Year 10 Mathematics

At Pulteney Grammar School, we are committed to providing an engaging learning environment that fosters a positive growth mindset and the opportunity for all students to reach their potential. To that end, throughout 2019, the Mathematics department investigated the criteria by which students are grouped into classes and, based on this research, have adopted a new approach for 2020. Rather than grouping students in homogeneous sets or streams, students will have the opportunity to work in flexible, mixed ability classes where teachers tailor instruction to meet the personal needs of each student through differentiation.

Flexible groupings are at the heart of differentiated instruction. It provides opportunities for students to be part of different groups based on their readiness and learning style. Through the introduction of flexible groupings (whole class, small group, partners and individual work) our aim is to facilitate targeted instruction, based on individual student needs, as indicated by data, including NAPLAN and PAT testing data, to build meaningful connections between concepts and develop a growth mindset towards their mathematics.

Our learning and teaching programs are designed to cater for specific needs for mathematical engagement, while developing a culture of high expectations in a supportive and nurturing environment. Teachers use a variety of different strategies to engage students in their learning, such as team teaching and concept-based learning to enable students to develop a deeper understanding of the concepts taught and their mathematical applications. In addition, students are afforded the opportunity to work in small groups with a mentor to further extend or consolidate their mathematical understanding.

It is hoped that these changes will have a positive impact on students’ mathematical engagement and further encourage students to pursue the rich and diverse range of career options in Mathematics and STEM related fields of endeavour.

Further information about our exciting Year 10 Mathematics program will be shared at a parent information evening planned for Thursday 26 March at 6.30pm.

Dr Michelle Coop

Learning Area Leader - Mathematics