Middle School - Out of Hours School Care

As we are a city school we find that students arrive and leave school at times beyond when teachers are supervising before and after school.  In the Middle School we have the following arrangements in place to ensure your child’s safety and welfare if they are attending school before 8.15am and after 4pm.

Students who arrive to school before 8.15am should attend the Senior Resource Centre unless they are engaged in a co-curricular practice. The Senior Resource Centre opens at 8am. Teachers are not on duty to supervise students in other areas until 8.15am.

  1. If students are participating in a before school or afterschool co-curricular activity, then the expectation is that they will be supervised by their coach.
  2. Students attending afterschool co-curricular activities will be supervised until they are collected. In most instances the collection time for sports practices is 5pm.
  3. Teachers are on duty to supervise students afterschool until 4pm. Therefore, Middle School students, who are not participating in co-curricular activities afterschool, and are required by their parents or caregiver to stay on the School campus, are to attend the Senior Resource Centre until picked up by their parent or caregiver by or before 5pm free of charge.
  4. Year 8 and 9 students attending the Senior Resource Centre afterschool supervision will need to be picked up at 5pm, as there is no supervision provided post 5pm.
  5. Year 7 students who require supervision after 5pm need to have booked in to OSHC via email through to oshc@pulteney.sa.edu.au or call 8216 5545 to request a booking. This session will cost $10 before any CCR/CCB reductions.  Any booking made after 4pm of the day of care will receive a $5 incorrect booking fee. The OSHC must also be notified of cancellations before 4:00pm on the day of care, any after this time will also receive the $5 incorrect booking fee.
  • Annual OSHC Application form can be completed via the following link:


  • OSHC fact sheet:


Also, if the expectation of parents is that their child (or children) are to stay at school to be picked up after 4pm then they should not leave the School grounds to go to a cafe or elsewhere and then return to be supervised at School.  The same situation applies before school. Our expectation is that all Middle School student once entering the campus will stay on campus unless we receive parent permission otherwise.  Students leaving the Middle School are to sign-out at Mrs Martin’s office and then sign-in on their return to school.

The welfare and safety of all Pulteney students is our highest priority, so your consideration of the above will be appreciated.

Paul Ryan

Head of Middle School