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Pulteney Review Week 2 Term 1 2020

From the Principal

The Australian summer of 2019/20 will live long in the memories of many, for the unprecedented destruction caused by bushfires throughout the breadth of the country. Coupled with this, in recent weeks, the outbreak of the novel-coronavirus throughout the world and the associated uncertainty that this has brought has added to the narrative of the summer. Both events have affected us, here, in Adelaide, and the world as a whole.

And in this context, we return for the 2020 school year; a return to a place that, amongst many other things, offers stability during a time of unprecedented ambiguity. For schools such as Pulteney Grammar School serve as pillars of society, a continual presence amongst the sea of expected and unplanned for change. The very foundation of our school is the strength of relationships that our students, our staff, and our families forge with each other; it is a connection that lasts a lifetime and community that affords both welcome and support throughout. As we, and the world, continue to manage challenges global in scale, let us draw together as a community and find purpose through the strength of our relationships and our common endeavour. Ours comes through the simple line: we are Pulteney.

I want to offer my sincere welcome to all families for the new year. I particularly wish to offer my welcome to families who join the Pulteney Grammar School community; for I am one of those families, too. My Tuesday, day one of Term One, was spent – like so many others – walking hand-in-hand with my two eldest daughters as they commenced their first day at a new school, and indeed for them, a new school in a new city. I only hope that for your family, like it was for ours, the smile at the end of the school day as you fidgeted and waited patiently to see them once again, provided the warmth and affirmation of welcome to the community that it did for me.

It has been humbling to receive the warm words of welcome from parents, students and staff alike the past few weeks as I begin my time as the twenty-second principal of this school. I wish to thank everyone whom I have had the opportunity to meet thus far for the generosity of their spirit and I look forward to meeting more students and families in the days and weeks ahead.

2020 follows a year in which we celebrated the twentieth anniversary of our return to co-education. This year, the focus of our celebrations will on the refurbishments to the Nicholls Building, its centenary, and the commencement of its new place in the life of Pulteney as home to Music and Performing Arts. Construction continues with this project and we look forward to occupying the facility in the very near future. The completion of the Nicholls Building will then see attention turn to the Cambrell Building and its refurbishment as part of the One Ninety Senior School for Years 10-12.

I am pleased to also write that the final aspects of the Kurrajong playground have been completed during the holiday break and this remarkable and visionary facility is now available for all children in Kurrajong. 2020 also sees the School host Head of the River for the first time in over a decade; serendipitously, this coincides with celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of rowing at Pulteney. It is indeed an exciting time in the life of Pulteney Grammar School.

Finally, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the remarkable achievements of our Year 12 students in 2019. I offer my sincerest congratulations to Dux of Pulteney Grammar School Charlotte Moseley, and Proxime Accessit Olivia Cameron. Charlotte achieved the maximum ATAR of 99.95, while Olivia achieved a similarly outstanding ATAR of 99.90. To put these results into context, across the nation, only around 50 students achieved each of Charlotte and Olivia’s results from around 100,000 students in total who completed their Year 12 studies in 2019. These are, by all measures, outstanding results reflective of tremendous effort, dedication and performance. Charlotte and Olivia’s achievement is also emblematic of how girls at Pulteney thrive in a co-educational environment, for their achievement is the reflection of many years of endeavour, support, education and instruction. I take this opportunity to extend my thanks to all staff who continue to provide such outstanding learning opportunities for our students each and every day at all year levels.

I also wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge the success and achievement of all our Year 12 graduating students; the nature of society is that some achievements receive greater attention than others but I wish to applaud the efforts of all our Year 12s and congratulate them not only on their achievement last year, but on the completion of what amounts to a milestone in their life and their journey towards adulthood. We look forward to welcoming them as Old Scholars in the years to come. A complete summary of our results can be found as part of this week’s Pulteney Review.

New Students and Staff

We have 147 new students commencing at Pulteney Grammar School across Kurrajong, Prep, Middle School and one ninety.  While transition to a new school can create some feelings of worry and nerves, these are perfectly natural.  Our wellbeing support structures, warm community and caring and professional staff are here to help, and, while we will be proactive in checking in on our new students, I encourage those new students and parents to reach out if any assistance is required.

We welcome the following new staff:


Cameron Bachelor – Principal

Darren Beanland  - Senior/Middle Sports Teacher

Richard Boe – Senior School Teacher

Mark Clemo – Senior Rowing Coach

Elda Markovic – Chemistry Teacher

Sally Oxenberry – Prep Music Teacher

Olivia Swann – Prep Teacher

Rachel Muncaster – Prep Teacher

Claire Drogemuller – Prep Teacher

Ben Searle – Prep Sports Teacher

Nikki Cook – Inclusive Ed

Amy Mackenzie – Inclusive Ed

Emily Giles – Assistant to Deputy Principal

Esra Herdem – School Counsellor

Leila Allison – Psychology Teacher

Karen Quinn – School Nurse

Alex Whitehorn – Assistant to Coordinator of Futures


Once again, I look forward to my time as a member of this wonderful school and, together with my wife, Louise, and our daughters, we are tremendously excited about becoming active members of the community.

All my best for the start of the School year.

Mr Cameron Bacholer


From the Deputy Principal
‘Small Steps For Big Wins’

Although my family will be quick to testify that I’m not the most ‘chilled out’ or ‘carefree’ airline passenger, I do enjoy all the other aspects of flying. I also freely admit that the first sign of sudden turbulence can result in a white-knuckle reaction as I attempt to assert my control over a situation, that common sense would tell you, I have no influence on whatsoever. Despite these occasional moments of panic, I continue to board planes and make the most of the benefits that come with the purchase of a flight pass.

Prior to the commencement of the new school year, I had the privilege of accompanying our First XI Cricket team to Launceston. On the journey over, I took full advantage of the inflight entertainment and read with interest articles featured in the travel magazine (turbulence free). One such article titled ‘Small Steps For Big Wins’ by Lucy Collins sparked my interest. In her article, Lucy talks about the secret strategy to help us keep those New Year’s resolutions. Having set and failed (on multiple occasions) my own New Year’s resolutions, I quickly understood that the 12th of January was in fact a very important day. According to the research by fitness app Strava, which analysed the activity of 31.5 million people, indicates that our best laid plans only last a measly 12 days.

So why even make News Year’s resolutions or set new goals if we are going to fail so miserably and in record time? Psychologist, Dr Marny Lishman has an answer for this. “There’s a ‘newness’ in the beginning of the year,” she says, “an almost clean slate where we can apply the learnings from the previous year.” You would be justified to think that with such optimism we would be better at achieving our goals, but alas a recent survey by the Australian Institute of Management found that only 57 percent of Australians manage to keep more than half of their resolutions. So what’s the secret to success? You will be pleased to know that Dr Lishman has some advice on this too. “Some of the resolutions we promise ourselves are too big, too ambitious,” she says. “In order to be attainable they need to be broken down into small goals or steps that involve actions”.

Facing stiff competition against The Kings School from Sydney, The Southport School on the Gold Coast and Scotch Oakburn College in Launceston, our First XI Cricket team needed to be realistic and strategic in their goal setting. Instead of focusing on winning every game, they instead broke down their goal of being highly competitive into manageable chunks. The team and their coach didn’t talk about score lines or overall results, instead they focused on things like, maintaining energy and encouragement in the field for periods of time, partnerships of 10, 20 and then 50 runs rather than large individual scores and maintaining pressure through tight bowling stints rather than bowling the opposition side out. The result was that the teams enthusiasm and confidence grew with each game. Each player enjoyed a shared understanding of the teams goals and remained positive as targets were reached. Whilst, the Pulteney side enjoyed a convincing win over Scotch Oakburn College in the final game, the common feeling amongst the group was how well prepared they now felt for the upcoming season as a result of a successful Quad cricket Series.

This year, Pulteney staff attended a retreat at the picturesque Nunyara Conference Centre located on the doorstep of Belair National Park. The retreat proved the perfect opportunity for staff to get to know each other better and welcome new staff to the team. A key focus of the retreat was devoting time to setting personal and professional goals for the year. Staff relished the time together and started the new term, optimistic about reaching their intentions for the year.

At the recent Pulteney Leadership Summit, convened at ‘Outside the Square’ Café on Whitmore, our senior student leaders engaged in leadership activities, listened to presentations on leadership styles and began to plan ways they could practically support our school community. However, despite their enthusiasm, I couldn’t help but notice that many were starting to feel a little daunted at the prospect of fulfilling the important role of School Prefect while also juggling the demands of their Year 12 studies and time spent with family and friends. Our student leaders could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed at the enormity of the task if their focus was on individual future achievements. Rather, they are encouraged to ‘think big and start small’, share the load and enjoy the journey. I am confident they will see their ambitions realised if their plans involve the efforts of many rather than a relying on the few.

So what is the secret to achieving your New Year’s resolutions and goals? “It’s all about micro goal setting for maximum long term gain,” says Dr Lishman.

The start of the new school year brings much excitement and a sense of anticipation. I can’t wait to work alongside our staff and students as we set micro goals that are achievable, manageable and best yet, lead to successful and rewarding results for members of our school community.

Greg Atterton

Deputy Principal

Acknowledgement: ‘Small Steps for Big Wins’ by Lucy Collins, Inflight Virgin Magazine, Jan 2020.


Welcome to the 2020 Pulteney School year. In particular we welcome new families to our wonderful learning community. The start of any school year can bring a variety of emotions for young people and their families and I wanted to thank the staff and senior students for ensuring a caring and thoughtful tone, as demonstrated in our opening assembly.

Pulteney is a school that values wellbeing. Every interaction we have with our students every day gives us a wonderful opportunity to build positive relationships and trust which is a cornerstone of a successful learning environment.

One clear demonstration of this commitment to wellbeing is our service provision to students and their families. In 2020, we are looking to further develop and enhance these connections. Our wellbeing services team consists of Chris Clements, our school psychologist (who is on leave for term 1); Annecke Redelinghuys (Tuesday/Friday), and we welcome Esra Herdem (Monday-Friday term 1) as our school counsellors. The team can be contacted via email; . Our Health Centre plays a vital role in caring for our students, in 2020 the team is Sharon Bowering (Monday-Wednesday) and welcome Karen Quinn (Thursday/Friday). Look out for profiles of the team in upcoming additions of the Pulteney Review.

Along with the Adaptive Education team, Pulteney provides a range of health and education services to enhance the educational experience for our community.

Have a great week

Steve McCulloch

Head of Student Wellbeing

Middle School
Welcome to the New School Year

Welcome back to all the existing Middle School students and their families and an extra special welcome to our Year 7s and new students to the school. We have had a great start to the 2020 school year with 44 new students attending making the Middle School student population a record 280 students.

The fantastic Middle School building, the introduction of the vertically-based House Tutor system, which has already proven to be a most effective initiative, and excellent teaching, I believe are the reasons for the significant increase in enrolments in the Middle School. 

Parent Welcome Evening:

On Thursday evening of Week 1 we held our Parent Welcome evening. It was a great night, with an impressive turn out. We welcomed our new Principal Cameron Bacholer and introduced key people, such as Sue Loftes, President of the Parents and Friends, and Carol Quelch a member of the P&F. Carol spoke to the parents about the P&F, the Ambassador program, up-coming events and how parents can get involved and help support the School.

The Middle School Heads of House and Tutors were introduced and parents were set the challenge to introduce themselves to other parents, which was accepted with enthusiasm.

The Middle School Heads of House and I are keen to work with the P&F to engage parents and to help parents connect with each other.

Year 7 Camp

As communicated to all Year 7 parents and students, due to the fires on Kangaroo Island the Year 7 camp has been forced to change location. A similar camp will occur at the same time, Week 4 Term1,  as our planned KI camp, with the same activities, which include surfing, caving, canoeing and bush walking. The new location is based in the southern Coorong region including Robe and Naracoorte, which is also a beautiful part of South Australia.

Attending Kangaroo Island and providing some community service assistance was an option the Outdoor Education Group (OEG) was asked to explore, however; this option could only be realised at a different time, much later in the year, which would not allow us to meet many of the outcomes designed for our Year 7s, such as using the camp as a means for students to get to know each other and their teachers.  As a school there have already been many discussions and ideas put forward, as to how we can support the regions affected by the fires either through fundraising or community service.

We are planning to hold our Year 7 Camp Parent Information evening on Wednesday 5 February at 5.30pm in the Middle School building.

Middle School Leadership

Our Middle School Leadership Induction Assembly is to be held on  Friday of Week 2 (February 7) at 12.45pm.  At this assembly we will induct the 2020 House Prefects and Sports Captains. Our Principal, Mr Cameron Bachelor, our Deputy Principal, Mr Atterton, and the Heads of House will join us for this assembly. 

The 2020 House Prefects are:

  • Cawthorne Nicholls – Gabe Bowering, Ariel Boyce, Dion Patsouris, Cassandra Wadham
  • Kennion Miller -Sophie Beswick, Benjamin Bowering, Scarlett Howard, Ross Kousounis
  • Bleby Howard – Mackenzie Barr, Sienna Brownrigg, Sofia Savva, Abbey Wilkinson
  • Moore Sunter – Sebastian Atterton, Olivia Cardillo, Jaime Johnston, Emma Neuhaus

The 2020 Middle School Captains of Summer Sport are:’

  • Cricket – Andrew Sallis, Harry Baker
  • Softball – Erin Adams- McDonald and Vice-Captain Keely Sheidow
  • Volleyball – hebe Li, Anastasia Kiritsis and Charlie Brennen
  • Tennis – Scarlett Howard and Vice-Captain Zara Chiera
  • Athletics – Sienna Brownrigg and Vice-Captains Owen Bowering and John Napier
  • Swimming – John Napier and Vice-Captain Max Lehman

Parents of our student leaders are most welcome to attend this assembly.

We look forward to another exciting, dynamic and successful year for all those involved with the Middle School.

Paul Ryan

Head of Middle School

Congratulations : Headstart 2020

We are delighted to announce that, following a rigorous application process, Year 12 students Felix Jones, William Rooke and James Burgesshave been accepted into The University of Adelaide’s Headstart Program this year. Felix, William and James will now combine their studies at Pulteney Grammar School with subjects from The University of Adelaide. The benefit of this is that their university grades will be recorded, and they will be able to credit these grades towards their SACE Stage 2 subjects and ATAR. Our Headstart students may also receive credit towards their university degree if they enrol in a University of Adelaide program after attending Pulteney Grammar (one ninety). This will enable our students to complete their university studies early or study a wider range of courses than usual.  Felix, William and James will also receive a scholarship from The University of Adelaide exempting them from both tuition fees and the student services and amenities fee for one course per semester.

We wish Felix, William and James all the best as they embark on this new and exciting journey.

Mr. Nicholas Brice                                    Mrs. Sue Mavropoulos

Head of one ninety                                     Gifted and Talented Coordinator and Teacher

From the Chaplain
Wellbeing is at the heart of this community and it begins with our staff…

Nurturing and caring for ourselves is key to our spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing.

In our Chapel services and wellbeing lessons, we seek to teach, model and encourage all students to find healthy practices that will assist them with their self-care.

This year I had the privilege of leading a staff retreat day at Nunyara Belair.

During this day, staff had the opportunity to participate in yoga classes, a meditative walk to Belair National Park and creatively engage with variety of reflection papers, which enabled staff to have space and time to spiritually, emotionally and mentally prepare for the year ahead. I have included one of the reflection papers from this day as you might like to take some time out from the busyness of your life to spiritually, emotionally and mentally prepare for the coming year.

Blessings on the year ahead. If I can be of support to you or your family in the coming year please don’t hesitate to contact me.

A New Year Reflection

The following questions have been provided as a guide. You may choose to reflect upon all of the questions or ponder the questions that speak to you the most or you might like to journal , draw or mind map your own thoughts and hopes for the coming year.

Settle in to a comfortable space.

  • Take time to look back over the past year.
  • List your accomplishments/highlights and the things you are thankful for.
  • List any concerns that you are bringing with you into this coming year.

Turn your mind to the coming year…

  • If you were to name your new year journey, what would it be?
  • What excites you about the new school year?
  • Can you sense any resistance within you?
  • Are there any practices or patterns of behavior that you would like to change to help make the new year journey more successful?
  • Of what are you most afraid as you enter this new year?
  • What is your greatest need for the coming year?
  • What gifts do you bring with you into the year before you?
  • How will you nurture and care for yourself this year?
  • Who do you bring with you for your support and strength?
  • What is your prayer for the coming year?

Fundraiser for Term 1

This term our senior and middle school student leaders will be organising fundraisers to support those affected by the bushfires in South Australia. Our first fundraiser will be a pancake lunch to mark the beginning of the Season of Lent. Other events are still in the brainstorming phase but we hope to raise $3000. The funds will be donated prior to our fundraiser so that the monies can be allocated to emergency restoration projects.

Tracey Gracey