Health Centre

Welcome to our new school year

Just some general information for our new families. The Health Centre is located in the Prep building. Access is via the outside door, opposite the gym and is open from 08.30-3.30 daily. To call direct, phone 8216-5540 or nursing staff can be reached on mobile 0418 895 577 in the case of an emergency.

In non-urgent situations students need teacher permission to attend the Health Centre. This is gained from the teacher of the current lesson or the duty teacher at recess or lunch. Student diaries “movement logs” can be signed indicating permission. All students who are unwell should be seen by the Registered Nurse. If a student needs to go home sick the Registered Nurse will contact the nominated caregiver directly. Students are not permitted to use their own mobile phones in the Health Centre unless specific permission has been granted by the Registered Nurse.

Occasionally students may attend the Health Centre and a First Aider will be on duty if the Registered Nurse is unavailable.

Unwell or injured students (Years R – 6) who are in the Health Centre waiting parent collection after 3.30pm and require ongoing adult supervision will be sent to OSHC. Here they will continue to be observed by staff trained in first aid. Parents will be notified of their whereabouts if this is the case.

Allergies, Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Epilepsy and Diabetes.

Please come and speak with us if your child needs medication for this or any other condition.

Thank you to the many parents who have already provided emergency medication and care plans for their child for this year.  There are a few families across the school that still need to provide current in-date EPIPENS. It would be appreciated if you could follow up on this as soon as possible and bring them into your class teacher (Kurrajong students).  For students in Year 3 and above bring them directly to the health centre.

Immunisation Information 2019

You may be aware there have been some changes to the School Based Immunisation program from 1st February 2019. A state funded Meningococcal B vaccine will be offered to students who are in Year 10 and Year 11. This will be a 2-dose schedule with a minimum of 2 months between doses.

Additionally, the Commonwealth Government recently announced that the Meningococcal ACWY vaccine will be included on the National Immunisation Program from April 2019. This will be offered to Year 10 students only, through the school program to coincide with the 2nd visit for Year 10 in late 2019.

The Year 8 School Immunisation Program will remain the same in 2019 as it has been in 2018. Year 8 students will be offered a 9-valent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine (Gardasil 9) in a 2-dose schedule, with a minimum of 6 months between doses.  A booster dTpa Boostrix (diphtheria toxoid, tetanus toxoid and acellular pertussis vaccine) will also be offered at the 1st visit in Term 1 2019. Our schools’ service provider is Health & Immunisation Management Services (HAIMS).

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the health care of your child please contact the Health Centre.

Sharon Bowering

Registered Nurse / School Nurse