An Anglican School

Pulteney Grammar School has a commitment to learning, wellbeing, justice and individual achievement. During the School’s long history, Anglican values have underpinned extraordinary progress, compassionate practice and community spirit at Pulteney. At Pulteney, aspects of a traditional Anglican school education are combined with a forward thinking vision for supporting the needs of students today and equipping them with the skills and confidence for what their exciting futures hold.


These include:

Appreciation of diversity
As an Anglican school, Pulteney acknowledges and celebrates diversity and acceptance and the care ethic implicit in this respect for others. The School welcomes diversity within our student and staff body, and freedom to respond in that diversity. The School, through formal connection with the Church of England, is open to all.

Importance of the individual
The Anglican Church views human life a gift of God and understands that each person is innately valuable, loveable and important. Pulteney believes in the importance each child, and students are supported to strive for their full potential.

High respect for intellectual endeavour
The teaching and learning ethic shows itself in hard work, intellectual rigour and openness to ideas and debate.

Commitment to tradition and dignity within school life
Pulteney uses the richness of symbol, story and ceremony to promote their values and order their lives.

Sense of social responsibility
The service ethic and a commitment to social justice is seen in the engagement of our school community to serve as local, national and global citizens.


The Anglican tradition can be experienced at Pulteney in a myriad of ways, including:

  • Weekly Chapel services and termly whole school liturgical celebrations, that are shaped for and led by students
  • School assemblies that engage with diverse community building and engagement programs
  • A Wellbeing Program and pastoral structures that provide a unique and holistic approach to achieve the School’s seven attributes of student wellbeing (aspirational, cognitive, emotional, moral, physical, social and spiritual)
  • Formal lessons in Spiritual Care for interested students, including preparation for Baptism, Admission to Communion and Confirmation
  • The Wellbeing team, led by the Head of Student Wellbeing, includes the Chaplain, nurses, School psychologist and counsellors
  • A formal program of Service Learning opportunities

The wider Pulteney community can also access the Chaplain who, as an Anglican Priest, can provide the following pastoral services: baptisms, marriage preparation and wedding celebration, special blessings, confession and absolutions, hospital visits, ministry to the sick and dying, memorial and funeral services.


As a member of the Anglican Schools Association (ASA), Pulteney espouses ASA’s core values of:

  • Service: Supporting the needs of our member schools in the spirit of servant leadership
  • Inclusivity: Being ethical, honest and transparent
  • Courage: Standing up for our beliefs
  • Justice: Acting justly and fairly
  • Generosity of Spirit: Treating others with love and kindness