From the Deputy Principal

‘Over the fence is six and out!’

Growing up I remember many a backyard cricket game that was played with ‘house rules’, like hitting the water tank was at least three runs, into the clothes line on the ‘lob’ was caught and of course over the fence was six and out! We would play for hours, wearing a distinct pattern in Dad’s lawn or, depending on the number of neighbour friends available, would spill out onto the street, taking full advantage of the warm weather and daylight savings.

The benefits of practicing a healthy lifestyle through activity is well known and with more and more people gravitating towards lifestyles grounded in health and wellness, the fitness industry is now estimated to be worth in excess of $100 billion globally.

School years are often a time when students try new and challenging sports or pursue a wide range of interests. It is also a time when the need for students to engage in physical activity could not be more important. Physical activity provides a wonderful outlet for the stresses of school life and an opportunity to let loose the enormous amount of energy common with pre-teens and teenagers. Physical activity also promotes co- operation, sense of fair play, feelings of belonging and helps to develop friendships, which is so important for our young people. Physical activity can also lead to the acquisition of skills that may one day result in a professional career. Research suggests that those students involved in some form of physical exercise often achieve higher results in their studies than those that lead a relatively sedentary lifestyle. 

Pulteney has such a diverse range of co-curricular activities on offer that aim to capture the interest of students across all year levels. Whether it be ‘have-a-go’ sports and activities in Kurrajong and Prep that focus on fun, participation, and social skills through to the more traditional sports available to students in Middle and Senior Years. Furthermore, sports and activities such as dance, aikido, fencing and archery, chess, debating, Lego league and Tournament of Minds continue to grow in number and popularity.

I strongly encourage you to take time out and view the co-curricular booklets with your child (please click on the links below), that provide an overview of the wide variety of co-curricular activities available at Pulteney. I am confident there will be something that will appeal to your son or daughter.

The updated version of the Pulteney Sports App has been launched for 2020. For more information, please take a look at the video on the Pulteney Facebook page to learn more about the benefits, and how to download the app to your mobile device.

Co-curricular activities and House events such as Summer sports, Prep electives, musical ensembles, sporting tours, House Swimming Carnival, Head of the River, House Junior and Secondary Sports Days or the musical production, scheduled later in the year, all provide the opportunity for our School community to share in the successes and triumphs but just as importantly acknowledge the commitment and persistence, strong work ethic and keen sense of sportsmanship our students display whilst representing our School. I am confident each student gains a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment from the thrill of competition and in theknowledge that they have given of their best.

As educators and parents we delight in recognising and celebrating successful outcomes for our children. However, as we know, success cannot be measured only as the final result or performance but must also include the journey. Success does not just happen. Quite often we encounter numerous obstacles along the way that attempt to prevent us from achieving our goal. Creating an environment which nurtures and fosters values such as persistence, diligence, dedication, hard work and risk taking is particularly important if our students are able to appreciate how to be successful, while also allowing them to keep it all in perspective should they fall short of the result they were hoping for.

I am often encouraged by the attitudes demonstrated by Pulteney students and their positive relationship with one another. It is common to hear students offering encouragement and advice as well as celebrating the efforts their peers have put into a particular task or event. With the support of their peers and teachers, many students have tackled problems or faced challenges they previously believed to be too difficult or the fear of failure too great. 

Throughout this term, I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see our students in action through attending a range of co-curricular activities during the week and on the weekend. It has also been wonderful to meet with many parents too and have the opportunity to discuss their child’s education, share new developments planned for Pulteney and learn more about ways we can continue to support our students and improve our practice.

Whether it be on the sporting field, stage or within the classroom, students are more likely to succeed if they feel comfortable and reassured in the knowledge that it is not the outcome that is of paramount importance but rather the learning that takes place along the way.

Greg Atterton

Deputy Principal