It has been wonderful to welcome students back to school for Term 3. Our comprehensive Wellbeing program this term focuses on personal decision making and safety.

In Kurrajong, students continue to participate in the Student Action Teams, with the focus this term on Positive Play. The action teams are extended to include our Reception students, which was great to see at our first meeting last Tuesday. Our Prep students continue with our Rock and Water program, based on building resilience and confidence. Middle School sees a focus in Year 7 on positive relationships and engagement with the award-winning Project Rockit online program. Year 8’s will be exploring self-image and positive relationships and engaging in our Futures program which gives students the opportunity to explore goals and pathways. In one ninety, our Year 10’s and 11’s will be supported through the subject selection and leadership process for 2020. Our Year 12’s will be engaged in our Guest Lecture series as well as their tertiary application processes.

Our wellbeing services team is always available to support our students and their families.


Steve McCulloch

Head of Student Wellbeing