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Adelaide Business Chicks Breakfast

Thanks to the very generous offer of current parent Alison Perrott, five Year 10 girls and I had the privilege of attending the Adelaide Business Chicks breakfast this week, where we listened to Dame Quentin Bryce, the first female Australian Governor General, talk about her trailblazing life. Throughout the morning, which was hosted by Natarsha Belling from Channel 10, Dame Quentin spoke about her life in office and the need for women to be supported and well connected. She believes with this connection and support, the sky is the limit. Her take home message though, was that women can have it all – just not at the same time! It was noted that small acts of kindness can have a profound impact on people and that caring for each other, and ourselves, is very important. She also talked about the need for ‘quietness’ in this busy world, as a way to build stores of resilience, and that one of the most important journeys to take as an individual, is the one inside ourselves, to take time to reflect and re-charge. It was an inspirational morning and the girls thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to attend.

Year 8 & 9 Futures Program

Term 4 has seen the introduction of a “Futures” programs to both Year 8 and Year 9 students. The Year 8 program aimed to develop their understanding of ‘self’ and the ‘Future World of Work’, including identifying and exploring employability skills and how they can improve these as they move into the future. They have also created a ‘Future’ vision board, to enable them to dream about their future and what it might be like.

The Year 9 program continued with this theme of self-discovery, asking students to visualise their ideal future and determine their life motivators and life types, to assist them moving forward with their plans for the future. Year 9 students also took part in a group interview, which has become more common practice when employing young people, where they were asked to introduce themselves in front of the group, answer some questions and take part in a problem-solving scenario, to enable them to demonstrate their team work skills.

My thanks to all Year 8 and 9 Tutors who have assisted in the delivery of the programs. I look forward to refining and developing these programs in 2018 and beyond.

Work Experience 2018 – 25 to 29 June, 2018

All current Year 10 students will undertake Work Experience next year and have already received information from the school about the process. Parents will receive a letter early in the 2018 school year, with information about the program. Parents can access more information now by going to the Work Experience page on the Futures website:

Work Experience placements are becoming more difficult to organise and I have encouraged students to be proactive and finalise their placements early. Once a placement has been sorted, students are required to complete and submit an online application form (, with details of the placement, by Thursday 1 March (Week 5). This does seem like a long way off, but it will come around quickly, so it might be wise for students to try and sort their placement in the upcoming school holidays.

Work Experience assistance requested

Work Experience is an excellent opportunity for our students to ‘get a feel’ for an industry or occupation to assist them to make some decisions about their own suitability to such a career. I currently have a database of workplaces that have previously accepted Pulteney students for Work Experience. However, as the difficulty of organising placements increases, I am always looking to expand the database to provide the best possible opportunities for our students. If you work in an area where you would be able to offer a placement to a Year 11 Pulteney student, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me either via email at, or by phone on 82165553.

SACE results

The Stage 2 SACE results are expected to be released on Tuesday 19 December. Students should ensure they are registered with the SACE Board and remember their password before this date, so they can access their results immediately.

SATAC and interstate applications

‘On time’ applications have now closed for university admissions centres across Australia. Late applications can still be made for many courses but there is an additional application fee. Applications received after Monday 4 December will not be given equal consideration, so students should not leave their applications too late.

Studying teaching at UniSA

There has been a very important change in the application process for teaching degrees at UniSA, which involves applicants preparing and submitting a 400-word Education Statement as a part of their SATAC application. The statement needs to be submitted by Monday4 December.

University of Sydney – fixed ATAR

The University of Sydney has introduced a fixed ATAR so students can have greater transparency and certainty when choosing courses. This is designed to simplify the application process, while having the additional benefit of giving applicants the confidence to list their courses in an appropriate preference order. Details can be found at

Apprentice opportunities – welding/fabrication

Acromat is seeking applicants for apprentice fabrication structural steel/first class welder positions. These positions will start in January 2018. For details about Acromat and the positions available, go to Applications need to be sent to the Manager, either by email ( or write to the Manager at 25 Manchester St, Mile End South, 5031.

AFL SportsReady

AFL SportsReady is looking for a current Year 12 student who will be completing school this year and may be interested in doing a PE assistant traineeship at an Adelaide based school. Details can be found at

SA Government funded workshop on essential business skills

TAFE SA is offering a SA Government funded 3-hour workshop on Essential Business Skills for Business Owners, Employees and anyone looking to set up a business. These workshops will be offered at 38 metro and regional locations across the state. A number of skills are essential to starting and running a business effectively. This workshop provides participants with skills to manage a business effectively including, minimising business tax obligations, using innovative digital and social media marketing campaigns and complying with business obligations. Applications can be made at and the cost for the course is $20.

University of Tasmania – Law High Achievers Scholarship

The University of Tasmania encourages interstate applicants to live and study in Tasmania. This scholarship is to encourage high achieving interstate students to study Law at the University of Tasmania. The scholarship is valued at $10,000 (which includes a Law Relocation Bursary of $7,500). Details and applications can be made via

Youth Pathways Network Careers Resource Book

The YPN Careers Resource Book is a free comprehensive resource providing career, study and life guidance for high school students. It was specifically created for young people in Western Sydney but the majority of information is relevant to young people anywhere in Australia. To download a copy of the resource, go to:

Australian Jobs 2017

Australian Jobs 2017 provides a snapshot of employment prospects in a very large range of occupations in Australia. It provides details on jobs by location, jobs by industry and provides a summary of the employment situation in each State. The material is designed to provide accurate career information to assist individuals with their career planning. Hard copies are available in the Futures Office or go to:

Beyond School Study Guide

The Government has produced a document to give students in Years 10 – 12 information about continuing with further study, including tertiary study options and financial and government assistance. For further information, go to:

Pulteney Futures Website

The Pulteney Futures website has a great deal of general information for students to assist in their career exploration, with links to many relevant sites. To view this, go to

If you have any questions regarding careers, please feel free to contact me on or 8216 5553.

Leeanne Johnston-Bryan

Coordinator of Futures