Benefits of a new Middle School

How will the new Middle School benefit students and staff at Pulteney?

Our learners have a diversity of backgrounds, capabilities and interests and require a combination of skills, dispositions and knowledge to contribute as confident and successful citizens in an increasingly globalised world.

Students are seeking opportunities to learn individually and collaboratively with peers and teachers, and to apply their learnings to real world situations. Pulteney Grammar School’s new Middle School will provide our students and teachers a contemporary learning environment that  facilitates contemporary learning practices such as project based learning and design thinking

Lead architects, JPE Design, have undertaken significant consultation with our School Executive team, teaching staff and, most importantly, students on the design and features of the new Middle School. Just as our Centre for Senior Learning does, the new Middle School will offer flexible learning environments that reflect contemporary teaching and learning practices and provide a vibrant and supportive environment for our students.

Comprising a series of innovative and dynamic learning spaces, our new Middle School has been designed specifically for adolescent learners by JPE Design Studio. It will feature light, airy, colourful learning environments; spacious and flexible classrooms; more informal social settings for staff and students and views over the south Parklands.

Ground Floor Final3

Pulteney New Middle School Ground Floor

First Floor Final3 

Pulteney New Middle School First Floor 

Pulteney Grammar Ext 2 Final2

Pulteney New Middle School southern side

Pulteney Grammar Ext 1 Final Low Res

Pulteney New Middle School western side