New Middle School Build

Middle School build update

Work on the new Middle School has continued at a steady pace. The first and second floor slabs have been formed, steel reinforcement placed and concrete poured. This will allow the placement of columns and then the erection of structural steel members for the supporting of the roof.

Formwork has been removed to allow the removal of temporary propping under the first floor slab. This will then allow the preparation and eventual concrete pouring of the ground floor slab which is to be completed by the end of 2017!

In addition, the main electric supply trenching and cabling has been completed with sub surface drainage and fire water main trenching and pipework also completed.

We are also pleased to have partnered with the University of South Australia to have final year architecture students build a 3D model of the new Middle School for Pulteney.  Students Tom, Jess, Alice and Ben (JPE Design Studio) have developed the model prototype, on which the acrylic coloured model will be based. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished model at the end of Term 4!

Chris Cartwright

Property and Facilty Manager