2017 Languages & Culture Celebration Week

10th April 2017

The inaugural Languages and Culture Celebration Week was held at Pulteney in Week 11 of Term 1, the aim of which was to promote the love and importance of learning languages and the cultures.

During the Celebration Week, language classes were dedicated to cultural studies, including cooking by our exchange students and senior language students, station-based learning for our MS students, Thai Chi for our Year 2s and 3s, Sumo Wrestling for the Prep, Middle and Senior School. Our Kurrajong and Prep students also made and played with Shuttlecocks and our senior Chinese students displayed their impressive skills in the sport at lunchtime. Prep school students also had the opportunity to create some beautiful hand blown Easter Eggs and our Year 7s participated in a Bundesliga soccer match.

Year 10 and 11 German students attended the German Day Out at Adelaide University where they participated in language workshops, listened to a guest speaker talk about his experiences learning a language at tertiary level and the opportunities it has brought him.

Our Year 8s performed preformed a song at the MS assembly in collaboration with our Year 12 musicians and the MS also sang Karaoke.

Wyatt Hall and the Quad became the venue for our International lunch with over 300 lunches served. Sushi, a range of Chinese dishes and a Food Truck serving German hotdogs were served with the help of our senior language students. A German smallgoods appreciation class was held for parents and staff and was not only very informative but lots of fun!

There was a definite intercultural buzz in the air and the Languages Faculty looks forward to making an even bigger impact in 2018!

Nour cooking Yr 3Shuttlecock3sumo girls prep school3