Year 12 Physical Education

27th March 2017

On Monday 27 March, the Year 12 PE class travelled toUniSA's City East campus to witness their exercise physiology theory in action by conducting VO2 max and lactate threshold fitness testing.

Elijah Randell got to follow full protocol doing tests that are usually only completed by elite athletes. As a part of this process Elijah did a 20 minute cycle test, which got progressively more difficult every four minutes. At the conclusion of each of these 4 minute intervals, the remaining Year 12 PE students took blood samples to test his blood lactate levels.

At the conclusion of this 20 minute period, Elijah then undertook a 4 minute maximal cycle test where he was pushed to exhaustion in order to determine his VO2max. Again, the class helped to administer taking his blood in order to determine his Onset Blood Lactate Accumulation (OBLA) which is a great predictor for success in endurance type activities. Elijah did an outstanding job on both his tests and received a VO2 max result in the top 3% of the population for his age at 51.5 ml/kg/min.

Whilst at the UniSA facilities, the Year 12 PE students were also given the opportunity to complete a 10 second maximal power output test which saw Sam Hore record the highest peak output of in excess of 1100watts.

The Year 12PE class was extremely lucky to be able to witness and participate in these tests which are usually only available to elite athletes and tertiary institutions. The information learnt from being a part of this experience will be extremely important as we continue through the Stage 2 PE course.

Millie Hanlon – Year 12 PE student