Pulteney Review Week 2 Term 2

From the Acting Principal
‘Pulteney Assemble!’

It has been wonderful to welcome students, staff and parents to the new term and despite the dreary weather, a great deal has already been achieved in a very short time. Early last week we welcomed home our staff and students who attended the Commemorative ANZAC Music Tour to Fromelles, while over the weekend members of Jazz on the Terrace, our small Jazz vocal group and Stage Bands headed to Mt Gambier to compete in the Generations in Jazz competition. On Monday, students were bathed in beautiful sunshine as they competed for House points in the annual Inter-House Cross Country event, while on Wednesday, Pulteney hosted the Anglican Cup where schools from Woodcroft, Pedare and St John’s joined in healthy competition for this coveted prize. Events and competitions such as this complement the teaching and learning students engage in everyday and supports our strong sense of community and importantly ‘team’.

During my address at our Whole School assembly on the first day of term, I focused on ‘team’ and what can be achieved when we all work together. I have included the details for you to read below.

Over the holidays it has been hard to avoid the hype around the new Avengers movie titled “Endgame”. Now, I promise no ‘spoilers’ but with the movie already recording more than 1 billion dollars at the box office and breaking all sorts of records,  I am fairly confident a few of you have seen it! I know for a fact that Mr Brice and Mr McCulloch were some of the first ones at the cinema when it opened!

So when you think about the characters in the Avenger movies, each one comes with their own unique powers and talents.

For example:

  • The Hulk, through a massive dose of gamma radiation has incredible super human strength and healing powers and who doesn’t love that fact that he turns green when he’s angry!
  • Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, survived being frozen, is a skilled military leader and has a virtually indestructible Vibranium shield.
  • In his arc-reactor powered armour, with high tech systems and powerful gadgets, billionaire Tony Stark is the invincible Iron Man!
  • While Thor is the master of thunder and lightning, is resistant to injury and wields an enchanted hammer!

And there are so many more characters that we could talk about but I think you have the idea.

So what makes the Avengers so popular? It’s actually not the talents of each individual character but what they can achieve as a team. Its only when they work together that they can truly overcome the powers of evil and restore harmony to the world.

Avengers assemble!" is the rallying cry for the Marvel Comics superhero team!

When the avengers are about to face a monumental battle, Captain America will use the rallying cry as an opportunity to not only bring the team physically together as they enter battle but also as a galvanizing and motivating chorus.

Each one of you have your own passions, interests and individual talents and there is much we can learn if we take the time to get to know each other and celebrate our differences.

However, as we are begin a new term, I want you to think about what we can achieve as a team when we all work together. Now , I am not expecting to hear ‘Avengers assemble!’ anytime soon when I walk through the Quad or visit the Nature Play in Kurrajong, but we shouldn’t underestimate the power of helping others, a kind word when someone looks down or offering  support when you can tell a friend is having a rough day.

As individual students and staff we can achieve a lot but as a School we can achieve so much more 

‘Pulteney Assemble!’

Greg Atterton

Acting Principal


I am thrilled to share with the Pulteney community the safe arrival of four babies born to members of staff over the last fortnight! 

Congratulations to Nicole Maxwell and her partner Daniel who were thrilled to welcome the safe arrival of their beautiful baby girl, Isabelle Anne Maxwell, born on 24 of April 2019.

We are over the moon for James Burrows and his wife Cassandra, very proud parents of twin girls, Marigold and Penelope, born on 29 April, 2019 and 30 April 2019 respectively. 

Finally, we are very pleased to announce that Chris Clements and his partner Brooke welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Bailey, at 12.10am on 3 May, 2019!

Our thoughts and best wishes are with our Nicole, James and Chris, their partners and their beautiful new additions as they enjoy this very special and memorable time together as a family.


Congratulations to Daniel Nielsen and Isaac Smith (Old Scholars, 2018) who were awarded their Gold Duke of Edinburgh International Award by His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC at Government House. An outstanding achievement and we are very proud of their efforts.


Greg Atterton

Acting Principal

Middle School and oneninety wellbeing programs in Term 2

At Pulteney, we recognise that student wellbeing is about every interaction we have with each member of our community, each day. Student wellbeing is not an additional add-on or something that happens at particular timetabled parts of a week, but is about the relationships which are at the heart of improved educational outcomes. With this in mind however, it is also important that we have a strong, evidence-based and skill-developing wellbeing program to assist students in a variety of aspects in supporting young people to become positive contributors to their world.

Term 2 has already seen our students engaging in a number of evidence-based wellbeing programs, led by both external facilitators and our own Pulteney staff. Within the Middle School we are embarking on a joint Health and Wellbeing unit, centred on the idea of “Being Healthy’. This is a combined effort designed and developed by our Health and Wellbeing staff. The unit will focus on the elements that make us healthy as well as decision making and support services. Year 8 students will be engaging in the Healthy Minds program, facilitated by Dr Tom Nehmy. As part of this program, we held our parent evening on Thursday May 3. Dr Nehmy has worked with Pulteney for five years, delivering the Healthy Minds program in conjunction with our Year 8 Wellbeing teachers who have been trained by Dr Nehmy in delivering the program. Our Year 9 students will spend the first part of this term working with Dr Tess Opie on the In Your Skin program which focusses on relationships and respectful decision making. Students will also prepare for camp later in the term and continue their work on our Futures program.

In one ninety, our Year 10 students will continue their work with Dr Tess Opie and the In Your Skin program followed by their continued work on the Personal Learning Plan and Futures program. Towards the end of the term, year 10 students will be involved in our new entrepreneurship program which we will update the community on as it approaches. In Year 11, students will be working with their Tutors on a range of Futures program activities, including Coaching Young People for Success and work experience preparation. Our Year 12’s will be involved in the innovative Guest Lecture series as well as working with our Kurrajong students on their reading program.

We look forward to keeping our community updated on the range of programs and opportunities we offer our wonderful Pulteney community.

Steve McCulloch

Head of Student Wellbeing


Welcome back to Term 2! The children have quickly settled back into the routines at school. I have enjoyed hearing about their holiday adventures, and it has been delightful to observe them playing happily and reconnecting with friends. We welcome our new students in Kurrajong this term, Nauneth Rahman in ELC W, Savija Rupasinghe in RK and twins, Evan and Allen Yu in 1K. I’m confident that they will be welcomed into our school community enthusiastically and we look forward to getting to know them and their families.

Kurrajong Grandparents Morning

Staff and students are busy preparing for our annual Kurrajong Grandparents’ Morning, which will be held on Tuesday 21 May from 9:30 – 11am in Antill Courtyard. We host a morning tea for approximately 500 guests and need the assistance of many parent helpers. If you are able to help out on this day from 8:30 – 11:30am could you please email me at natalie.natsias@pulteney.sa.edu.au

Seesaw Communication

Each week I will be sending home via the Seesaw Digital Learning Platform a ‘What’s Happening’ page of reminders and key dates of events coming up. Class teachers will also be uploading to Seesaw every two- or three-weeks news of what is happening in the classrooms with curriculum information and photos of the fun learning that is occurring.

Natalie Natsias

Head of Kurrajong


National Youth Science Forum

Applications are now open for the National Youth Science Forum Year 12 Program and close on 31 May. The NYSF is a 12-day residential program designed to give students a broader understanding of the diverse study and career options available in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and to encourage continued studies in these fields. At the NYSF Year 12 Program run in January each year, participants will:

  • visit science and technology related laboratories and facilities,
  • go on site tours,
  • listen to lectures,
  • take part in workshops,
  • go to social events, and
  • participate in group activities that improve communication and presentation skills.

Participants also take part in sessions on entrepreneurship, critical thinking, how to work together effectively, and more. The focus is not solely on academic achievements, but on developing well-rounded individuals who have the skills and confidence to determine their futures.

To apply for the NYSF Year 12 program, you must:

  • be in year 11 in the year you apply, to attend the following January,
  • be an Australian citizen or resident, and/or studying full-time in an Australian high school, and
  • be considering pursuing a university degree at an Australian university to study science, engineering, technology, or a related discipline.

In 2020, there will be three separate sessions running for the NYSF Year 12 Program with the following locations and dates. Each session has places for up to 200 students. Successfully selected students are not necessarily allocated a session in their home state.

Session A: Wednesday 1 to Sunday 12 January – CANBERRA

Session B: Wednesday 8 to Sunday 19 January – BRISBANE

Session C: Wednesday 15 to Sunday 26 January – CANBERRA

For more information please visit  https://www.nysf.edu.au/programs/year-12-program/, or speak with Mrs. Sharon Pearce

Sharon Pearce

Learning Area Leader - Science

Gifted & Talented News
World Scholar’s Cup 2019

On the 6 and 7 May we took twelve students to Scotch College for the World Scholar's Cup. The World Scholar’s Cup is made up of a series of events including a team debate, collaborative writing, subject specific challenges and a fun event where students compete against the rest of the schools in a ‘beat the buzzer’ quiz with general knowledge questions related to the overall theme. The challenge contained a range of general, and not so general knowledge questions that were related to specific areas such as Arts, Social Studies, History, Literature, Science and Special Area.

The theme for 2019 is ‘A World on the Margins’ with a focus on:

Special Area: unsolved mysteries; Science: enabling technologies, History: neglected histories;

Literature: voices from the margins; Art & Music: louder than words; Social Studies: on the edge of society.

The following students were involved:

Tahlia Cahill, Lily Koch, Finn Boylen, Riley Kopfstein, Zachary Haarsma, Benjamin Bowering, James Ower, Harry Daniels, Fergus Whitelock, Hugh Mahoney and Lachlan Perry

Debate Showcase

Special mention for Riley Kopfstein who was asked to take part in the debate showcase and presented in front of all the schools. The top 8 debaters are selected from the competition to debate a given topic. The topic was “teenagers should live in poverty for one year after they finish high school.” The newly created teams from a variety of schools were given the motion and then had fifteen minutes to prepare their section of the debate.

Top 5 Awards

While the students received multiple awards for participating in each of the events, the students who placed in the top 5 in any event are as follows:

1st Senior Special Area: Lily Koch

1st Junior Social Studies: Harry Daniels

1st Junior Overall Team Challenge: Benjamin Bowering, Harry Daniels, James Ower

2nd Senior Team Writing Award: Finn Boylen, Tahlia Cahill and Lily Koch

2nd Junior Team Challenge Overall: Benjamin Bowering, Harry Daniels, James Ower

3rd Junior Team Bowl: Benjamin Bowering, Harry Daniels, James Ower

3rd Senior Team Overall: Fergus Whitelock, Hugh Mahoney, Lachlan Perry

4th Senior Debate Champion: Riley Kopfstein

4th Senior Writing Award: Lily Koch

5th Senior Team Debate: Finn Boylen, Tahlia Cahill and Lily Koch

5th Senior Overall Team Challenge: Finn Boylen, Tahlia Cahill and Lily Koch

5th Senior Team Bowl: Fergus Whitelock, Hugh Mahoney, Lachlan Perry

5th Champion Scholar Senior: Lily Koch

Overall top Junior Scholar for Pulteney Grammar School: Benjamin Bowering

Overall top Junior Scholar for Pulteney Grammar School: Lily Koch

We thank the students for their enthusiasm, participation and impeccable behaviour.


Sue Mavropoulos                                                                              Karen Kurczak

Gifted and Talented Coordinator and Teacher                                  Head of Learning Support


Languages and Culture Celebration Week, held in Week 10 of Term 1, is designed to raise awareness of the benefits of language and highlight the linguistic and cultural diversity in our Pulteney community. The week was a resounding success and we can all be proud of the inclusive way in which our school embraces all cultures.

Much fun was had by all and in addition to the many in-class activities, students also participated in excursions, competitions, an international fashion parade, sumo wrestling and a Juggling World Cup. Our Middle School Heads of House were great sports and took part in some traditional Japanese Suikawari ‘watermelon smashing’ much to the students’ delight. Once again, the International Lunch was delicious and the Brezel fundraiser held by the Conservation Core proved very popular.

There were various competitions held throughout the week and well done to BH 2 for winning the Intercultural Class Bulletin Competition, Ashton White and Asher Mastersson for winning the Prep Poster Competitions, Eliza Mislov, Leo Ying-Papps, Lily Thorne and Lily Zhu for winning the Kurranjong Colouring Competition and Helen Wan for her beautiful multicultural flag design.

The students who dressed up on the International Casual day looked absolutely wunderbar. Well done to best-dressed winners: Arwyn Soi, Diamond Harlow and Mischa Crichton in the Prep School and Harrish Raju-Deepa and Zinuo Shan in the Senior School.  Congratulations also to the Year 12 German Class for winning the ‘group entry’ category.

The Languages Faculty would like to thank all the volunteers -  from Wheaton House through to the Conservation Core and individual students in the Prep, Middle and Senior Schools - for their time and effort in supporting this fantastic event delivered by the Languages teaching team. 


Kirsty Hickman

Learning Area Leader, Languages


2019 has witnessed a continuation of the change in direction and philosophy of co-curricular sport at Pulteney; a change that at its core is driven by student agency.

Earlier in the year we hosted ‘Parent Forums’ to engage and connect our community to discuss our progress, and to provide answers and clarity to what is being achieved.  It was wonderful to spend time in the company of what was an overwhelmingly positive and supportive group of people regarding the direction we have embarked on.  However, we are well aware that there is significant work to still be undertaken and more importantly work that has already started and which must be sustained as it is invested in culture change.

Although changing structures, policies, procedures and coaching staff achieves some of our goals, the real change we desire is in our culture, in how we think about sport, and this includes: what sports and activities do students want to engage in, what degree of seriousness and competition do they want to engage at and what values are important to them when playing sport. 

It is undeniable at this stage that the significant majority of practices and games now involve enthusiastic participants who are enjoying their experience.  We have made significant progress in some sports across participation, performance and results, while other sports have shown improvement in some parameters but not others and some sports are undeniably in decline due to a lack of nominations.  We will continue to adapt plans, be agile and responsive to each circumstance, however, ultimately, everything is driven by student nominations.

For us the key is cultivating an environment of development and fun and continuing to put the students at the heart of the experience.  We want to maximize engagement and grow participation through quality experiences.

In late January Pulteney hosted The Southport School (Southport, QLD), The Kings School (Sydney, NSW) and Scotch Oakburn (Launceston, TAS) for a carnival of cricket.  Our 1st XI were exposed to the highest possible standard of school cricket in this weeklong event and while results were not the primary focus, the quality of our performance very much was, both on and off the field.  Playing against such strong inter-state competition provided a clear indication and example to our players of the approach that is required of them to perform at their best.  This exposure, combined with the guidance and stewardship provided by Head Coach Tom Rutherford, resulted in a significant ‘shift’ in the approach of our players to the extent where they finished Term 1 undefeated.  This included a win in the Collegiate Cup game v Scotch, the first since 2007, and while no little skill was required for the victory, the team and individual performances will long be remembered for its mental toughness.

Our Softball program is a bit of an enigma!  Our two Middle and Senior school teams are among the most successful teams at Pulteney (Senior As 2nd on ladder, Senior Bs 1st on ladder) and have multiple students playing at representative level.  However, we no longer field softball teams in the Prep school as there were not enough nominations.  We are currently exploring options to address this to sustain this highly successful Pulteney sport.

Volleyball witnessed a significant change in direction in 2018 with Pulteney entering 3 teams in the Volleyball SA Junior League and then the Australian Schools Volleyball Cup in Melbourne.  This huge improvement in performance and results may well explain the fact that in 2019 we now have 6 teams playing Junior League and attending the ASVC in December.

In Football, our Y8/9 team have 23 players in their squad after several years of struggling to field a team.  Our Boys 1st XVIII have a 26 strong squad and our girls 34 (fielding 2 teams).  Disappointingly we cannot field a Middle School Girls team this year. 

Our Netball program has well in excess of 100 students playing and we have re-structured the program significantly in terms of teams and competitions entered.  Under the direction and guidance of Michelle Den Dekker we look forward to a period not only of change but sustained success. 

Our Middle boys’ Basketball program will field 4 teams in 2019, an increase on 2017 and 2018.  Our senior boys’ will again field 3 teams this season.  Our girls’ program is experiencing pressure with the nomination numbers being small.

There are many, many other examples of the positive outcomes that change is bringing in our traditional sports, however, when we also consider that Pulteney now has strong programs in Aikido, Fencing, Table Tennis, Gymnastics and Archery, the present is positive, and the future is bright.

Huw Bowen

Head of Sport

Performing Arts
ANZAC Commemorative Tour

On Wednesday the 1st of May, 16 students returned from the 2019 ANZAC Commemorative Tour to France Belgium and England. This tour was a 15 day journey that started well over a year ago when we received an invitation from the Mayor of Fromelles, M. Jean-Gabriel Masson, to participate in their ANZAC Day Service which for Fromelles is held on the 24th April by gathering at VC Corner then processing to the Pheasant Wood Cemetery and doing their service there.

As part of this trip we created an Itinerary which included performing at the La Flamme Ceremony at the Arch de Triumphe in Paris, The Menin Gate Last Post Ceremony in Ypres, the Fromelles Anzac Service as well as the group attending the Villers-Bretonneux ANZAC Service. In addition, the group visited the graves of 17 fallen Pulteney Old Scholars and commemorated their grave site. Further, the group attended a WW1 Battlefield Tour as well as spending some time with the students of the Cobbers School Fromelles where the students and community gathered and provided lunch, we did a concert performance and shared some activities with the young students. The Tour Group also explored Paris, Bruge, Ypres, Amiens and London! What a fantastic opportunity for our students.

Regrettably I was not able to attend the tour as I injured my ankle two weeks prior to departure and international travel was not an option for me. So, at very late notice (a few days) Mr Paul Ryan attended the tour along with Annie Kwok (musical leader of the tour) as well as Old Scholar and trusted adult, Sam Hore. Mark and Jo Bourchier also attended the tour and organised the London Old Scholar Dinner at which the ANZAC Tour group performed and mingled with the Old Scholars now living and working in London. Another extra ordinary opportunity for our current students. Our Principal, Anne Dunstan and her husband Ben also attended some parts of the tour especially the ANZAC services on the Somme as well as the Old Scholars Event in London and I take this opportunity to thank Anne for her participation in the tour.

While I know the students had a fantastic time, I do need to take this opportunity to thank Annie Kwok, Anne Dunstan, Paul Ryan, Sam Hore, Mark and Jo Bourchier for there support without which the tour would not have proceeded. I would also like to thank the staff of ANGAS Travel who supported our tour all the way. They have become tremendous corporate partners to the school and I cannot thank them enough for their contribution to this tour being as successful as it was.

Generations in Jazz

The 2019 GIJ event was huge as was expected. As we arrived at Mt Gambier on Friday afternoon last week, we were greeted by one of the biggest tents in the world. It is huge and just gets you excited knowing that over the next three days my students will get to experience making their own music and competing with schools and musical groups from around the whole country including a school from New Zealand! This year there were over 6000 students competing in stage band divisions, small jazz groups and vocal jazz divisions. This year we presented for competition the Stage Band 1, Stage Band 2, Small Jazz Vocal and Jazz on the Terrace. The results we achieved were amazing, but it is the common love of music and music making that drives the success of this huge event. On Saturday night we witnessed a concert featuring the adjudicators playing as part of a big band as well as guest artists from around the world, then on Saturday night we saw the featured guest artists, Lizz Wright (jazz singer), Kurt Elling, Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz Group, Joey Defrancesco, Rickey Woodard, Julies Rodriguez and of course James Morrison along with many other Australian jazz music legends!

The results this year achieved by our students were simply fantastic; Stage Band 1 - 7 of 28 bands, Stage Band 2 - 13 of 24 bands, Jazz on the Terrace 6 of 24 choirs and Small Jazz Vocal 7 – of 13 choirs. A fantastic collection of results and the highest result for both stage bands with all students being able to come off the stage knowing they did really well and proud of their performances.

Special thanks to the school executive for supporting the music faculty in participating in GIJ. Also, special thanks to the staff that attended the trip, Narelle Steffan, Katia Labozzetta, Sam and Gabrielle Hicks and Sam Hore. While I attended, due to my damaged ankle I was very reliant on my team to help me through the weekend and I cannot thank them all enough for their support. WE can’t wait for GIJ 2020!!!!!  

American Handbells Association Scholarship

Ali O’Connell has been running the Pulteney Hand bells group for many years now as she is the states preeminent authority on hand bells performance and is herself an international hand bells performance adjudicator. We ware so blessed to have Ali not only be our incredible Performing Arts Administrator but for her to also run our hand bells group. A new member to that group is new Pulteney Grammar student Akacia Vanmali (yr 11). Akacia is a percussionist and member of the Stage Band 1 and Concert Band as well as a member of our hand bells group. Recently, Akacia became aware of a scholarship becoming available for a student to apply to the American Hand Bells Association to a student to attend the 2019 American Hand Bells Association Conference in St Louis USA in September. Akacia applied and has won the scholarship and will now fly over to St Louis and spend four days at the conference. I could not be prouder of a Pulteney students seeing an opportunity and having the courage to apply and then be successful. We all congratulate Akacia.

Winter Concert 2019 – Winter Musical Festival!

It is nearly time for our annual Winter Concert once again. Over the past few years we have used the ABC Studio 520 complex on North East Road but this year we are changing formats! We are pleased to announce that we will be having the concert here at Pulteney and while it is still the Winter Concert, we are changing the focus and it is now called the Winter Music Festival and will feature two halves with a Festival Courtyard featuring food vans, hot soup kitchen, bar and coffee cart. The idea is that we will have the first part of the concert at about 5pm for an hour then all can go to the courtyard for food and beverages to then do the second half of the Winter Festival. More details will be out soon but please save the date Saturday 22 June at Pulteney Grammar Wyatt Hall.


Jonathon Rice

Learning Area Leader Performing Arts


Music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, and book by Winnie Holzman
Based on the novel by Gregory Maguire

Written as a prequel to the classic Wizard of Oz tale, Wicked follows the journey of two unlikely friends, and the power they have when they learn to put aside their differences to unite as one. In Pulteney’s 20th year of co-education, we are proud to present this story of exploring friendship and identity, celebrating the creativity and hard work of over 100 Pulteney students both on and offstage. See some of Pulteney’s incredible young talent as they journey to the Emerald City to meet the Wizard!

We are excited to offer several seating options this year: 

Emerald City package: Watch Wicked in style! Limited at only 8 tables per performance, this package offers front-row seating at your own exclusive private table (seating up to 4 people); a bottle of Bird in Hand bubbly (or soft drink), and Bottega Rotolo gourmet nibbles platter to enjoy during the show; commemorative program; and unparalleled views of the show. Upon arrival, you'll be escorted to your table (each named after each of the leading characters) by one of the members of our Emerald City brigade. 

Ruby shoes package: The Ruby experience offers excellent reserved Stalls seating (rows 2-3); a commemorative program; and a complimentary glass of Bird in Hand wine (or soft drink) to enjoy during interval from the private Yellow Brick Road bar, accessible exclusively to Ruby guests. 

Munchkinland (Stalls & Dress Circle): These tickets are for seats located in the Stalls (row 4 onwards) or Dress Circle, offering great views of our talented cast and band in action. Water and soft drink can be purchased during interval from our friendly team in the foyer. 

Tickets available at https://trybooking.com/484062 from Friday 22 March

Thursday 23rd May @ 7:00pm
Friday 24th May @ 7:00pm
Saturday 25th May @ 7:00pm
Norwood Concert Hall (175 The Parade, Norwood SA 5067)

PLEASE NOTE: The use of stage smoke/ haze will be used for all performances. Please note that Stalls seating (including both the Ruby + Emerald packages) are on a flat floor space, whereas seats in the Dress Circle are slightly raked and only accessible via stairs. If you require accessibility support, please contact the production manager prior to the performance.

CONTACT: Jamie Hibbert, Production Manager & Senior Drama teacher at Pulteney Grammar School

Email: jamie.hibbert@pulteney.sa.edu.au

Upcoming events

Save the date for the following Pulteney events!




Thursday 23 May

PGS Production of Wicked

Friday 24 May

PGS Production of Wicked

Saturday 25 May

PGS Production of Wicked

Friday 31 May 6.30pm

Chic & Champagne



Sunday 18 August 12.00pm

Wild Wild West Long Lunch



Friday 22 November 11.30am

The Pulteney Foundation Golf Day

Wednesday 27 November 6.30pm 

 Pulteney Celebrates


Parent Rep Functions

All Parent Rep function information can be found here.

Reception Dinner 17 May

Junior School Disco 7 June

Year 2 Dinner 22 June