The Foundation

Pulteney Foundation white keyline
The Pulteney Foundation was formed to enhance the excellent educational programs for which Pulteney Grammar has become renowned since its inception in 1847.
The principal objective of the Pulteney Foundation is to create and establish large, self perpetuating Capital Funds which will provide the School with a strong and permanent financial base, ultimately ensuring its financial independence.

It accepts donations, bequests, legacies and other forms of deferred gifts, from members of the Pulteney community and from any other source deemed appropriate to the objects of the Foundation.

The Foundation is responsible for developing and executing fundraising initiatives and philanthropic activities and therefore has the broad goal of harnessing the talent, interest and resources of the whole School community.

The Foundation aims to achieve significant capital growth in the short to medium term and there after make regular disbursements to the School for purposes including, but not limited to, the acquisition of new land and buildings; the funding of scholarships and bursaries and the offsetting or moderation of escalation in School fees.
Most importantly, The Foundation acts as custodian and mentor of the keen sense of community and collegiality that exists at Pulteney.

In all it does The Foundation will channel its activities to support the six objectives of the School’s Strategic Plan. By building a significant corpus of funds and then at the Trustees discretion, disbursing the income generated The Foundation will assist in insuring the financial sustainability of the School. Likewise its support of the construction of new buildings and upgrading of existing facilities, The Foundation will ensure a vibrant learning environment is provided within great facilities. At its discretion the Trustees of The Foundation may, from time to time, make grants to support the ongoing development of human resources within the School, thus assisting in the development of outstanding teachers.

As high quality relationships across all levels of the Pulteney community are at the core of The Foundation’s objectives, an inclusive spirit that values its many constituents, will be the basis for any activities conducted by The Foundation. Longstanding traditions will be respected and upheld whilst a contemporary and forward looking mind set will fear no change as long as there are clear benefits for our students.