Road Safety

Respect our neighbours

Following from my recent communication on road safety which relayed the messaging from Adelaide City Council, we are obliged to remind our community on the need to be respectful of our neighbours when dropping off or collecting students.

We have received a number of complaints throughout this term regarding Pulteney parents acting inappropriately and causing great upset to our neighbours surrounding the campus. There has been a number of occasions where we have received phone complaints regarding Pulteney parents blocking driveways and parking in private lanes. For the record, the lanes between Symonds Place, Howard Florey Street and Catherine Helen Spence Street are not public roads and parking in front of the garages in these laneways is both inappropriate and illegal.

The car park opposite the Kurrrajong entrance on Symonds Place is a private car park and should not be used for parking, dropping off or collecting students at any time.

While it may seem like a minor inconvenience and unimportant, we enjoy a strong relationship with our neighbours. They are our eyes and ears after hours and on weekends, and are a valuable resource when unsavoury or inappropriate behaviour occurs around the school campus. We ask that everyone respects our neighbours by driving sensibly, not parking inappropriately and being mindful of the impact of our actions.”

Garry Whitelock

Business Director