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Collegiate Cup Program

You can find the Collegiate Cup program at the end of this article. 

Cancellation of Co-Curricular Sport - Inclement Weather 

When co-curricular sport practices/activities and/or matches are cancelled due to inclement weather a text message will be sent to those families affected by the decision, therefore, there is no requirement to ring school inquiring whether sport has been cancelled.  This applies to all sub-schools.  Please be aware that indoor sports/activities will likely always carry on.  The decision to cancel or not will be taken at the following times by sub-school and communicated asap after this: 

  • Kurrajong: midday 
  • Prep, Middle, Senior: 2.00pm 

Non – Compulsory Sport v Commitment  

While Pulteney has a policy of non-compulsion in co-curricular sport, this does not mean practices and games are optional.   

Far from it!  In line with one of the sports program student developed core values, commitment, attendance at practices and games is an expectation and where absence is not explained or is repeated it will be challenged.  When a student is going to be absent from a practice or game it is also an expectation that the coach will be informed via the Sports App.  Not only does this enable coaches to be able to plan and select teams effectively, it goes to helping us with duty of care and communication.  

Y7 – 11 Nominations for summer sport 

As outlined in the Week 2 edition of PR, we are moving to a bi-annual sports nomination process for Middle and Senior school students. 

Over the past two weeks students have had the opportunity to listen to a presentation outlining these changes and to ask questions.  On Thursday 15 August an email will be sent to all students, Year 7 – Year 11, and their families with details of the summer sport program which will enable them to make informed decisions. 

All summer sport seasons are now considered to run from Term 4 in the current year (2019) through to Term 1 of the following year (2020).  While a student’s team might change during this period if they enter a different year level their sport will not.  This includes the following sports: cricket, volleyball, basketball (girls), softball, tennis and rowing.  Nominations will also be asked for activities that run only in Term 1, 2020: archery, athletics, and swimming (Aikido TBC). 

The nomination for summer sports and activities will take place on Thursday 22 August (week 5) during lesson 5.  Students will nominate, via an online form, for a primary sport and, if they wish, a secondary sport.  When nominating they must be cognizant of the following guidelines which look primarily to support student wellbeing, as well as effective planning and coach recruitment: 

Step 1: ensure you understand the required commitment for each sport by carefully checking the practice and match schedule: 

  • Generally, there are two practices a week.  Some before school and some after school. 
  • There is usually one game either midweek after school or Saturday morning. 

Step 2: do you have any other co-curricular commitments, e.g. performing arts, music, debating?  Please ensure there are no conflicts:   

  • Where there is a regular and on-going conflict a choice must be made to commit to one or the other.   
  • Occasional conflicts, e.g. one-off events, can be managed through effective student communication with sports staff. 

Step 3: nominate a Primary Summer Sport and if you wish a Secondary Summer Sport or enter ‘None’ on the form: 

  • Primary Summer Sport: attendance at all practices and matches is compulsory 
  • Secondary Sport: matches must be on different days to the Primary Summer Sport.  Although attendance at ‘Secondary Sport’ training is expected, there might be a clash with a Primary Sport practice or another commitment.  It maybe that you can still play the games.  This can be discussed with Sports staff. 
  • Please indicate ‘NONE’ on the nomination form if not taking part or playing a summer sport or activity. 

Step 4: if you are unsure or have questions please speak to the sports staff…we are here to help you get the best out of the opportunities at Pulteney 

Step 5: A confirmation email will be sent to parents/caregivers confirming student nomination choices.  There is nothing further to do unless parents/caregivers do not support their child’s chosen nomination and wish to withdraw them.  In this instance an email is to be sent to 

Step 6: If a student has not nominated for a sport/activity that their parents/caregivers wish them to participate in, again an email is to be sent to 

Huw Bowen

Head of Sport


Pulteney Student at IGSSA

Each year the organising body for girls’ independent schools sport (IGSSA) select young athletes from all the participating schools in South Australia to trial for the state representative teams to play in a national competition against other Independent Girls schools from around Australia.

This year Lili Keene, year 10 student, has been selected to represent the South Australian IGSSA team for Soccer. Lili has been playing Soccer for Pulteney since year 8 and has been a very strong and enthusiastic competitor during this period. Lili has always demonstrated a keen interest in leadership, holding the Sports Captains position for Soccer in 2018 as a Middle school student. In 2019 Lili has once again shown leadership within the senior team assisting and playing with a selection of year 9, 10, 11 and 12 students who make up the Girls 1st XI Soccer team. Lili also plays for her club at Adelaide University Soccer Club, with her preferred position in the team being fullback or centre midfield. For Pulteney, Lili plays in a centre midfield position where she plays a strong roll between the attack and defence.

Lili will travel to Bowral, NSW with other students from around the state to compete in the 2019 Interstate Challenge between 27-29 September. This is a considerable achievement for Lili and I’m sure you will join me in congratulating her on this selection. Lili is our fist student to be selected to represent IGSSA in the three years since it started in 2016.

A wonderful achievement and good luck Lili when you join your teammates in September.

Glyn Watley

Sport Coordinator