From the Principal

The Australian summer of 2019/20 will live long in the memories of many, for the unprecedented destruction caused by bushfires throughout the breadth of the country. Coupled with this, in recent weeks, the outbreak of the novel-coronavirus throughout the world and the associated uncertainty that this has brought has added to the narrative of the summer. Both events have affected us, here, in Adelaide, and the world as a whole.

And in this context, we return for the 2020 school year; a return to a place that, amongst many other things, offers stability during a time of unprecedented ambiguity. For schools such as Pulteney Grammar School serve as pillars of society, a continual presence amongst the sea of expected and unplanned for change. The very foundation of our school is the strength of relationships that our students, our staff, and our families forge with each other; it is a connection that lasts a lifetime and community that affords both welcome and support throughout. As we, and the world, continue to manage challenges global in scale, let us draw together as a community and find purpose through the strength of our relationships and our common endeavour. Ours comes through the simple line: we are Pulteney.

I want to offer my sincere welcome to all families for the new year. I particularly wish to offer my welcome to families who join the Pulteney Grammar School community; for I am one of those families, too. My Tuesday, day one of Term One, was spent – like so many others – walking hand-in-hand with my two eldest daughters as they commenced their first day at a new school, and indeed for them, a new school in a new city. I only hope that for your family, like it was for ours, the smile at the end of the school day as you fidgeted and waited patiently to see them once again, provided the warmth and affirmation of welcome to the community that it did for me.

It has been humbling to receive the warm words of welcome from parents, students and staff alike the past few weeks as I begin my time as the twenty-second principal of this school. I wish to thank everyone whom I have had the opportunity to meet thus far for the generosity of their spirit and I look forward to meeting more students and families in the days and weeks ahead.

2020 follows a year in which we celebrated the twentieth anniversary of our return to co-education. This year, the focus of our celebrations will on the refurbishments to the Nicholls Building, its centenary, and the commencement of its new place in the life of Pulteney as home to Music and Performing Arts. Construction continues with this project and we look forward to occupying the facility in the very near future. The completion of the Nicholls Building will then see attention turn to the Cambrell Building and its refurbishment as part of the One Ninety Senior School for Years 10-12.

I am pleased to also write that the final aspects of the Kurrajong playground have been completed during the holiday break and this remarkable and visionary facility is now available for all children in Kurrajong. 2020 also sees the School host Head of the River for the first time in over a decade; serendipitously, this coincides with celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of rowing at Pulteney. It is indeed an exciting time in the life of Pulteney Grammar School.

Finally, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the remarkable achievements of our Year 12 students in 2019. I offer my sincerest congratulations to Dux of Pulteney Grammar School Charlotte Moseley, and Proxime Accessit Olivia Cameron. Charlotte achieved the maximum ATAR of 99.95, while Olivia achieved a similarly outstanding ATAR of 99.90. To put these results into context, across the nation, only around 50 students achieved each of Charlotte and Olivia’s results from around 100,000 students in total who completed their Year 12 studies in 2019. These are, by all measures, outstanding results reflective of tremendous effort, dedication and performance. Charlotte and Olivia’s achievement is also emblematic of how girls at Pulteney thrive in a co-educational environment, for their achievement is the reflection of many years of endeavour, support, education and instruction. I take this opportunity to extend my thanks to all staff who continue to provide such outstanding learning opportunities for our students each and every day at all year levels.

I also wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge the success and achievement of all our Year 12 graduating students; the nature of society is that some achievements receive greater attention than others but I wish to applaud the efforts of all our Year 12s and congratulate them not only on their achievement last year, but on the completion of what amounts to a milestone in their life and their journey towards adulthood. We look forward to welcoming them as Old Scholars in the years to come. A complete summary of our results can be found as part of this week’s Pulteney Review.

New Students and Staff

We have 147 new students commencing at Pulteney Grammar School across Kurrajong, Prep, Middle School and one ninety.  While transition to a new school can create some feelings of worry and nerves, these are perfectly natural.  Our wellbeing support structures, warm community and caring and professional staff are here to help, and, while we will be proactive in checking in on our new students, I encourage those new students and parents to reach out if any assistance is required.

We welcome the following new staff:


Cameron Bachelor – Principal

Darren Beanland  - Senior/Middle Sports Teacher

Richard Boe – Senior School Teacher

Mark Clemo – Senior Rowing Coach

Elda Markovic – Chemistry Teacher

Sally Oxenberry – Prep Music Teacher

Olivia Swann – Prep Teacher

Rachel Muncaster – Prep Teacher

Claire Drogemuller – Prep Teacher

Ben Searle – Prep Sports Teacher

Nikki Cook – Inclusive Ed

Amy Mackenzie – Inclusive Ed

Emily Giles – Assistant to Deputy Principal

Esra Herdem – School Counsellor

Leila Allison – Psychology Teacher

Karen Quinn – School Nurse

Alex Whitehorn – Assistant to Coordinator of Futures


Once again, I look forward to my time as a member of this wonderful school and, together with my wife, Louise, and our daughters, we are tremendously excited about becoming active members of the community.

All my best for the start of the School year.

Mr Cameron Bacholer