Middle School

An exciting start to 2019

The Middle School has had a great start to the 2019 school year. We have 57 new students joining the Middle School and 14 classes – a record!

We have successfully implemented the vertically-based House Tutor system, which has already proven to be a most effective initiative. As with any change, we will need to work creatively to develop a strong sense of identify with the House for every student and their family. 

The Middle School Heads of House and Tutors for 2019 are:


Bleby Howard
Head of House: Ms Clare Reed
Tutors: Mr Jarrod Johnson; Ms Sally Sanders (replacing Mr Rod James for Term1);
Mr Thomas Ranieri

Cawthorne Nicholls
Head of House: Mr Simon Sharley
Tutors: Mr James Burrows; Ms Jodi Petherick; Mr Daniel Polkinghorne

Kennion Miller
Head of House: Ms Kirsty Raymond
Tutors: Ms Emma Gaudry (replacing Mr Nik Sacoutis for Term 1); Ms Erica Wadham;
Mr Matthew Brown

Moore Sunter

Head of House: Ms Mharianne Strong
Tutors: Ms Jayme Wearn; Mr Michael Moularas; Sanja Letinic

Parent Welcome Evening

On Thursday evening of Week 1 we held our Parent Welcome evening and for the first time it was held in the Middle School building. It was a great night, with an impressive turn out. Our new Heads of House and Tutors were introduced to parents and Peter Neuhaus, President of the Parents and Friends, spoke about how parents can get involved and help support the School.

Parents were given colour-coded name tags so that they could identify and meet parents from the same House.  Parents were set the challenge to introduce themselves to other parents and it appears that the challenge was accepted with enthusiasm.

With the introduction of the House system into the Middle School we plan to invite parents to House-based social events to help parents also feel a sense of belonging with the House system and make strong connections and friendships with other parents. 

Middle School Leadership

Our first Middle School assembly of the year is to be held on Friday of Week 2 (8 February) at 12.45pm.  At this assembly we will induct the 2019 House Prefects. Our Principal, Mrs Dunstan, our Deputy Principal, Mr Atterton, and the Heads of House will join us for this assembly. 

Parents of our student leaders are most welcome to attend. 

The 2019 House Prefects are:

  • Cawthorne Nicholls - Sarah De Jong, Lily Koch, Finn Boylen
  • Kennion Miller -Tahlia Cahill, Madi Schubert, Henry Moseley
  • Bleby Howard - Gracie Smith, Harry Oates, Larissa Henshall
  • Moore Sunter - Addi Schwartz, Olivia Baker, Hudson Merchant
Parent Communication - Pulteney Review

To ensure we provide effective communication to parents and to minimise the mass email, I encourage parents to regularly read the Pulteney Review.

The Middle School Office will provide information in the Pulteney Review on up-coming events, as well as reports on camps and other activities, student achievements and other relevant information.

Letters to parents will continue to be emailed, but to help parents manage the communications from School to home, Middle School letters will be sent to parents on Wednesday.

Paul Ryan

Head of Middle School