Language Learning in Kurrajong

In Kurrajong, students participate in learning Mandarin as a second language with three lessons scheduled over a fortnight. In the article ‘5 Reasons to Teach Your Kids a Second Language’, Marianne Stengar talks about the benefits of children who learn more than one language:

You can read the article here 

Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) is a digital language program that the Reception students have been using in their Chinese lessons. The ELLA journey includes seven different topics using their iPad devices. The applications have a cast of characters called the Polyglots who introduce the children to the language through digital play using interests such as cooking, art, building and role-play.

Chinese Teacher Minmin Huang, considers ELLA to be an exciting digital language learning program. In Term 2 Reception students used the application to learn and review numbers and colours in Mandarin. Minmin noticed that students learnt the vocabulary very quickly and particularly enjoyed the digital style of learning.

There are also opportunities for Kurrajong students to attend language lessons through the Fun Languages Program, held in the Kurrajong Library after school. Parents who are interested in Italian or Spanish lessons for their child on a Friday afternoon are asked to contact Sally-Anne Symes, Manager of LCF Fun Language Clubs Australia:  sally-anne.symes@lcfclubs.com.au

Natalie Natsias

Head of Kurrajong