We work with many families across various settings and have found that a common concern for parents can be worrying that their child may have difficulty in making and keeping friends along with many other related concerns when thinking about the social wellbeing of their child.

Supporting your child to develop their social connections and social self can be challenging however just as important as other aspects of their wellbeing such as their physical and emotional wellbeing.

If you feel that your child may be struggling in this area, there are many support options available both at school and externally. At school, you and/or your child can speak to their Tutor, Teacher, Heads and Assistant Heads of School, or any member of the Student Wellbeing Services team, including our School Psychologist and School Counsellors.

External options may include making an appointment with your GP, seeing a Child Psychologist and also connecting your child with activities that interest them that are external to the school environment so that they have an opportunity to make friends in different settings and with those with similar interests to themselves.  

The following link provides some valuable information and advice that we hope you find useful.


If you would like to discuss further, please don’t hesitate to contact the Student Wellbeing Services Team on wellbeingservices@pulteney.sa.edu.au 

Lisa Thompson

School Counsellor (Wednesday and Thursday)

Student Wellbeing Survey

As part of our review of student wellbeing programs at Pulteney, we are asking Middle School and oneninety students to participate in a survey about wellbeing services. The survey has been developed by the Pulteney Wellbeing Services team and seeks data in relation to the following:

Student knowledge of the wellbeing service supplied by Pulteney,

Access to these services,

Their thoughts about issues impacting students at Pulteney.

The survey is anonymous, will only take a few minutes and will be completed with the assistance of their tutors.

The data collected will only be used by the Pulteney staff to assist with the promotion and development of our wellbeing services.

The survey will be completed over the course of the last week of Term one and will provide extremely useful data as we continue to develop wellbeing programs and services which meet the needs of the young people in our care.


Steven McCulloch

Head of Student Wellbeing