Meet the Chaplain

Meet the Chaplain


My Roles

Hello my name is Tracey Gracey and I’m very excited and pleased to have become the Chaplain for Pulteney Grammar. Pulteney is the only Anglican school in this state that employs a fulltime Chaplain, other schools prefer their Chaplains to teach religious education or other subject areas. This was one of the reasons why this position excited me as it is a unique role where Christian teaching and worship can be incorporated into Chapel services.

Each week I will lead six Chapel services from Kurrajong to Year 12. I will spend time with allocated classes where we will plan Chapel services together, choosing relevant themes and incorporating the many ideas of our students. I’m also looking forward to compiling services for the one-ninety students as the structure has changed and will enable us to design services where students can discuss current world events and have time for renewal and quiet reflection. The Middle and Senior School students will partake in a survey so that we can create relevant and engaging Chapel services based on their feedback.

I will also be working closely with the Head of Wellbeing and as I build relationships with students it is my hope that students will feel comfortable to come to me for pastoral support. I will be attending camps and excursions to get to know students outside of a class setting and I’m looking forward to building relationships with parents by offering my services on the Parents and Rriends Committee and attending other community events.

I will join a team of people to implement a new community service project where different year levels will learn and engage with a service or charity to become more aware of the needs for local and global social service, support and action.

My background

I grew up attending the Uniting Church with little understanding about what the Christian faith meant. I spent my teenage and early adult years rejecting all things spiritual and only returned to the church when I was pregnant with my first child in the hope to reject my childhood faith. That was not the case as I was drawn into the mystery of my faith story. Encouraged by those who saw gifts in me and by my own desire to want to question and learn about my faith, I slowly followed the path of undertaking a Bachelor of Theology degree and then ordination into the priesthood. I have been ordained for 13 years. During this time; I have worked in children’s and family ministry, youth ministry, parish ministry, school and hospital chaplaincy and have undertaken a spiritual director’s course.

I have two beautiful daughters who are in their twenties who live independently and as my youngest said to me are ‘living the dream!’ I enjoy walking, bike riding, reading, wine tasting and spending time with family and friends.

I’m really looking forward to this new chapter of my life. I’m especially looking forward to engaging and building relationships with your children and yourselves and being a support where ever I can. My office is next door to the Chapel and I would welcome a visit from students and parents, please feel free to drop-in.


Rev. Tracey