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Pulteney Review Week 01 Term 02 2020

Cameron Bacholer 2 Square3 Pulteney From the Principal ‘April is the cruellest month…mixing memory and desire…’ T.S. Eliot’s opening lines to his seminal work The Waste Land hold an eerie resonance for us ... Read more... Greg Atterton8 Pulteney From the Deputy Principal Welcome It has been wonderful to welcome students and parents back for the new term. I have thoroughly enjoyed speaking with our students, hearing of ... Read more... SNoonan WB Pulteney 200315 033sml10 one ninety one ninety In preparation for Term 2, I had been reflecting on the well-known African proverb which states that It takes a village to raise a child. But, in the ... Read more... Middle School9 Middle School Middle School Welcome to Term 2!  After the uncertainty, that has now existed for some time, I certainly hope that you all took time over Easter to make the most of... Read more... Mood Board 44 Prep School Prep School Welcome to Term 2! I do hope that, even though many of the usual school holiday activities were inaccessible this year, you and your family were able ... Read more... MG 10 Kurrajong Kurrajong Welcome to Term 2. I hope the Easter long weekend and the holiday break provided some joy and relaxation as families spent this special time together.... Read more... PT Interviews3 one ninety Middle School Parent Teacher Interviews During Term 2 and Term 3, you will have the opportunity to schedule a meeting with your child’s subject teachers where information regarding student p... Read more... A+ one ninety Middle School Assessment and Reporting Assessment and Reporting are a vital component of the teaching and learning program at Pulteney and important aspects of the work of teachers and stud... Read more...