Prep School

Prep School Leaders - Semester 1 2020

During 2020 we will continue to develop a culture of leadership within the Prep School. To achieve this, we will promote the skills and attitudes required for each and every student to recognise and express their leadership potential. This will begin with class and specialist teachers giving all students the opportunity to be leaders in small group activities. Then, throughout the year, further team building and leadership exercises will be explored through Physical Education and Health activities, the School Sporting program, and the Prep School Outdoor Education and Rock and Water programs.

The Year 12 Student Leaders also play an important part in the Prep School Leadership Program each year. The senior students visit classes when the Prep School Leadership Program is introduced. They speak to the children about their individual pathway to leadership. This includes recognising that this pathway is not always easy, and they would not always automatically win the roles they applied for. They discuss the qualities they believe are required of a successful leader and, importantly, the need for resilience when not selected for a role. The presentations from the senior students provide very meaningful learning opportunities for their younger peers.

The Prep School Leadership Assembly which was held on 19 February provided a further example of the way in which the senior students mentor and teach the Prep School students. At the beginning of the Assembly each of the four senior school leaders gave insightful speeches, outlining their understanding of leadership. Each speech was appropriate for the age group, unique in its content and certainly appealed to the children. There was much discussion about the speeches in both the classroom and play yard following the Assembly, as the children from Years 3 - 6 were keen to discuss the aspects of the speeches that appealed to them.

The aim of the Prep School Leadership program is to help the children understand that leadership involves a collaborative approach whereby leaders exercise their role in the interests of others.  As we assist the children to develop these skills, we also want them to appreciate the link between leadership and service as we build on the children’s capacity to make a meaningful contribution to their community and society.

Congratulations to the following students, who will assume leadership roles and become valued members of the Prep School Leadership team.

House Leaders


Year 5 Holly Altamura and Luke Hughes
Year 6 Maya McGinley and William McClurg


Year 5 Tommy Jarmer and Grace Glasson
Year 6 Adam Brownbill and Hamish Ruff


Year 5 Keira De Cesare and Jake Stephenson
Year 6 Matilda Schubert and Michaela Lazarevic


Year 5 Julie Astier and Zac Holman
Year 6 Zack Apostolakos and Emma Totman

Sport Captains

Archie Shaw
Patrick McClurg

James Lee
Angus Glasson

Harry Marks

Kai Dalby
Kiera Foster
Angas Moyse

Art Leaders
Matthew Zhong
Ella Lin
Zoe Brennen
Connie McNamara

Music Leaders
Scarlett Lamb
Imogen Thompson
Georgina Skibinski
Alicia Bollinger

ICT Leaders
Jack Vickers
Olivia Purdie

YEF Leaders
Georgios Mavragelos
Samuel Smid
Joshua Holmes
Joshua Henderson
Matilda Sims
Esther Ruess

SRC Chairperson
Angus Perry

SRC Class Representatives
3D       Hamish Glasson
3D       Zoe Rose
3F        Marcello Bugeja
3F        Eliza Mislov
4S        Mia Santrac
4S        Lev Stepanov-O’Neill
4V        Lia Cacas
4V        Moses Relf-Christopher
5M       Elliot Gask
5M       Annabel Grivell
5C       Nektaria Mavragelos 
5C       Jack Jandy
5S        Lois Darker
5S        Rowan Robin
6K        Harry Couche-Petch
6K        Elliott Gamble
6C       Matthew Liu
6C       Annabel Caveney
6MD    Elli Stathopoulos
6MD    Zara Ball

Denise O’Loughlin

Head of Prep School