georgie Buenfeld

Learning Area Leader – Digital Technologies 

Prep Resource Centre Teacher Librarian