Middle School and oneninety wellbeing programs in Term 2

At Pulteney, we recognise that student wellbeing is about every interaction we have with each member of our community, each day. Student wellbeing is not an additional add-on or something that happens at particular timetabled parts of a week, but is about the relationships which are at the heart of improved educational outcomes. With this in mind however, it is also important that we have a strong, evidence-based and skill-developing wellbeing program to assist students in a variety of aspects in supporting young people to become positive contributors to their world.

Term 2 has already seen our students engaging in a number of evidence-based wellbeing programs, led by both external facilitators and our own Pulteney staff. Within the Middle School we are embarking on a joint Health and Wellbeing unit, centred on the idea of “Being Healthy’. This is a combined effort designed and developed by our Health and Wellbeing staff. The unit will focus on the elements that make us healthy as well as decision making and support services. Year 8 students will be engaging in the Healthy Minds program, facilitated by Dr Tom Nehmy. As part of this program, we held our parent evening on Thursday May 3. Dr Nehmy has worked with Pulteney for five years, delivering the Healthy Minds program in conjunction with our Year 8 Wellbeing teachers who have been trained by Dr Nehmy in delivering the program. Our Year 9 students will spend the first part of this term working with Dr Tess Opie on the In Your Skin program which focusses on relationships and respectful decision making. Students will also prepare for camp later in the term and continue their work on our Futures program.

In one ninety, our Year 10 students will continue their work with Dr Tess Opie and the In Your Skin program followed by their continued work on the Personal Learning Plan and Futures program. Towards the end of the term, year 10 students will be involved in our new entrepreneurship program which we will update the community on as it approaches. In Year 11, students will be working with their Tutors on a range of Futures program activities, including Coaching Young People for Success and work experience preparation. Our Year 12’s will be involved in the innovative Guest Lecture series as well as working with our Kurrajong students on their reading program.

We look forward to keeping our community updated on the range of programs and opportunities we offer our wonderful Pulteney community.

Steve McCulloch

Head of Student Wellbeing