Pulteney's converting Rubbish to Alternative Fuel

After a lengthy consultation process, at the beginning of the year, Pulteney partnered with Suez Recycling & Recovery Australia to implement a new recycling and waste diversion strategy that will increase the School’s recycling whilst significantly reducing waste sent to landfill.

The biggest change has been the segregation of waste into different bins, resulting in more recycling and less landfill. With this system, all organic and food waste goes for processing into compost, recyclables to recycling, and dry general waste processed into an ‘alternative’ fuel for use at Adelaide Brighton Cement.

The School has been so pleased with the way students – from our littlest in ELC, to the seniors in Year 12 – as well as staff have embraced the changes and supported the School in reducing its carbon footprint. The entire Pulteney community can be proud of the fact that the School has improved from diverting just 36 per cent of its waste from landfill in 2018 to a 100 per cent diversion from land fill in the first quarter of 2019, with the mixed general waste now going to Suez-ResourceCo to make Process Engineered Fuel! What a fantastic and exciting result, far exceeding our initial expectations!   

This is but one eco-friendly initiative Pulteney has implemented to create a more environmentally sustainable community. We know how passionate our young people are about tackling climate change and we are looking forward to increasing the ways we can reduce our impact on the planet.

Garry Whitelock

Business Director