Middle School

Middle School Homework Club

The Middle School is once again offering students the option of joining an after school homework club if they wish to get their work completed before heading home.

The Inclusive Education Team are offering study support for Years 7-12 on a Tuesday night in the Centre for Senior Learning from 3.45pm until 4.30.

On Wednesday Middle School teaching staff have volunteered to run homework support in Room MS2.6 from 3.45pm until 4.30pm.

Students wishing to attend the Homework Club on either the Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon, simply need to turn up with their books and diary. If they are having difficulties with any aspect of their homework, they will be able to receive teacher support.

Middle School House Prefect Induction Assembly

On the Friday of Week 2 our Middle School House Prefects and Summer Captains of Sport were inducted into their leadership roles. Our Principal, Mr Bacholer, our Deputy Principal, Mr Atterton, and the Middle School Heads of House joined us for this assembly, as did many of the parents of our Student Leaders. 

The assembly was run by two of our House Prefects, Emma Neuhaus and Dion Patsouris and it began with Year 7, Josh Song, playing the 1st movement of Mozart’s Piano Sonata, K545 by Wolfgang Amadeus.

Prior to the House Prefect Induction ceremony, Mr Bacholer briefly spoke about leadership.

Our House Prefects were then presented with their badges by their Head of House and congratulated by Mr Bachelor. They then recited the leader’s oath.

Mr Bowen, Head of Sport, presented the Summer Captains of Sport, each of whom was given a badge before collectively reciting the Captains of Sport pledge.

The entire Middle School enthusiastically congratulated our new House Prefects and Captains of Sport and all look forward to their leadership throughout the year. 

MS Leaders 1 Cawthorne-Nicholls:  Cassandra Wadham,Gabe Bowering, Ariel Boyce, Dion Patsouris

MS Leaders 2 – Kennion-Miller: Benjamin Bowering, Ross Koutsounis, Scarlett Howard, Sophie Beswick

MS Leaders 3 Bleby-Howard: Mackenzie Barr, Sienna Brownrigg, Sofia Savva, Abbey Wilkinson

MS Leaders 4 – Moore-Sunter: Sebastian Atterton, Olivia Cardillo, Jamie Johnston, Emma Neuhaus

Year 7 Camp

The Year 7 camp is being held this week (Week 4) in the environment surrounding Robe. Unfortunately, due to the fires the camp could not be held in Kangaroo Island this year, but fortuitously our camp providers Outdoor Education Group, (OEG), came up with an excellent alternative. We hope to support Kangaroo Island with some fundraising and community service later.

They mild weather our campers have been experiencing has been perfect for the activities they are undertaking, which include learning camp craft, bushwalking, beach ecology and rock pool exploration, canoeing and surfing.

Reports from the campers suggest that they are all doing well and thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Year 8 School Immunisation Program 2020

Reminder:   Immunisations will be held Friday 6 March in Wyatt Hall.

Year 8 students will have theirfirst of a two dose course of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV/ Gardasil) and they will also receive one dose of the booster of Diphtheria, Tetanus and Whooping Cough /dTpa (Boostrix).

It is advisable on the morning of the immunisation that students have breakfast and students are asked to wear their PE uniform for the entire day.

If your child is absent they will receive a letter from Health & Immunisation Management Services advising of clinic locations to receive the vaccine they missed.

Please note: Vaccinations will only be given if a valid consent form is returned prior to the school visit.

Paul Ryan

Head of Middle School