Student Wellbeing

Pulteney is a school that values student wellbeing. This is evident in the interactions between staff and students every day. Another key aspect of building student wellbeing is our wellbeing programs across our school. In term 1, each Sub-School has engaged in a range of student focussed wellbeing initiatives. In Kurrajong the student action teams have been established and have presented their ideas and actions. The student actions teams give students an opportunity to lead in action and work collaboratively on shared projects. In the Prep school students have been engaged in the Rock and Water program, which assists students in building their skills of emotional regulation and resilience. In our Middle School our Year 7 and 8 students have been working through our anti-bullying program which involves a presentation focussed on safe and respectful behaviour online and in person. Year 9 students have been exploring future pathways based on their values and strengths. In oneninety, In Year 10, the Wellbeing Services Team have presented the workings of the teenage brain and staff have worked with the students in their preparations for the year level camp. Year 11 students have explored a range of goal setting activities and explored their trust networks with their tutors. Students have also participated in presentations from the wellbeing services team about managing the workload in year 11. Drivers education has also been a focus with students attending the RAA ‘Street Smart’ driver education program and follow up activities focussing on decision making. Year 12 students have participated in goal setting activities as well as some futures presentations relating to University study pathways. This has given the students the opportunity to reflect and refine current study and revision practices as well as continuing to focus and refine their post-school options. Year 12 students have also positively engaged themselves in the Kurrajong reading program.