STEM Sista/Mista

Do you have a passion for STEM? Are you wondering what a career in STEM might look like? Then do we have a program for you!!

The STEM Sista (girls) and Mista (boys) programs have been formulated for students with a keen interest in STEM related fields. Both programs run for 4 days in a small group setting where like-minded students learn about the attributes and skills required for a successful STEM career. Students also have the opportunity to meet a range of STEM professionals who share their experiences and, in some cases, continue to act as mentors for students long after the program has finished. Previous professionals have included aerospace engineers, PhD candidates, product engineers, various health practitioners and HR managers. 

The programs are facilitated by Teresa Janowski, the founder of STEM Fast Track, who has many years’ experience working in STEM industries and has spent the past few years delivering these programs through STEM Nation. Last year, five Pulteney Grammar students attended these dynamic programs, and all agreed that is was a fabulous and worthwhile experience.

I found the STEM Sista program really helped grow my confidence in myself and my school work. The program was so full of modules and information which have been absolutely invaluable to my plans for the future, ideas about universities and higher education along with my sanity. (Also, Teresa is the best and the food was amazing). Grace Neuhaus Year 11

The STEM Sista program was amazing, from an education, future, and social perspective.  The modules were so helpful with my study techniques and how I thought about learning, and the exercises surrounding budgeting and meal planning taught us real-world skills. Talks from young people in our interested fields and from universities helped me consider potential pathways and got me visiting open days.  Experiencing it with a small group of girls with such a wide range of interests was so much fun and I would totally do it again! Olivia Veronese Year 11

I got a lot of things out of the STEM Mista course. I learnt about saving money, developing learning strategies and how to get a job. I had a good time and made new friends.

I highly recommend this and would do this again. Cooper Hillen Year 10

STEM Mista was an amazing opportunity to meet with people in the fields we are interested in and find out how they got there and what we need to do to get there ourselves. It also helped us learn how to be successful and what strategies we can use in the real world to help us do so. Also, the hot chocolates were great. Daniel Hassan Year 10

Below is a list of programs available to students throughout the year. The program is best suited to Year 9 and 10 students, but this can be negotiated if there are special circumstances. There is a cost of $550 which families would need to cover. This includes all food and materials for the duration of the program. More information and online enrolment are available at . Otherwise, if you or your child are interested in finding out more, please contact myself or Leeanne Johnston-Bryan via email.

The programs will run on the following dates this year;

Available Dates for STEM SISTA 

  • May Session               6 – 9 May
  • July Session A            1 – 4 July
  • July Session B            23 - 26 July
  • August Session           26 – 29 August
  • September Session    2 – 5 September
  • October Session A      8 – 11 October
  • October Session B      21 – 24 October
  • November Session     4 – 7 November

Available dates for STEM MISTA 

  • May Session               13 – 16 May
  • July Session                16 – 19 July
  • September Session    16 – 19 September
  • October Session         29 – 31 October

Georgie Buenfeld

Learning Area Leader Digital Technologies

Leeanne Johnston-Bryan

Co-ordinator of Futures