Pulteney Review Week 2 Term 3

From the Principal
Staying Safe Online - Children and Young Adults

A recent research report published by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner focuses on parents’ experiences raising children in a world of online activity and connection.

It should come as no surprise that parents play a pivotal role in keeping their children safe online.  Importantly, though, the report highlights the very real concerns parents have about their capacity to deal with online safety issues.  The report notes two key areas:

  • Parents display a general lack of confidence about having to deal with their child’s negative online experiences.
  • Despite its perceived importance, parents are not proactive when it comes to seeking and receiving online safety information.

A new mini-series, “The Hunting”, will be airing shortly on SBS (1 August).  It focuses on the very serious issues surrounding eSafety for teenagers and the impact on the individuals, their peer group, school community and parents.  I have encouraged all of our staff at Pulteney to engage with the program, and I encourage parents to do so too.  An informative article by author Rebecca Sparrow provides a review of the program here.

Cybersafety is not something that only the few need to concern themselves with.  It affects us all. For example, research indicates 12 percent of 10-14 year-olds share their personal information online.  6 in 10 young people play multiplayer games online. Of these, approximately 17 percent, or 200,000+ young Australians, experienced in-game bullying in a 12-month period. Our wellbeing and pastoral programs at Pulteney contain specific instruction and support for our students in relation to such things; however, as those who have a responsibility for the safety and welfare of our children and young people, we all must consistently promote those messages of empowerment and safety, and model the appropriate behaviours ourselves. 

I encourage all parents to talk regularly with your children about their privacy settings on social media or invite them to share their observations of negative behaviours they have seen online.  And having written this article, I am about to check in on my own privacy settings on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn as I have not done so for a while!  We all have the opportunity to start a conversation and set an example and, in the process, we refresh our own understanding of the potential risks and safety issues that exist.

I also recommend all parents take some time to explore the excellent website of the Office of the eSafety Commissioner, particularly the resources section designed specifically for parents: https://esafety.gov.au/parents/big-issues. The content on this site is practical, well written, supported by research and provides step by step guides to broach the subjects of cyberbullying, online pornography, sexting, screen time, gaming and privacy with your child or young adult.

Of course, should you wish to explore any of these matters with School staff, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, Head of School, Head of House or Head of Student Wellbeing, Steven McCulloch and members of Pulteney’s Wellbeing team.

Together, we can support our children and young people to not only navigate, but to thrive safely in this hyper-connected world in which we live.

Anne Dunstan


Office of the eSafety Commissioner. (2019). Research. [online] Available at: https://esafety.gov.au/about-the-office/research-library [Accessed 25 Jul. 2019].

Sparrow, R. (2019). Every parent needs to watch 'The Hunting' with their teen. [online] SBS. Available at: https://www.sbs.com.au/topics/life/family/article/2019/07/24/every-parent-needs-watch-hunting-their-teen [Accessed 25 Jul. 2019].


It has been wonderful to welcome students back to school for Term 3. Our comprehensive Wellbeing program this term focuses on personal decision making and safety.

In Kurrajong, students continue to participate in the Student Action Teams, with the focus this term on Positive Play. The action teams are extended to include our Reception students, which was great to see at our first meeting last Tuesday. Our Prep students continue with our Rock and Water program, based on building resilience and confidence. Middle School sees a focus in Year 7 on positive relationships and engagement with the award-winning Project Rockit online program. Year 8’s will be exploring self-image and positive relationships and engaging in our Futures program which gives students the opportunity to explore goals and pathways. In one ninety, our Year 10’s and 11’s will be supported through the subject selection and leadership process for 2020. Our Year 12’s will be engaged in our Guest Lecture series as well as their tertiary application processes.

Our wellbeing services team is always available to support our students and their families.


Steve McCulloch

Head of Student Wellbeing

Middle School - Out of Hours School Care

As we are a city school we find that students arrive and leave school at times beyond when teachers are supervising before and after school.  In the Middle School we have the following arrangements in place to ensure your child’s safety and welfare if they are attending school before 8.15am and after 4pm.

Students who arrive to school before 8.15am should attend the Senior Resource Centre unless they are engaged in a co-curricular practice. The Senior Resource Centre opens at 8am. Teachers are not on duty to supervise students in other areas until 8.15am.

  1. If students are participating in a before school or afterschool co-curricular activity, then the expectation is that they will be supervised by their coach.
  2. Students attending afterschool co-curricular activities will be supervised until they are collected. In most instances the collection time for sports practices is 5pm.
  3. Teachers are on duty to supervise students afterschool until 4pm. Therefore, Middle School students, who are not participating in co-curricular activities afterschool, and are required by their parents or caregiver to stay on the School campus, are to attend the Senior Resource Centre until picked up by their parent or caregiver by or before 5pm free of charge.
  4. Year 8 and 9 students attending the Senior Resource Centre afterschool supervision will need to be picked up at 5pm, as there is no supervision provided post 5pm.
  5. Year 7 students who require supervision after 5pm need to have booked in to OSHC via email through to oshc@pulteney.sa.edu.au or call 8216 5545 to request a booking. This session will cost $10 before any CCR/CCB reductions.  Any booking made after 4pm of the day of care will receive a $5 incorrect booking fee. The OSHC must also be notified of cancellations before 4:00pm on the day of care, any after this time will also receive the $5 incorrect booking fee.
  • Annual OSHC Application form can be completed via the following link:


  • OSHC fact sheet:


Also, if the expectation of parents is that their child (or children) are to stay at school to be picked up after 4pm then they should not leave the School grounds to go to a cafe or elsewhere and then return to be supervised at School.  The same situation applies before school. Our expectation is that all Middle School student once entering the campus will stay on campus unless we receive parent permission otherwise.  Students leaving the Middle School are to sign-out at Mrs Martin’s office and then sign-in on their return to school.

The welfare and safety of all Pulteney students is our highest priority, so your consideration of the above will be appreciated.

Paul Ryan

Head of Middle School


Language Learning in Kurrajong

In Kurrajong, students participate in learning Mandarin as a second language with three lessons scheduled over a fortnight. In the article ‘5 Reasons to Teach Your Kids a Second Language’, Marianne Stengar talks about the benefits of children who learn more than one language:

You can read the article here 

Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) is a digital language program that the Reception students have been using in their Chinese lessons. The ELLA journey includes seven different topics using their iPad devices. The applications have a cast of characters called the Polyglots who introduce the children to the language through digital play using interests such as cooking, art, building and role-play.

Chinese Teacher Minmin Huang, considers ELLA to be an exciting digital language learning program. In Term 2 Reception students used the application to learn and review numbers and colours in Mandarin. Minmin noticed that students learnt the vocabulary very quickly and particularly enjoyed the digital style of learning.

There are also opportunities for Kurrajong students to attend language lessons through the Fun Languages Program, held in the Kurrajong Library after school. Parents who are interested in Italian or Spanish lessons for their child on a Friday afternoon are asked to contact Sally-Anne Symes, Manager of LCF Fun Language Clubs Australia:  sally-anne.symes@lcfclubs.com.au

Natalie Natsias

Head of Kurrajong

Performing Arts

Term 3 is jam-full packed with exciting Performing Arts events and my team and our students are very excited. Further below there is a list of the major events this term and we encourage you to come along and see our talented and dedicated students perform.

This term started very well with our Senior Strings Ensemble performing at the whole school assembly on Tuesday 24 July after a well-deserved winter break. The group played the first movement of Mozart’s Symphony No.40 with great style and skill. This ensemble has been working hard all year developing repertoire for the events in Semester 2 especially the fast approaching ABODA SA Festival in week 5. More on ABODA later.

The MS/SS Musical Production staff team has also met recently to review our presentation of WICKED The Musical. All in all, the show was a huge success with over 2000 people attending, including over 600 primary students from many surrounding primary schools. The production team has already met to discuss our options for 2020 and we can’t wait to get the new show chosen and into place for next year.


There are some very exciting events planned for Term 3 from the Performing Arts faculties. Please see the list below for dates and Trybooking details. We are thrilled to be presenting choirs and bands at the annual Balaklava Eisteddfod this Friday as well as our Concert Band, Senior Strings and Senior Concert Choir featuring at the annual Australian War Memorial Lunch fundraiser  held at the Adelaide Oval Thursday 8th August. In addition, we have the ABODA Band Festival in Week 5 where we will be hosting the visiting Anshi Experimental High School Band from Shanghai, China (Thursday 15 Aug concert at 12 noon) followed by the inaugural Pulteney Grammar Dance Concert on Tuesday 20 Aug 6.30pm. We also have the Gig@thegov on Tuesday 27 Aug and the Year 12 Drama Production at the Bakehouse Theatre, Wed – Sat 4 – 7 September (tickets will be released soon). The Classical Concert is on Tuesday 17 September 6.30pm and will feature the Senior Concert Choir, string ensembles, guitarists, handbells and others. In Week 10 on Wednesday 25 September we have the fantastic Preptacular event at the Adelaide Town Hall. So much wonderful music, dance and drama going on this term!  I hope to see you all there.

Term 3 Events

Balaklava Eisteddfod Friday 2 Aug
VWM Thursday 8Aug (https://www.trybooking.com/BDHPF)
ABODA Wed to Fri 14 – 16 Aug
DANCE Concert Tues 20 Aug 6.30pm (https://trybooking.com/BDSVD)
Gig@thegov Tues 27 Aug 7.30pm (trybooking.com/BEGZY)
Year 12 Drama Production Week 7 Wed – Sat, 4 – 8 September (trybooking details to come)
Classical Concert Tues 17 Sept 6.30pm (www.trybooking.com/BEHNF)
Preptacular Wed 25 Sept (trybooking details to come)
Piano fundraiser

The Chapel Piano Fundraiser is still in progress, so it is not too late for you and your family to contribute towards the new piano by purchasing a key and having your name engraved on the honour board to be displayed in the Chapel. It is hoped to finalise this appeal soon so please contact either the Friends of Music Committee or me and I will assist you in getting your key organised. The piano is desperately needed in the Chapel and it will be great to have a high quality instrument available for all Chapel services and other events held in the space (like SACE Stage 2 Music assessment performances, just as an example).

Instrument/voice lessons available

I am thrilled to report that the number of students receiving individual instrumental and vocal lessons each week here at Pulteney has increased again. This tells me that not only do students want to learn to play a musical instrument or to sing, but that parents are seeing the opportunity as highly beneficial for their children. To this end, it is never too late for a child to start to learn to sing or play an instrument. If you would like more information or any assistance at all, please contact me at:   jonathon.rice@pulteney.sa.edu.au

We have 17 instrumental and vocal music teaching staff ready to teach your son or daughter. I know some of our new students to Pulteney in 2019 have now settled into the school and its routines so now could be a great time to initiate music lessons.

Special Note on Handbells

You might not be aware, but here at Pulteney Grammar School we are blessed to have a Handbell Ensemble rehearse every week under the directorship of highly experienced handbells player, adjudicator and conductor, Ali O’Connell. The group rehearses every Thursday 7.30 am for an hour and recently wowed the audiences at our 2019 Winter Music Festival. I see handbells being a significant part of what we offer here at Pulteney, so we have a strong diversity of ensembles and choirs for our students to join. Schools like St Andrew’s and Walford have also had a strong heritage in handbells but I am keen to develop Pulteney as the South Australian hub for excellence in handbells performance. The handbells will again feature in our Classical Concert later this term as well as at the end of year Carols and Lessons event (more information to come out on this later).

Jonathon Rice

Learning Area Leader Performing Arts


Pulteney's converting Rubbish to Alternative Fuel

After a lengthy consultation process, at the beginning of the year, Pulteney partnered with Suez Recycling & Recovery Australia to implement a new recycling and waste diversion strategy that will increase the School’s recycling whilst significantly reducing waste sent to landfill.

The biggest change has been the segregation of waste into different bins, resulting in more recycling and less landfill. With this system, all organic and food waste goes for processing into compost, recyclables to recycling, and dry general waste processed into an ‘alternative’ fuel for use at Adelaide Brighton Cement.

The School has been so pleased with the way students – from our littlest in ELC, to the seniors in Year 12 – as well as staff have embraced the changes and supported the School in reducing its carbon footprint. The entire Pulteney community can be proud of the fact that the School has improved from diverting just 36 per cent of its waste from landfill in 2018 to a 100 per cent diversion from land fill in the first quarter of 2019, with the mixed general waste now going to Suez-ResourceCo to make Process Engineered Fuel! What a fantastic and exciting result, far exceeding our initial expectations!   

This is but one eco-friendly initiative Pulteney has implemented to create a more environmentally sustainable community. We know how passionate our young people are about tackling climate change and we are looking forward to increasing the ways we can reduce our impact on the planet.

Garry Whitelock

Business Director


Pulteney acknowledged Reconciliation Week in Term 2 with the attendance of Anne Dunstan, Elizabeth Guilfoyle, Mark Bourchier, Senior Students and School Leaders at the South Australian Reconciliation Breakfast, which was attended by over 1 000 people from Government and business sectors as well as students and staff from Adelaide schools.  At Pulteney, Year 4 and Year 9 students worked collaboratively on research projects about Reconciliation issues, specifically learning about Stolen Generations. The Healing Foundation provided lesson plans to explore this very important issue. Allen Edwards, Chair of Blackwood Reconciliation, spoke to a group of 70 Year 9 and 4 students about his Stolen Generations story. Students had many questions for Allen about how Stolen Generations have impacted on him and his family. Year 4 students created artwork to reflect their thoughts about Stolen Generations and studied illustrations and text from the book ‘The Rabbits’ by John Marsden and Shaun Tan.

Briony Franklin


Sport News


  • Friday 16 August (Week 4)
  • SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre, Marion
  • Program attached

We would love to see friends and family there to cheer our students and Houses on.

Swimming event timetable below

Collegiate Cup - Week 5 Monday 19 August

Timetable will be issued in the next Pulteney Review

Netball @ Pulteney

In 2019, 132 Netballers nominated for netball during Terms 2 & 3. Our coaching staff includes 15 accredited coaches and this term we welcome Ms. Julie Nykiel, OAM,  to Pulteney Grammar.  We have listed a few of Julie’s illustrious career highlights below.

Kurrajong (Reception -Yr 2)

In its second year the Kurrajong ‘NetSetGo’ program grew to include 33 Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 students participating across three levels, each level expanding the individual, physical development of our youngest students.

The three NetSetGo levels are designed to build body awareness whilst participating in fundamental movement, balance activities and ball skills.

Fundamental movement skills are a specific set of skills that involve different body parts such as feet, legs, trunk, head, arms and hands. These skills are the “building blocks” for more complex and specialised skills that kids will need throughout their lives to participate competently in different games, sports and recreational activities.

Thundercup (Yr 3-6) Competition

This year for the first time we entered 4 teams in the Thundercup competition held at Priceline Stadium. This competition is a valuable introduction to playing netball in a fun and enjoyable learning environment. The Thundercup has been the platform for Pulteney to deliver our ‘Growing with Gratitude’ (GWG) program. The GWG program builds and protects children’s mental health. We do this by teaching student skills based on gratitude, kindness, empathy, mindfulness and serving others, resulting in greater resilience and happiness.

At Thundercup our focus is NOT on WINNING! Instead, we embrace and live our values of unity, commitment and growth mindset.

It has been an absolute privilege to witness the growth in culture across Prep Netball! In Term 3 the Yr. 7 team will also join the Thundercup competition.

IGGSA – (Yr 8-12) Competition

This year the following teams were nominated: Senior A, C, D, Yr. 10A, Yr. 9A, 9B & 8B.

We are still sustaining consistent losses across middle and senior school levels due to grading. Whilst winning is not our focus, it is important that our students experience the enjoyment of being competitive and participating in a grade that builds the skills developed at training. Our aim in 2020 is to again consider in which grade it is most appropriate to enter our teams.

Our Senior Squad all join in at ‘NetSetGo’ as a ‘Buddies’. Thank you to the Senior squad:  you are an amazing group of confident and capable women!

Michelle den Dekker

PGS Netball - Head Coach / Program Manager

Old Scholar Julie Nykiel OAM

Julie is a dual Olympian and played basketball at two Olympics, 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and 1988 Seoul Olympics. She played in three World Championships in 1979, 1983 and 1986. Julie was a member of the Australian Basketball Team (Opals), for 11 years, playing 153 games. Inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2010. played in the WNBL (Women's National Basketball League) for 10 years. Julie was the competitions top point scorer 5 times and was named as the MVP on two occasions in 1984 and 1988. In the State League competition, she played 17 years winning the Halls Medal for the Best and Fairest in the State League seasons in 1985 and 1991. A Life Member of the WNBL. Life Member of Basketball SA. Life Member of Noarlunga City Tigers (now known as Southern Tigers).

Julie was awarded the Order of Australia (OAM) Medal in 1997 for services to Basketball and Netball and the Community, awarded the Australian Sports Medal in 2000 and awarded the Centenary of Federation Medal in 2001 for services to women's sport, including Netball and Basketball.

Huw Bowen

Head of Sport 


On the 28 May I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to attend a Uni SA Sport and Adelaide Crows co-coaching session at the University of South Australia’s Pridham Hall. The session consisted of a presentation by the University on the sport and fitness related courses they offer, followed by a fitness testing session with Crows players Marijana Rajcic, Matt Crouch, and Riley Knight, as well as current Uni SA students. It was a great experience to learn about pathways to careers in sport and physical health, and to be able to tour and use Uni SA’s state of the art facilities and meet other students from all over Adelaide who were just as passionate about footy as me. The highlight for me was listening to current Crows player Marijana Rajcic talk about her journey in elite sport, including how she transitioned from being a professional soccer player for Adelaide United to an AFLW player and premiership winner. Listening to MJ speak was very inspiring, as she offered great advice on how to achieve your goals both on and off the sporting field.  

Olivia Cameron

Year 12 Student



Co-Curricular Sport Nominations Year 7-11

In order to facilitate more effective planning, coach recruitment, the booking of external facilities, transport logistics, competition entry and not least continuing to strive to provide an optimal experience for students, we are moving to a bi-annual sports nomination process.

Nomination for summer sports and activities will now occur in Term 3 and winter nominations in Term 1.  Students will be asked to nominate for a primary sport and, if they wish, a secondary sport and they must be cognizant of the following guidelines which look primarily to support student wellbeing:

  1. Ensure you understand the required commitment for each sport by checking the practice and match schedule carefully.  You may wish to speak to the Sports Coordinators or Program Managers to ensure you have clarity and we are here to help you get the best out of the opportunities at Pulteney.
  2. Cross reference your sport choices with any other co-curricular commitments, e.g. performing arts, music, debating to ensure there are no conflicts.
  3. Nominate a ‘Primary Summer Sport’ and if desired a ‘Secondary Summer Sport’ or enter ‘None’ on the online form.
  4. A confirmation email will be sent to parents/caregivers confirming student nomination choices.  There is nothing further to do unless parents/caregivers do not support their child’s chosen nomination and wish to withdraw them.  In this instance an email is to be sent to huw.bowen@pulteney.sa.edu.au
  5. If a student has not nominated for a sport/activity that their parents/caregivers wish them to participate in, again an email is to be sent to huw.bowen@pulteney.sa.edu.au

Summer Nominations 2019 – 2020

In Week 5 of Term 3 students in Years 7 – 11 will nominate for their summer sports.  As has been the previous practice in cricket, all summer sport seasons are now considered to run from Term 4 in the current year (2019) through to Term 1 of the following year (2020).  While a student’s team might change during this period as they enter a different year level,  their sport will not.  This includes the following sports: cricket, volleyball, basketball (girls), softball, tennis and rowing.

Nominations will also be asked for activities that run only in Term 1, 2020: archery, athletics, and swimming (Aikido TBC).

Winter Nominations 2020

In Week 5 of Term 1 2020 students in Year 7 – 12 will nominate for their winter sports.  The winter sport season runs throughout Terms 2 and 3.  This includes the following sports: football, netball, soccer, volleyball (Junior League and National squads), basketball (boys), hockey, cross country, winter rowing and fencing (Aikido TBC).

In the weeks prior to both nomination dates students and their families will be provided with a range of information regarding the sports available, the practice and game schedule, the expected commitment to each sport and activity, details regarding coaching, competitions entered, uniform requirements and leadership opportunities in sport. 

Upcoming events

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Sunday 18 August 12.00pm

Wild Wild West Long Lunch



Friday 22 November 11.30am

The Pulteney Foundation Golf Day

Wednesday 27 November 7.00pm 

 Pulteney Celebrates


Parent Rep Functions

All Parent Rep function information can be found here.