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Pulteney Review Week 4 Term 1 2020

From the Principal







Perhaps the greatest joy that comes with the commencement of any school year is held in the annual traditions and services that both welcome and reflect. In the past few weeks we have enjoyed a number of these events ranging from the leadership inductions for the Prep and Middle Schools and one ninety, to the Celebration of our High Achievers, the SACE Merit Ceremony conducted at Government House, and in a week’s time, the Commissioning Service that marks the appointment of the School’s 22nd Principal.

Each of these events provides an important moment for the students involved, the families connected, and the community as a whole. Each event, in its own manner, informs and adds to the history and culture of the School. My sincerest congratulations to all our Student Leaders for 2020 and indeed to our Old Scholars who returned this week to be celebrated for their own achievement.

At the one ninety leadership induction I offered a few thoughts regarding leadership that were focused on an acrostic poem; affording the letters of the word leadership the challenge of capturing the actions and behaviours that define the trait.

L          Listen to feedback.
E          Educate yourself and others.
A          Acknowledge hard work.
D          Discuss ideas; don’t act impulsively.
E          Empathise with peers.
R          Recognise diversity = strength.
S          Stand your ground when the time is right.
H          Help others get along.
I           Inquire often and continue learning.
P          Push yourself to always be better.

While neither definitive nor sophisticated, the extrapolations offer behaviours that hopefully provide a guiding influence for action as our young leaders make their way throughout the year and life. I congratulate all our leaders and wish them well for the year. 


Jessie Aldridge (Captain ) 

William Rooke (Captain) 

Declan Beard (Vice Captain )  

Olivia Veronese (Vice Captain) 


Abby Elgar 

Luka Kilgariff-Johnson 

Thomas Lawrence-Doyle 

Tyson Nguyen 

Angelique Patsouris 

Sophie Penberthy 

Zoe Smith 


House Captains

Ben Beswick

Sophie Cardillo

Liam Chiera

Oliver de Broughe

Anna Evans

Kahlia Gilbert

Jack Kfoury

Alexander Magarey

Henri Pardoe

Finlay Suttie

Christian Veronese

Georgia White


Earlier this week we had the pleasure to welcome and acknowledge our High Achievers from 2019 including our Dux, Charlotte Moseley, and our Proxime Accessit Olivia Cameron. I observed during the service that in any celebration of achievement what is often forgotten are the stories of trial and tribulation that have led to the moment of triumph; and yet, it is these stories that hold within them the meaning and value of the achievement, the sense of satisfaction as it is most richly felt. For each of our High Achievers has a story of adversity, of endeavour of grit and determination that encapsulates their journey towards today and it is these stories, as much as their success, that deserve our recognition and adulation. I congratulate once again all our High Achievers and wish them, as I do all our Year 12s from 2019,  the very best for their ongoing studies and paths in life. I look forward to hearing these emerging stories at reunions in years to come.


Charlotte Moseley

Dux of the School; Merits in: Music Performance - Ensemble, English Literary Studies, Modern History and Chemistry.

Olivia Cameron

Proxime Accessit to Dux, Merits in: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics.

Recipients of the High Achiever Award

Maddi Ashby

Matthew Beahan

Roman Cardillo

Eleanor Champion

Nigel Chen

Tom Clapp

William Craddock

Camryn Dudley

Peppe Grasso

Anastasia Haloulos

Aiden Heal

Hugh Heidenreich

Charlotte Lyford

Patrick Milewski

Zach Nicholls

Joseph Ninio

Thomas O'Dea

Hugh Radbone

Jake Reedman

Alexandra Tubb

Catherine White

Maddison Woolley


A special note to our Merit recipients for 2019; some thirty Merit Awards were earned by students of Pulteney Grammar School in 2019 recognising achievement in each subject at the highest possible level. This is an outstanding result for our students, and I congratulate them heartily.


Samuel Button

Merits in: English Literary Studies and Psychology.

Lucy Clisby

General Mathematics.

Paige Cowles

Merits in: Music Performance - Ensemble and Modern History.

Connor Fyfe

Merits in: Mathematical Methods and Physics.

Nicholas Hassan


Coby Howell

Modern History.

Jake Losasso

Media Studies.

Benjamin McAdams

Merits in: Economics, General Mathematics, Legal Studies and English Literary Studies.

Claire Nitschke

Media Studies.

Natasha Perrott

General Mathematics.

Izzy Rigda

Merits in: General Mathematics and English Literary Studies.

Emily Wilson


Kelly Stewart

SACE Merit Award Stage 2 Research Project

Christian Veronese

SACE Merit Award Stage 2 Research Project

William Rooke

SACE Merit Award for Stage 2 Mathematical Methods


I wish everyone a most enjoyable weekend.

Cameron Bacholer


From the Deputy Principal
‘Over the fence is six and out!’

Growing up I remember many a backyard cricket game that was played with ‘house rules’, like hitting the water tank was at least three runs, into the clothes line on the ‘lob’ was caught and of course over the fence was six and out! We would play for hours, wearing a distinct pattern in Dad’s lawn or, depending on the number of neighbour friends available, would spill out onto the street, taking full advantage of the warm weather and daylight savings.

The benefits of practicing a healthy lifestyle through activity is well known and with more and more people gravitating towards lifestyles grounded in health and wellness, the fitness industry is now estimated to be worth in excess of $100 billion globally.

School years are often a time when students try new and challenging sports or pursue a wide range of interests. It is also a time when the need for students to engage in physical activity could not be more important. Physical activity provides a wonderful outlet for the stresses of school life and an opportunity to let loose the enormous amount of energy common with pre-teens and teenagers. Physical activity also promotes co- operation, sense of fair play, feelings of belonging and helps to develop friendships, which is so important for our young people. Physical activity can also lead to the acquisition of skills that may one day result in a professional career. Research suggests that those students involved in some form of physical exercise often achieve higher results in their studies than those that lead a relatively sedentary lifestyle. 

Pulteney has such a diverse range of co-curricular activities on offer that aim to capture the interest of students across all year levels. Whether it be ‘have-a-go’ sports and activities in Kurrajong and Prep that focus on fun, participation, and social skills through to the more traditional sports available to students in Middle and Senior Years. Furthermore, sports and activities such as dance, aikido, fencing and archery, chess, debating, Lego league and Tournament of Minds continue to grow in number and popularity.

I strongly encourage you to take time out and view the co-curricular booklets with your child (please click on the links below), that provide an overview of the wide variety of co-curricular activities available at Pulteney. I am confident there will be something that will appeal to your son or daughter.

The updated version of the Pulteney Sports App has been launched for 2020. For more information, please take a look at the video on the Pulteney Facebook page to learn more about the benefits, and how to download the app to your mobile device.

Co-curricular activities and House events such as Summer sports, Prep electives, musical ensembles, sporting tours, House Swimming Carnival, Head of the River, House Junior and Secondary Sports Days or the musical production, scheduled later in the year, all provide the opportunity for our School community to share in the successes and triumphs but just as importantly acknowledge the commitment and persistence, strong work ethic and keen sense of sportsmanship our students display whilst representing our School. I am confident each student gains a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment from the thrill of competition and in theknowledge that they have given of their best.

As educators and parents we delight in recognising and celebrating successful outcomes for our children. However, as we know, success cannot be measured only as the final result or performance but must also include the journey. Success does not just happen. Quite often we encounter numerous obstacles along the way that attempt to prevent us from achieving our goal. Creating an environment which nurtures and fosters values such as persistence, diligence, dedication, hard work and risk taking is particularly important if our students are able to appreciate how to be successful, while also allowing them to keep it all in perspective should they fall short of the result they were hoping for.

I am often encouraged by the attitudes demonstrated by Pulteney students and their positive relationship with one another. It is common to hear students offering encouragement and advice as well as celebrating the efforts their peers have put into a particular task or event. With the support of their peers and teachers, many students have tackled problems or faced challenges they previously believed to be too difficult or the fear of failure too great. 

Throughout this term, I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see our students in action through attending a range of co-curricular activities during the week and on the weekend. It has also been wonderful to meet with many parents too and have the opportunity to discuss their child’s education, share new developments planned for Pulteney and learn more about ways we can continue to support our students and improve our practice.

Whether it be on the sporting field, stage or within the classroom, students are more likely to succeed if they feel comfortable and reassured in the knowledge that it is not the outcome that is of paramount importance but rather the learning that takes place along the way.

Greg Atterton

Deputy Principal



Middle School
Middle School Homework Club

The Middle School is once again offering students the option of joining an after school homework club if they wish to get their work completed before heading home.

The Inclusive Education Team are offering study support for Years 7-12 on a Tuesday night in the Centre for Senior Learning from 3.45pm until 4.30.

On Wednesday Middle School teaching staff have volunteered to run homework support in Room MS2.6 from 3.45pm until 4.30pm.

Students wishing to attend the Homework Club on either the Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon, simply need to turn up with their books and diary. If they are having difficulties with any aspect of their homework, they will be able to receive teacher support.

Middle School House Prefect Induction Assembly

On the Friday of Week 2 our Middle School House Prefects and Summer Captains of Sport were inducted into their leadership roles. Our Principal, Mr Bacholer, our Deputy Principal, Mr Atterton, and the Middle School Heads of House joined us for this assembly, as did many of the parents of our Student Leaders. 

The assembly was run by two of our House Prefects, Emma Neuhaus and Dion Patsouris and it began with Year 7, Josh Song, playing the 1st movement of Mozart’s Piano Sonata, K545 by Wolfgang Amadeus.

Prior to the House Prefect Induction ceremony, Mr Bacholer briefly spoke about leadership.

Our House Prefects were then presented with their badges by their Head of House and congratulated by Mr Bachelor. They then recited the leader’s oath.

Mr Bowen, Head of Sport, presented the Summer Captains of Sport, each of whom was given a badge before collectively reciting the Captains of Sport pledge.

The entire Middle School enthusiastically congratulated our new House Prefects and Captains of Sport and all look forward to their leadership throughout the year. 

MS Leaders 1 Cawthorne-Nicholls:  Cassandra Wadham,Gabe Bowering, Ariel Boyce, Dion Patsouris

MS Leaders 2 – Kennion-Miller: Benjamin Bowering, Ross Koutsounis, Scarlett Howard, Sophie Beswick

MS Leaders 3 Bleby-Howard: Mackenzie Barr, Sienna Brownrigg, Sofia Savva, Abbey Wilkinson

MS Leaders 4 – Moore-Sunter: Sebastian Atterton, Olivia Cardillo, Jamie Johnston, Emma Neuhaus

Year 7 Camp

The Year 7 camp is being held this week (Week 4) in the environment surrounding Robe. Unfortunately, due to the fires the camp could not be held in Kangaroo Island this year, but fortuitously our camp providers Outdoor Education Group, (OEG), came up with an excellent alternative. We hope to support Kangaroo Island with some fundraising and community service later.

They mild weather our campers have been experiencing has been perfect for the activities they are undertaking, which include learning camp craft, bushwalking, beach ecology and rock pool exploration, canoeing and surfing.

Reports from the campers suggest that they are all doing well and thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Year 8 School Immunisation Program 2020

Reminder:   Immunisations will be held Friday 6 March in Wyatt Hall.

Year 8 students will have theirfirst of a two dose course of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV/ Gardasil) and they will also receive one dose of the booster of Diphtheria, Tetanus and Whooping Cough /dTpa (Boostrix).

It is advisable on the morning of the immunisation that students have breakfast and students are asked to wear their PE uniform for the entire day.

If your child is absent they will receive a letter from Health & Immunisation Management Services advising of clinic locations to receive the vaccine they missed.

Please note: Vaccinations will only be given if a valid consent form is returned prior to the school visit.

Paul Ryan

Head of Middle School

Prep School
Prep School Leaders - Semester 1 2020

During 2020 we will continue to develop a culture of leadership within the Prep School. To achieve this, we will promote the skills and attitudes required for each and every student to recognise and express their leadership potential. This will begin with class and specialist teachers giving all students the opportunity to be leaders in small group activities. Then, throughout the year, further team building and leadership exercises will be explored through Physical Education and Health activities, the School Sporting program, and the Prep School Outdoor Education and Rock and Water programs.

The Year 12 Student Leaders also play an important part in the Prep School Leadership Program each year. The senior students visit classes when the Prep School Leadership Program is introduced. They speak to the children about their individual pathway to leadership. This includes recognising that this pathway is not always easy, and they would not always automatically win the roles they applied for. They discuss the qualities they believe are required of a successful leader and, importantly, the need for resilience when not selected for a role. The presentations from the senior students provide very meaningful learning opportunities for their younger peers.

The Prep School Leadership Assembly which was held on 19 February provided a further example of the way in which the senior students mentor and teach the Prep School students. At the beginning of the Assembly each of the four senior school leaders gave insightful speeches, outlining their understanding of leadership. Each speech was appropriate for the age group, unique in its content and certainly appealed to the children. There was much discussion about the speeches in both the classroom and play yard following the Assembly, as the children from Years 3 - 6 were keen to discuss the aspects of the speeches that appealed to them.

The aim of the Prep School Leadership program is to help the children understand that leadership involves a collaborative approach whereby leaders exercise their role in the interests of others.  As we assist the children to develop these skills, we also want them to appreciate the link between leadership and service as we build on the children’s capacity to make a meaningful contribution to their community and society.

Congratulations to the following students, who will assume leadership roles and become valued members of the Prep School Leadership team.

House Leaders


Year 5 Holly Altamura and Luke Hughes
Year 6 Maya McGinley and William McClurg


Year 5 Tommy Jarmer and Grace Glasson
Year 6 Adam Brownbill and Hamish Ruff


Year 5 Keira De Cesare and Jake Stephenson
Year 6 Matilda Schubert and Michaela Lazarevic


Year 5 Julie Astier and Zac Holman
Year 6 Zack Apostolakos and Emma Totman

Sport Captains

Archie Shaw
Patrick McClurg

James Lee
Angus Glasson

Harry Marks

Kai Dalby
Kiera Foster
Angas Moyse

Art Leaders
Matthew Zhong
Ella Lin
Zoe Brennen
Connie McNamara

Music Leaders
Scarlett Lamb
Imogen Thompson
Georgina Skibinski
Alicia Bollinger

ICT Leaders
Jack Vickers
Olivia Purdie

YEF Leaders
Georgios Mavragelos
Samuel Smid
Joshua Holmes
Joshua Henderson
Matilda Sims
Esther Ruess

SRC Chairperson
Angus Perry

SRC Class Representatives
3D       Hamish Glasson
3D       Zoe Rose
3F        Marcello Bugeja
3F        Eliza Mislov
4S        Mia Santrac
4S        Lev Stepanov-O’Neill
4V        Lia Cacas
4V        Moses Relf-Christopher
5M       Elliot Gask
5M       Annabel Grivell
5C       Nektaria Mavragelos 
5C       Jack Jandy
5S        Lois Darker
5S        Rowan Robin
6K        Harry Couche-Petch
6K        Elliott Gamble
6C       Matthew Liu
6C       Annabel Caveney
6MD    Elli Stathopoulos
6MD    Zara Ball

Denise O’Loughlin

Head of Prep School

Year 10 Mathematics

At Pulteney Grammar School, we are committed to providing an engaging learning environment that fosters a positive growth mindset and the opportunity for all students to reach their potential. To that end, throughout 2019, the Mathematics department investigated the criteria by which students are grouped into classes and, based on this research, have adopted a new approach for 2020. Rather than grouping students in homogeneous sets or streams, students will have the opportunity to work in flexible, mixed ability classes where teachers tailor instruction to meet the personal needs of each student through differentiation.

Flexible groupings are at the heart of differentiated instruction. It provides opportunities for students to be part of different groups based on their readiness and learning style. Through the introduction of flexible groupings (whole class, small group, partners and individual work) our aim is to facilitate targeted instruction, based on individual student needs, as indicated by data, including NAPLAN and PAT testing data, to build meaningful connections between concepts and develop a growth mindset towards their mathematics.

Our learning and teaching programs are designed to cater for specific needs for mathematical engagement, while developing a culture of high expectations in a supportive and nurturing environment. Teachers use a variety of different strategies to engage students in their learning, such as team teaching and concept-based learning to enable students to develop a deeper understanding of the concepts taught and their mathematical applications. In addition, students are afforded the opportunity to work in small groups with a mentor to further extend or consolidate their mathematical understanding.

It is hoped that these changes will have a positive impact on students’ mathematical engagement and further encourage students to pursue the rich and diverse range of career options in Mathematics and STEM related fields of endeavour.

Further information about our exciting Year 10 Mathematics program will be shared at a parent information evening planned for Thursday 26 March at 6.30pm.

Dr Michelle Coop

Learning Area Leader - Mathematics



Our young female chemists had a lovely time at the Global Chemistry breakfast. They heard from several women working in different fields of Chemistry and learned about the diverse opportunities that arise by studying Chemistry. 


Congratulations - VSA Academy Development Squad
VSA Academy

The VSA Academy Program is designed to identify, develop and nurture young athletes holistically (physically, technically, and mentally) so they can aspire to compete at national and international levels in volleyball. Athletes have access to experienced coaches, fantastic facilities and resources provided by the South Australian Sports Institute (SASI), and Volleyball Australia’s (VA) Centre of Excellence (CoE) also based at SASI. The South Australian athlete pathway is designed to provide a unified and clear pathway for athletes to represent South Australia at State and National Junior level, and to provide a pathway to the National Centre of Excellence with the aim to achieving Olympic podium success.

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected into the VSA Academy program for 2020

VSA Academy Development Squad

  • Anastasia Kiritsis
  • Sophie Beswick
  • Alex Candy
  • Christos Michaels
  • Cooper Sarson
  • Matthew Beahan
  • Thomas Conroy

VSA Academy Emerging Talent Squad

  • Hebe Li
  • Charlie Brennen
  • Ethan Ball
  • Hudson Merchant



Welcome to the Pulteney Sport App 

A critical feature of the sports program is the Pulteney Sports App which has recently been re-developed, and we are confident that it will facilitate an engaged and informed sport experience.


  1. Please delete all previous versions of the Pulteney Sports App on your mobile device – unless you have already successfully downloaded and logged in.
    The Pulteney Sports App can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play – please search for ‘Pulteney Grammar’.
    Login and password details will be emailed from GoJaro, our app developer (please also check your ‘Junk’ folder).  If you experience any difficulties, please contact who provide wonderful customer support.
  2. Please turn ‘on’ notifications on your phone for the Pulteney Sports App.  The app frequently updates.
  3. Please look out for a series of upcoming ‘how to’ videos on the school’s social media platforms, presented by our students, about how to get the most out of the app.

 Pulteney Sports App functions by sub school are:

Sub School / Function

Download by parent/caregiver

Download by student


Info. re training/games

Medical alerts/ Emergency contacts

Group Messaging

Student Survey


































Your feedback about the Pulteney Sports App functions, its navigation and what we might look to include in the future are very welcome.  Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss these.

Winter Sport (Term 2 and 3) Nominations

Middle and Senior School: The Winter Sport Booklet will be sent to students and families on Thursday 20 February.  Students will make their nominations via and online link in Week 5.

Prep School: The Winter Sport Booklet will be sent to students and families on Thursday 20 February.  The online nomination link will be included in the Booklet.  Deadline for nominations is Monday March (Week 6).

Kurrajong: Term 2 nomination details and online links will be sent to families on Thursday 27 February.

Winter Sport Pre-seasons

Middle and Senior school students who wish to get themselves physically ready for the coming winter season are encouraged to attend middle and long distance training at ‘Athletics Practice’ on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (7.30am – 8.15am). 

Students who want to further work on their core and lower body strength can attend the two ‘Athletic Development’ sessions on Monday and Friday lunchtime in the Sports Centre (1.15pm – 1.45pm).  These sessions are taken by Sport Coordinator Glyn Whatley who has post graduate qualifications in ‘Strength and Conditioning’ and was himself a Commonwealth Games standard weightlifter.  At the moment all sessions involve body weight training, but in the future we hope to progress our athletes to free weight sessions – as our rowers already do.

Year 7 – 12 Athletics Carnival

Thursday 5 March. Current holders of the trophy are Moore-Sunter.  Please see timetable of events in this Pulteney Review.

At the conclusion of the day it is the intention to name the Pulteney Athletics Squad to represent the school at the State Championships in Week 1

We hope to see many friends and family at the Athletics Carnival.

Reception – Year 6 Sports Day

Friday 6 March.  

Summer Sport Update

We have had a very positive start to the ‘second’ half of the summer season.  Our training sessions have been positive and hard-working, and this has translated to some very good performances and results across our sports.  In particular, congratulations to our Year 7 Cricket team who beat St Peters on the weekend and to our Softball ‘A’ and ‘B’ grades who both convincingly beat Scotch last Saturday.

As mentioned above, our rowers are in the final stages of their preparation for the ‘Head of the River Regatta’ (Saturday 21 March) which Pulteney is hosting, and in this the 60th Anniversary of Pulteney Rowing.

Collegiate Cup

The sports staff from Pulteney and Scotch met this week and details regarding the 2020 Summer Collegiate Cup will be communicated in the near future.

Student Achievement

It has been quite the start to the year with some of our students gaining recognition and selection at a very high standard:

All sports achievements:

  • Old Scholar Cameron Cook recently signed with Perth Glory.
  • Emilia Dolphin: selected to the Australia U16 Softball team.
  • Courtney Munro: 2019 Equestrian SA Eventing Junior Horse and Rider of the Year
  • Abbie Lewis: selected to the SA 2020 Junior Show Jumping Squad. 
  • Ruby de Broughe: selected to the SA U15 Hockey Team.
  • Alex Magarey: Overall 27th in the Open Men Windsurfing Nationals and 4th in the Youth (Under 18) Nationals.

Volleyball achievements:

  • Alex Candy: selected “Youth Men’s Australian Volleyball Squad for 2020” and to attend the “Volleyball Australia Youth Boys 2020 Thailand Development Tour”.
  • Cooper Sarson, Hudson Merchant, Christos Michaels: selected to the SA U15 Beach Volleyball Team.
  • Selected to the VSA Academy Development Squad: Anastasia Kiritsis, Sophie Beswick, Alex Candy, Christos Michaels, Cooper Sarson and Old Scholars Matthew Beahan and Thomas Conroy
  • Selected to the VSA Academy Emerging Talent Squad: Hebe Li, Charlie Brennen, Ethan Ball, Hudson Merchant

Huw Bowen

Head of Sport

Performing Arts

After a frantic first couple of weeks of term 1, we now have well over 200 students doing 1:1 music (instrumental and vocal) lessons with our 17 music tutors. Coordination of the program is always a huge feat in term 1 and I would like to thank Ali O’Connell for her efforts.

This year we welcome several new staff into the Performing Arts team; Caroline Shilling is now our strings tutor and will run the string ensembles including Junior Strings, Tom Coles is our jazz accompanist and piano teacher, Katie Jackson is our new vocal teacher and co-director of Jazz on the Terrace. We also welcome Sally Oxenberry who is replacing Adrienne Cullity as Prep music teacher this year while Adrienne has a break. We also welcome Sam Hicks, who is our Trumpet Tutor and Stage Band 2 Director and this year will also teach music in the middle school.

This year including the music staff, drama and dance teams we have 29 teachers in the performing arts team, our biggest and most talented yet!


We have our continuing dance co-curricular program with Kurrajong Dance Class every Wednesday 3.30 – 4pm, MS/SS Dance Class Tuesdays 3.45 – 4.45pm and Prep Dance on Mondays 3.30 – 4.30pm. We are thrilled to have two new academic dance programs starting at Pulteney Grammar, which is the first academic dance program in the schools 172 year history. We have the semester 1 Year 9 dance class and the whole year SACE Stage 1 Dance program. All of these programs are delivered through our corporate partner, Ding Productions Inc and their creative director Jo Casson.

Idea of North Visiting Artist and Workshop

Yesterday, Monday 17th Feb we had the great pleasure of having two members of the world class a cappella vocal group ‘Idea of North’, come to school and work with the members of the Concert Choir and Jazz on the Terrace. Naomi Crellin and Nick Begbie led the workshops and stretched the students on how they make a sound, how we can change this sound at will and then how to connect to the lyric of songs and use in the performance choices musicians make on how they sing songs. It was a wonderful 90 minutes and I know the students really enjoyed the session and have learned lessons that they can now use for the rest of the year. Thanks to Annie Kwok for making the connection with Nick and Naomi. We hope to see the Idea of North in May at the 2020 Generations in Jazz event.

Come ‘N’ Try Instrument evening – Monday 2 March 6.30pm in the Cambrell Music Building

This year we are holding a Come ‘N’ Try music session where you can bring your children along and meet the music tutors and where your children can actually have a go at playing one of the instruments on offer. The students will actually get to hold and blow or pluck or hit the instruments so helping them make a choice of instrument to study 1:1 with our amazing music tutors.

An email will be coming home soon, and this will direct you to register for the event online. If for some reason you cannot respond, please just turn up on the night with your children and let them have a go. We all now know the huge upsides for children of learning an instrument so please consider giving your child this wonderful opportunity. 

Year 3 String Program

I am very excited to announce that the school has funded a special program open to all year 3 students where you can select either violin or cello and your child will receive free music lessons (in small groups) on the violin or cello for the rest of the year as well as free instrument hire and all other resources (music) as needed. At the end of the year we hope you and your child decide to continue with individual lessons in 2021 and beyond. More information will come out the year 3 families about how you can take full advantage of this opportunity.

Adelaide 36ers and Stage Band 1

Stage Band 1 has had a busy start to 2020 with several performances including a week ago where we played at the Adelaide 36ers home game at the Entertainment centre. It was a really fun gig which was followed by the band being invited guests to a corporate box to watch the game. Sadly, the 36ers lost but at least the stage band rocked and got the crowed excited as they arrived at the game. This Saturday the band is also performing at the 36ersa MVP Dinner. Another great opportunity for the new 2020 Stage Band 1 to grow together as a band and prepare for the fast approaching Cabaret night (28th March) then the Generations in Jazz (May 1 – 3).

Jonathon Rice

Head of Performance and Instrumental Music

Learning Area Leader – Performing Arts