Year 12 PE Aquatics

13th April 2017

For the last 3 days of the Term 1, the Year 12PE class have ventured down to West Lakes to take part in their aquatics units, participating in a range of kayaking skills and games. The instructors at the West Lakes Aquatics Centre commented on numerous occasions how diligent and proactive the Pulteney Grammar students were and consequently, how much their skill acquisition developed over the course of the week. By 3:30 on the final afternoon, students were willingly putting themselves under the water to perform Eskimo rolls, only to be saved by their peers, something which they would have never thought possible at the start of the week. All the students did an amazing job, representing themselves, their class and the school with pride. It was great to see these students inspiring, challenging and empowering themselves and each other to develop.


Matt Down – Year 12 PE Teacher