Stage 2 - Performing Arts Centre

 Reimagining Performing Arts at Pulteney

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In November 2019, Pulteney announced the commencement of the next phase of the School’s Master Plan: the internal refurbishment of the Nicholls Building.  

The Performing Arts are thriving at Pulteney and this new facility will support the School’s ongoing commitment to providing outstanding teaching, learning and co-curricular opportunities for students of all ages to discover, perform, express themselves and grow.

The completion of the new Middle School in 2018 has allowed Years 7 – 9 students to be housed in a dynamic, purpose-built, state of the art learning environment. The positive feedback from students, staff and the wider community has been overwhelming, with the building attracting recognition for its design and functionality at not only state, but national level. 

With Middle School vacating the Nicholls Building in June 2018, plans began for a radical internal refurbishment of the heritage building, which will provide Pulteney’s Performing Arts Learning Area with an unprecedented environment for music, drama, learning and personal development.

Staff have been instrumental during the design consultation phase in creating an exciting and lively space, ensuring the best facilities for our students across the ages, and respecting the legacy of this important building at the heart of Pulteney’s site. 

The Ground Floor will accommodate the Music Faculty, with purpose-built practice and theory rooms, separate string, vocals and percussion rooms, six practice studios and separate meeting rooms and reception area. 

The Deputy Principal, Mr Greg Atterton, is also looking forward to having his office located in this area, bringing him even closer to the hive of student, staff and community activity that surrounds the Nicholls building and the Quadrangle.

The Drama Faculty will occupy the first floor, with two large drama spaces and plenty of storage. Once completed, the building will provide the Performing Arts staff a central hub from which to teach, learn and collaborate. 

Rooms have been designed to maximise the quality and learning outcomes within each space, with dedicated acoustically balanced and sound proofed music rooms.

Construction commenced in November 2019, with completion expected by March 2020.


First Floor Plan

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Ground Floor Plan

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What’s next?

The building to be vacated by the Performing Arts, the Cambrell Building, will become available for refurbishment itself to allow the commencement of the planned second stage of the Centre for Senior Learning, which will support our Year 10 students to join the Year 11 and 12 students and complete the one ninety sub school.