Performing Arts

After a frantic first couple of weeks of term 1, we now have well over 200 students doing 1:1 music (instrumental and vocal) lessons with our 17 music tutors. Coordination of the program is always a huge feat in term 1 and I would like to thank Ali O’Connell for her efforts.

This year we welcome several new staff into the Performing Arts team; Caroline Shilling is now our strings tutor and will run the string ensembles including Junior Strings, Tom Coles is our jazz accompanist and piano teacher, Katie Jackson is our new vocal teacher and co-director of Jazz on the Terrace. We also welcome Sally Oxenberry who is replacing Adrienne Cullity as Prep music teacher this year while Adrienne has a break. We also welcome Sam Hicks, who is our Trumpet Tutor and Stage Band 2 Director and this year will also teach music in the middle school.

This year including the music staff, drama and dance teams we have 29 teachers in the performing arts team, our biggest and most talented yet!


We have our continuing dance co-curricular program with Kurrajong Dance Class every Wednesday 3.30 – 4pm, MS/SS Dance Class Tuesdays 3.45 – 4.45pm and Prep Dance on Mondays 3.30 – 4.30pm. We are thrilled to have two new academic dance programs starting at Pulteney Grammar, which is the first academic dance program in the schools 172 year history. We have the semester 1 Year 9 dance class and the whole year SACE Stage 1 Dance program. All of these programs are delivered through our corporate partner, Ding Productions Inc and their creative director Jo Casson.

Idea of North Visiting Artist and Workshop

Yesterday, Monday 17th Feb we had the great pleasure of having two members of the world class a cappella vocal group ‘Idea of North’, come to school and work with the members of the Concert Choir and Jazz on the Terrace. Naomi Crellin and Nick Begbie led the workshops and stretched the students on how they make a sound, how we can change this sound at will and then how to connect to the lyric of songs and use in the performance choices musicians make on how they sing songs. It was a wonderful 90 minutes and I know the students really enjoyed the session and have learned lessons that they can now use for the rest of the year. Thanks to Annie Kwok for making the connection with Nick and Naomi. We hope to see the Idea of North in May at the 2020 Generations in Jazz event.

Come ‘N’ Try Instrument evening – Monday 2 March 6.30pm in the Cambrell Music Building

This year we are holding a Come ‘N’ Try music session where you can bring your children along and meet the music tutors and where your children can actually have a go at playing one of the instruments on offer. The students will actually get to hold and blow or pluck or hit the instruments so helping them make a choice of instrument to study 1:1 with our amazing music tutors.

An email will be coming home soon, and this will direct you to register for the event online. If for some reason you cannot respond, please just turn up on the night with your children and let them have a go. We all now know the huge upsides for children of learning an instrument so please consider giving your child this wonderful opportunity. 

Year 3 String Program

I am very excited to announce that the school has funded a special program open to all year 3 students where you can select either violin or cello and your child will receive free music lessons (in small groups) on the violin or cello for the rest of the year as well as free instrument hire and all other resources (music) as needed. At the end of the year we hope you and your child decide to continue with individual lessons in 2021 and beyond. More information will come out the year 3 families about how you can take full advantage of this opportunity.

Adelaide 36ers and Stage Band 1

Stage Band 1 has had a busy start to 2020 with several performances including a week ago where we played at the Adelaide 36ers home game at the Entertainment centre. It was a really fun gig which was followed by the band being invited guests to a corporate box to watch the game. Sadly, the 36ers lost but at least the stage band rocked and got the crowed excited as they arrived at the game. This Saturday the band is also performing at the 36ersa MVP Dinner. Another great opportunity for the new 2020 Stage Band 1 to grow together as a band and prepare for the fast approaching Cabaret night (28th March) then the Generations in Jazz (May 1 – 3).

Jonathon Rice

Head of Performance and Instrumental Music

Learning Area Leader – Performing Arts