Terms & Conditions Year 8 2022 Scholarship

If an application is accepted for the Year 8 entry 2022 Where Passions Prosper Scholarship, the parent(s)/carer will: 

  1. Agree to be bound by the present and future rules and regulations of the School and that your son/daughter will be bound by those rules and regulations.  The School has the power to expel, suspend or otherwise discipline students in accordance with the School’s Behaviour Management and Discipline Policy, which may from time to time be amended at the discretion of the School.
  2. Agree to your liability to pay such fees and charges as are sent by the School.
  3. Authorise the School, in the event of your son/daughter suffering from sickness or injury, to take such action as it deems fit to obtain medical and/or hospital care and attention, after making all reasonable attempts to contact parents and/or guardians.

You will also be bound by the following:-

  1. The Scholarship entitles the Student to a rebate on tuition fees from the School year commencing in 2022 to the completion of the Student’s Year 12 studies at the School. Invoices noting the full amount of fees for the academic year will be rendered to the Student’s parent(s)/guardian(s), with the rebated amount noted.
  2. The Scholarship does not cover other fees and expenses associated with attending the School. All amounts other than tuition fees will be payable upon invoice, without rebate.
  3. While the Scholarship is in effect, no other discounts or rebates will be applied on fees and expenses associated with the Student attending the School. This includes, but is not limited to, sibling and staff discounts.
  4. Once accepted, the continuation of the Scholarship is conditional on:
    a) at all times during the Student’s enrolment within the School, the Student and parent(s)/guardian(s) shall comply with the School’s Enrolment Agreement
    b) the Student shall maintain a high level of academic endeavor, active participation in extracurricular activities and contribute fully to the ethos and values of the School; and
    c) the Student will complete his or her Year 12 studies at the School.
  5. If any of the above conditions are not satisfied, the School reserves the right in its absolute and unfettered discretion to:
    a) discontinue the Scholarship upon providing the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student with not less than 30 days' written notice;
    b) require payment of the tuition fees on a pro-rata basis for the remainder (if any) of the academic year during which the Scholarship is discontinued; and
    c) in the case of the Student not completing his or her Year 12 studies at the School: require repayment of all or part of the tuition fees rebated pursuant to the Scholarship during previous years, over a period of time not less than the time during which the rebate was applied.