From the Principal







Perhaps the greatest joy that comes with the commencement of any school year is held in the annual traditions and services that both welcome and reflect. In the past few weeks we have enjoyed a number of these events ranging from the leadership inductions for the Prep and Middle Schools and one ninety, to the Celebration of our High Achievers, the SACE Merit Ceremony conducted at Government House, and in a week’s time, the Commissioning Service that marks the appointment of the School’s 22nd Principal.

Each of these events provides an important moment for the students involved, the families connected, and the community as a whole. Each event, in its own manner, informs and adds to the history and culture of the School. My sincerest congratulations to all our Student Leaders for 2020 and indeed to our Old Scholars who returned this week to be celebrated for their own achievement.

At the one ninety leadership induction I offered a few thoughts regarding leadership that were focused on an acrostic poem; affording the letters of the word leadership the challenge of capturing the actions and behaviours that define the trait.

L          Listen to feedback.
E          Educate yourself and others.
A          Acknowledge hard work.
D          Discuss ideas; don’t act impulsively.
E          Empathise with peers.
R          Recognise diversity = strength.
S          Stand your ground when the time is right.
H          Help others get along.
I           Inquire often and continue learning.
P          Push yourself to always be better.

While neither definitive nor sophisticated, the extrapolations offer behaviours that hopefully provide a guiding influence for action as our young leaders make their way throughout the year and life. I congratulate all our leaders and wish them well for the year. 


Jessie Aldridge (Captain ) 

William Rooke (Captain) 

Declan Beard (Vice Captain )  

Olivia Veronese (Vice Captain) 


Abby Elgar 

Luka Kilgariff-Johnson 

Thomas Lawrence-Doyle 

Tyson Nguyen 

Angelique Patsouris 

Sophie Penberthy 

Zoe Smith 


House Captains

Ben Beswick

Sophie Cardillo

Liam Chiera

Oliver de Broughe

Anna Evans

Kahlia Gilbert

Jack Kfoury

Alexander Magarey

Henri Pardoe

Finlay Suttie

Christian Veronese

Georgia White


Earlier this week we had the pleasure to welcome and acknowledge our High Achievers from 2019 including our Dux, Charlotte Moseley, and our Proxime Accessit Olivia Cameron. I observed during the service that in any celebration of achievement what is often forgotten are the stories of trial and tribulation that have led to the moment of triumph; and yet, it is these stories that hold within them the meaning and value of the achievement, the sense of satisfaction as it is most richly felt. For each of our High Achievers has a story of adversity, of endeavour of grit and determination that encapsulates their journey towards today and it is these stories, as much as their success, that deserve our recognition and adulation. I congratulate once again all our High Achievers and wish them, as I do all our Year 12s from 2019,  the very best for their ongoing studies and paths in life. I look forward to hearing these emerging stories at reunions in years to come.


Charlotte Moseley

Dux of the School; Merits in: Music Performance - Ensemble, English Literary Studies, Modern History and Chemistry.

Olivia Cameron

Proxime Accessit to Dux, Merits in: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics.

Recipients of the High Achiever Award

Maddi Ashby

Matthew Beahan

Roman Cardillo

Eleanor Champion

Nigel Chen

Tom Clapp

William Craddock

Camryn Dudley

Peppe Grasso

Anastasia Haloulos

Aiden Heal

Hugh Heidenreich

Charlotte Lyford

Patrick Milewski

Zach Nicholls

Joseph Ninio

Thomas O'Dea

Hugh Radbone

Jake Reedman

Alexandra Tubb

Catherine White

Maddison Woolley


A special note to our Merit recipients for 2019; some thirty Merit Awards were earned by students of Pulteney Grammar School in 2019 recognising achievement in each subject at the highest possible level. This is an outstanding result for our students, and I congratulate them heartily.


Samuel Button

Merits in: English Literary Studies and Psychology.

Lucy Clisby

General Mathematics.

Paige Cowles

Merits in: Music Performance - Ensemble and Modern History.

Connor Fyfe

Merits in: Mathematical Methods and Physics.

Nicholas Hassan


Coby Howell

Modern History.

Jake Losasso

Media Studies.

Benjamin McAdams

Merits in: Economics, General Mathematics, Legal Studies and English Literary Studies.

Claire Nitschke

Media Studies.

Natasha Perrott

General Mathematics.

Izzy Rigda

Merits in: General Mathematics and English Literary Studies.

Emily Wilson


Kelly Stewart

SACE Merit Award Stage 2 Research Project

Christian Veronese

SACE Merit Award Stage 2 Research Project

William Rooke

SACE Merit Award for Stage 2 Mathematical Methods


I wish everyone a most enjoyable weekend.

Cameron Bacholer