Student Wellbeing

Welcome to our Pulteney community for 2019. A very special welcome to those students and families joining Pulteney. The first few days of school are a mixture of emotions, but in moving across the school during the first week back with students, it was fantastic to see our community welcome each other back in such as positive and supportive way. As we gathered for our first assembly of the year, our 2019 oneninety student leaders set a fantastic tone, with the message of kindness being central.

Strategic focus - Student Wellbeing @ Pulteney for 2019

Through 2018, we worked to review our student wellbeing services at Pulteney. A tangible outcome of that included our new pastoral structure in our Middle School, with vertically grouped (Year 7,8 and 9 students together) tutor classes, and Heads of House charged with overseeing the development of the young people in their House. It has been great to listen to student feedback and witness them develop connections across year levels, with key support staff to guide them. Another outcome of our review was to set three clear strategic goals to develop in 2019. These are; increasing promotion of our Wellbeing Services team, developing a Pulteney Wellbeing framework and continuing our development of a responsive wellbeing program across our school.

The Wellbeing Services team, which comprises Chris Clements, our school psychologist; Lisa Thompson (Wednesday/Thursday) and Annecke Redelinghuys (Tuesday/Friday), our school counsellors, who are exploring and developing ways to promote and enhance service delivery to our school community. They are a committed and agile team and we look forward to sharing our plans with you in 2019. The team can be contacted via email; wellbeingservices@pulteney.sa.edu.au

As we start the 2019 school year, I thought I would share the following article with you. It discusses how we can frame our questions to young people about how their day at school was to generate conversation: 


Have a great week!

Steven McCulloch

Head of Student Wellbeing